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  • Archibald Thorburn - Woodcock Roding At Sunset
  • Archibald Thorburn - Pheasant In Winter
  • Archibald Thorburn - Snipe Drumming
  • Archibald Thorburn - English Partridge In Flight
  • Archibald Thorburn - A Cock Pheasant
  • Archibald Thorburn - Cock Grouse
  • Archibald Thorburn - Woodcock Sheltering In The Sand Dunes
  • Archibald Thorburn - Magpies
  • Archibald Thorburn - The Artist's Dog
  • Archibald Thorburn - A Winter Dawn, Pheasants In The Snow
  • Archibald Thorburn - Chinese Ring Necked Pheasant
  • Archibald Thorburn - Red Grouse In A Landscape
  • Archibald Thorburn - A Woodcock In Flight
  • Archibald Thorburn - Peacock And Butterfly
  • Archibald Thorburn - The Approach Of Winter
  • Archibald Thorburn - A Rocky Outcrop
  • Archibald Thorburn - Grouse In Flight
  • Archibald Thorburn - Snipe 2
  • Archibald Thorburn - Woodcock 1
  • Archibald Thorburn - Glossy Ibis, Common Bittern, Night-Heron, Little Bittern, Squacco Heron, American Bittern
  • Archibald Thorburn - Peregrine Falcons In A Rocky Landscape
  • Archibald Thorburn - A Blackcock In A Woodland Clearing
  • Archibald Thorburn - Buffel-Headed Duck,, American Green-Winged Teal And Hooded Merganser
  • Archibald Thorburn - Cock And Hen Pheasant At The Edge Of A Wood
  • Archibald Thorburn - On The Edge Of The Moor; Blackcock Displaying
  • Archibald Thorburn - 'in The Furze Breake'. A Cock And Hen Pheasant Among Gorse
  • Archibald Thorburn - A Garden Warbler And An Arctic Bluethroat
  • Archibald Thorburn - Blackgame On A Rocky Outcrop Beneath A Tree, A Lake Beyond
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Archibald Thorburn (31 May 1860 - 9 October 1935 Hascombe, Surrey) was a Scottish artist and bird illustrator, painting mostly in watercolour. He regularly visited Scotland to sketch birds in the wild, his favourite haunt being the Forest of Gaick near Kingussie in Invernesshire. His widely reproduced images of British wildlife with their evocative and dramatic backgrounds, are enjoyed as much today as they were by sportsmen and birdlovers of a century ago.

Archibald was born at Viewfield House, Lasswade, Midlothian, the fifth son of Robert Thorburn (1818–1885), portrait miniaturist to Queen Victoria. His first education was at Dalkeith and in Edinburgh, after which he was sent to the newly founded St John's Wood School of Art in London. His stay there was only brief, since on the death of his father he sought the guidance of Joseph Wolf. It was his commission in 1887 to illustrate Lord Lilford's Coloured Figures of the Birds of the British Isles, for which he painted some 268 watercolours, that established his reputation. He illustrated numerous sporting and natural history books, including his own. He taught Otto Murray Dixon and Philip Rickman (both in Nature in Art's collection), and he encouraged the young Donald Watson when he came to visit him in Dumfries and Galloway. Thorburn was friends of other eminent bird illustrators includingGeorge Edward Lodge and John Guille Millais with whom he collaborated on a number of works including: Natural History of British Feeding Ducks; British Diving Ducks and British Game Birds.

His paintings were regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy and he designed their first Christmas card for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in 1899, a practice that he continued until 1935.He was Vice-President of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. In the 1890s Thorburn became disheartened by the British Institution and had his work shown at A. Baird Carter of 70 Jermyn Street.

