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Alonzo Cano or Alonso Cano (19 March 1601 – 3 September 1667) was a Spanish painter, architect and sculptor born in Granada. He learned architecture from his father, Miguel Cano; painting in the academy of Juan del Castillo, and from Francisco Pacheco the teacher of Velázquez; and sculpture from Juan Martínez Montañés. As a sculptor, his most famous works are the Madonna and Child in the church of Lebrija (also called Nebrija), and the colossal figures of San Pedro and San Pablo.

He was made first royal architect, painter to Philip IV, and instructor to the prince, Balthasar Charles, Prince of Asturias. The King gave him the church preferment of a canon of the Granada Cathedral (1652), in order to take up a position as chief architect of the cathedral, where his main achievement in architecture was the façade, designed at the end of his life and erected to his design after his death.

He was notorious for his ungovernable temper; and it is said that once he risked his life by committing the then capital offence of dashing to pieces the statue of a saint, when in a rage with the purchaser who begrudged the price he demanded. According to another story, he found his house robbed after coming home one evening, his wife murdered, and his Italian servant fled. Notwithstanding the presumption against the fugitive, the magistrates condemned Cano, because he was of a jealous temper. Upon this he fled to Valencia, but afterwards returned to Madrid, where he was put to the torture, which he endured without incriminating himself, and the king received him into favour.

After the death of his wife he took Holy Orders as a protection from farther prosecution, but still continued his professional pursuits. He died in 1676. In his last moments, when the priest held to him a crucifix, he told him to take it away; according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, this was because the priest gave the Sacrament to conversos.

[Biography - Alonso Cano - 3Ko]
Alonzo Cano ou Alonso Cano (19 Mars 1601 au 3 Septembre 1667) était un peintre espagnol, architecte et sculpteur né à Grenade. Il a appris l'architecture de son père, Miguel Cano, la peinture à l'académie de Juan del Castillo, et de Francisco Pacheco le professeur de Velázquez et la sculpture de Juan Martínez Montañés. En tant que sculpteur, ses œu...
[Biography - Alonso Cano - 4Ko]
Alonzo Cano oder Alonso Cano (19. März 1601 - 3. September 1667) war ein spanischer Maler, Architekt und Bildhauer in Granada geboren. Er lernte Architektur von seinem Vater, Miguel Cano Malerei an der Akademie von Juan del Castillo, und von Francisco Pacheco der Lehrer von Velázquez und Skulptur von Juan Martínez Montañés. Als Bildhauer, sind sei...
[Biography - Alonso Cano - 3Ko]
Alonzo Cano o Alonso Cano (19 marzo 1601 - 3 settembre 1667) è stato un pittore spagnolo, architetto e scultore, nato a Granada. Ha imparato l'architettura da suo padre, Miguel Cano pittura presso l'Accademia di Juan del Castillo, e da Francisco Pacheco il maestro di Velázquez, e la scultura da Juan Martínez Montañés. Come uno scultore, le sue ope...
[Biography - Alonso Cano - 3Ko]
Alonzo Cano ou Alonso Cano (19 de março, 1601 - 3 de Setembro 1667) foi um pintor espanhol, arquiteto e escultor nascido em Granada. Ele aprendeu a arquitetura de seu pai, Miguel Cano pintura na academia de Juan del Castillo, e de Francisco Pacheco o professor de Velázquez, e escultura de Juan Martínez Montañés. Como um escultor, suas obras mais f...
[Biography - Alonso Cano - 3Ko]
Alonso Cano o Alonso Cano (19 marzo 1601 a 3 septiembre 1667) fue un pintor español, arquitecto y escultor nacido en Granada. Se enteró de la arquitectura de su padre, Miguel Cano, la pintura en la academia de Juan del Castillo, y de Francisco Pacheco, maestro de Velázquez, y escultura de Juan Martínez Montañés. Como escultor, sus obras más famosas...
[Biography - Alonso Cano - 3Ko]
Алонсо Кано, или Алонсо Кано (19 марта 1601 - 3 сентября 1667) был испанский художник, архитектор и скульптор родился в Гранаде. Он узнал, архитектуре от своего отца, Мигеля Кано живопись в академии Хуана дель Кастильо, а из-Франциско Пачеко учитель Веласкеса, а также скульптуры из Хуана Мартинеса Монтаньеса. Как скульптор, его самых известных раб...
[Biography - Alonso Cano - 3Ko]
莫宁卡诺或阿隆索卡诺(1601年3月19日 - 1667年3年9月)是出生在格拉纳达西班牙画家,建筑师和雕塑家。结构 他从他的父亲,米格尔卡诺的绘画胡德尔卡斯蒂略学院,并从旧金山帕切科委拉斯开兹的教师 胡安马丁内斯蒙塔内斯和雕塑。作为一个雕塑家,他最著名的作品是麦当娜和孩子,在教堂(也称为Nebrija)Lebrija圣佩德罗和San Pablo庞大的数字。 他是首届皇家建筑师,画家菲利普IV,和指导员,巴尔塔萨查尔斯王子阿斯图里亚斯王子。国王给他的教会格拉纳达大教堂(1652)佳能升迁,以作为总设计师大教堂,在那里他的主要成就是在建筑外墙设计,在他生命的终结的位置,并竖立在他死后他的设计。 他是臭名昭著的他无法控制的脾气 这是说,一旦他冒着犯了碎片横飞的圣人雕像,然后死罪,他的生活时,在b...
[Biography - Alonso Cano - 2Ko]
アロンゾカノまたはアロンソカノ(1601年3月19日 - 1667年9月3日)は、グラナダで生まれ、スペインの画家、建築家や彫刻家だった。フアンデルカスティーリョのアカデミーで絵画、そしてベラスケスのフランシスコパチェコから教師 彼は彼の父、ミゲルカノから建築を学び、フアンマルティネスモンタネスから彫刻。彫刻家として、彼の最も有名な作品は、マドンナとレブリハ(またネブリハと呼ばれる)の教会の子供、そしてサンペドロとサンパブロの巨大な数値です。 彼が最初に王室建築家、フェリペ4世の画家、そして王子へのインストラクター、バルタザールチャールズ、アストゥリアスの王子を行った。王は彼の人生の終わりに設計されたアーキテクチャで、彼の主な成果は、ファサードだった大聖堂、、のチーフアーキテクトとしてのポジ...
[Biography - Alonso Cano - 2Ko]