On his marriage to Constance Mudie, Thorburn moved to High Leybourne in Hascombe in 1902, where he was to spend the rest of his life. In the 1930s he refused to make use of electric lighting, preferring natural light for his painting, and making use of lamps and candles. His grave is at St John the Baptist church in Busbridge, Godalming.
[Biography - Archibald Thorburn - 3Ko]
Archibald Thorburn (31 mai 1860 au 9 Octobre 1935 Hascombe, Surrey) était un artiste écossais et illustrateur d'oiseaux, principalement la peinture à l'aquarelle. Il a régulièrement visité l'Ecosse à dessiner des oiseaux dans la nature, son lieu de prédilection étant la forêt de Gaick près de Kingussie dans Inverness. Son largement reproduit des im...
[Biography - Archibald Thorburn - 4Ko]
Archibald Thorburn (31. Mai 1860 - 9. Oktober 1935 Hascombe, Surrey) war ein schottischer Maler und Illustrator Vogel, Gemälde meist in Aquarell. Er besuchte regelmäßig Schottland für Vögel in freier Wildbahn, seine Lieblingsplatz wird im Wald von Gaick nahe Kingussie in Invernesshire Skizze. Seine viel reproduzierten Bilder der britischen Tierwelt...
[Biography - Archibald Thorburn - 4Ko]
Archibald Thorburn (31 Maggio 1860 - 9 ottobre 1935 Hascombe, Surrey) è stato un artista e illustratore scozzese di uccelli, soprattutto in pittura ad acquerello. Ha regolarmente visitato la Scozia per disegnare uccelli in natura, il suo ritrovo preferito è la Foresta di Gaick vicino Kingussie in Invernesshire. Il suo ampiamente riprodotte immagini...
[Biography - Archibald Thorburn - 3Ko]
Archibald Thorburn (31 mayo 1860 a 9 octubre 1935 Hascombe, Surrey) fue un artista escocés e ilustrador de aves, sobre todo la pintura en acuarela. Visitaba regularmente Escocia para dibujar las aves en el favorito de su naturaleza, persiguen que el Bosque de Gaick cerca Kingussie en Invernesshire. Su ampliamente reproducido las imágenes de la vida...
[Biography - Archibald Thorburn - 4Ko]
Арчибальд Торберн (31 мая 1860 - 9 октября 1935 Хаскомб, графство Суррей) был шотландским художником и иллюстратором птиц, живопись в основном акварелью. Он регулярно посещал Шотландию рисовать птиц в дикой природе, его любимое место быть Лес Gaick возле Кингусси в Invernesshire. Его широко воспроизводятся образы британской дикой природы с их флаго...
[Biography - Archibald Thorburn - 3Ko]
阿奇博尔德Thorburn(1860年5月31日 - 1935年10月9日Hascombe,萨里)是苏格兰的艺术家和鸟类插画,主要画的水彩画。他经常访问苏格兰草图的野生雀鸟,他最喜欢的出没的森林附近Kingussie的Gaick在Invernesshire。他广泛转载与他们唤起和戏剧性的背景英国野生动物的图像,享受到尽可能多的今天,一个世纪前由运动员和birdlovers。 阿奇博尔德出生在维多利亚女王肖像miniaturist罗伯特Thorburn的第五个儿子“(1818年至1885年),视场屋,Lasswade,洛锡安,。他的第一个教育达尔基斯在爱丁堡,之后他被送到新成立的圣约翰艺木在伦敦经济学院。他的逗留期间有短暂的,因为父亲去世,他所寻求的约瑟夫沃尔夫的指导。这是他的委员会于1887...
[Biography - Archibald Thorburn - 2Ko]
Archibald Thorburn (31 de maio de 1860 - 09 de outubro de 1935 Hascombe, Surrey) foi um artista escocês e ilustrador de aves, principalmente em pintura em aquarela. Ele visitava regularmente Scotland esboçar aves em estado selvagem, seu refúgio favorito é o Forest of Gaick perto Kingussie em Invernesshire. Suas imagens amplamente reproduzida de vid...
[Biography - Archibald Thorburn - 4Ko]
アーチボルドソーバーン(1860年5月31日 - 1935年10月9日Hascombe、サリー)が水彩画で主に絵画、スコットランドの芸術家と鳥のイラストレーターだった。彼は定期的に彼のお気に入りのたまり場がInvernesshireのKingussieの近くGaickの森であること、野生の鳥をスケッチするためにスコットランドを訪れた。彼らは世紀前のスポーツマンとBirdLoversなどがあったとして、その刺激的な、劇的な背景を持つ英国の野生動物の彼の広く再生画像は、今日のような多くを享受している。 アーチボルドはビューフィールドハウス、ラスウェード、ミッドロージアン、ロバートソア(1818〜1885)、ビクトリア女王の肖像の細密画家の第五の息子に生まれた。彼の最初の教育は、彼はロンドンの芸術...
[Biography - Archibald Thorburn - 2Ko]