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Arthur Rackham (19 September 1867 – 6 September 1939) was an English book illustrator.

Rackham was born in London as one of 12 children. At the age of 18, he worked as a clerk at the Westminster Fire Office and began studying part-time at the Lambeth School of Art.

In 1892 he quit his job and started working for The Westminster Budget as a reporter and illustrator. His first book illustrations were published in 1893 in To the Other Side by Thomas Rhodes, but his first serious commission was in 1894 for The Dolly Dialogues, the collected sketches of Anthony Hope, who later went on to write The Prisoner of Zenda. Book illustrating then became Rackham's career for the rest of his life.

In 1903 he married Edyth Starkie, with whom he had one daughter, Barbara, in 1908. Rackham won a gold medal at the Milan International Exhibition in 1906 and another one at the Barcelona International Exposition in 1912. His works were included in numerous exhibitions, including one at the Louvre in Paris in 1914. Arthur Rackham died 1939 of cancer in his home in Limpsfield, Surrey.

Rackham invented his own unique technique which resembled photographic reproduction; he would first sketch an outline of his drawing, then lightly block in shapes and details. Afterwards he would add lines in pen and India ink, removing the pencil traces after it had dried. With color pictures, he would then apply multiple washes of color until transparent tints were created. He would also go on to expand the use of silhouette cuts in illustration work.

Typically, Rackham contributed both colour and monotone illustrations towards the works incorporating his images - and in the case of Hawthorne's Wonder Book, he also provided a number of part-coloured block images similar in style to Meiji era Japanese woodblocks.

In one of the featurettes on the DVD of Pan's Labyrinth, and in the commentary track for Hellboy, director Guillermo Del Toro cites Rackham as an influence on the design of "The Faun" of Pan's Labyrinth. He liked the dark tone of Rackham's gritty realistic drawings and had decided to incorporate this into the film. In Hellboy, the design of the tree growing out of the altar in the ruined abbey off the coast of Scotland where Hellboy was brought over, is actually referred to as a "Rackham tree" by the director.
[Biography - Arthur Rackham - 4Ko]
Arthur Rackham (19 Septembre 1867 au 6 Septembre 1939) était un illustrateur de livres anglais. Rackham est né à Londres comme l'un des 12 enfants. À l'âge de 18 ans, il a travaillé comme commis au bureau de Westminster Fire et a commencé à étudier à temps partiel à l'École d'Art de Lambeth. En 1892, il a quitté son emploi et a commencé à travaille...
[Biography - Arthur Rackham - 4Ko]
Arthur Rackham (19. September 1867 bis 6 September 1939) war ein englischer Buchillustrator. Rackham wurde in London als eines von 12 Kindern geboren. Im Alter von 18 Jahren, arbeitete er als Sekretär am Westminster Fire Office und begann ein Studium in Teilzeit an der Lambeth School of Art. Im Jahr 1892 kündigte er seinen Job und begann sich für d...
[Biography - Arthur Rackham - 4Ko]
Arthur Rackham (19 Set 1867 - 6 settembre 1939) è stato un illustratore di libri in inglese. Rackham è nato a Londra come uno dei 12 bambini. All'età di 18 anni, ha lavorato come impiegato presso la Westminster Fire Office e ha iniziato a studiare part-time presso la Scuola d'Arte di Lambeth. Nel 1892 lasciò il lavoro e ha iniziato a lavorare per i...
[Biography - Arthur Rackham - 4Ko]
Arthur Rackham (19 septiembre 1867 a 6 septiembre 1939) fue un ilustrador de libros Inglés. Rackham nació en Londres como uno de los 12 niños. A la edad de 18 años, trabajó como empleado en la Oficina de Westminster fuego y comenzó a estudiar a tiempo parcial en la Escuela de Arte Lambeth. En 1892 renunció a su trabajo y comenzó a trabajar para el ...
[Biography - Arthur Rackham - 4Ko]
Артур Ракхем (19 сентября 1867 г. - 6 сентября 1939) был английский иллюстратор книги. Ракхем родился в Лондоне в качестве одного из 12 детей. В возрасте 18 лет он работал клерком в Управлении пожарной Вестминстер и начал изучать неполный рабочий день в Ламбет школе искусств. В 1892 году он уволился с работы и начал работать на бюджет Вестминстере ...
[Biography - Arthur Rackham - 3Ko]
阿瑟拉克姆(1867年9月19日 - 1939年9月6日)是英语书插画。 拉克姆出生在伦敦,12岁的儿童之一。在18岁,他曾作为一个业务员在威斯敏斯特消防处,并开始学习兰贝斯在艺术学校的兼职。 在1892年,他辞掉工作,开始作为记者和Illustrator的威斯敏斯特财政预算案工作。由托马斯罗德在1893年出版了他的第一本书插图,但他的第一次严重的委员会在1894年小车对话,安东尼希望收集到的草图,后来又写囚犯的Zenda。图书说明,然后成为拉克姆的余生的职业生涯。 1903年,他与Edyth Starkie结婚,他有一个女儿,芭芭拉,于1908年。拉克姆在1912年赢得了一个于1906年在米兰国际展览金牌和另一,在巴塞罗那国际博览会之一。他的作品在众多的展览,包括1914年在巴黎卢浮宫。亚...
[Biography - Arthur Rackham - 2Ko]
Arthur Rackham (19 de setembro de 1867 - 6 de setembro de 1939) foi um ilustrador de livros Inglês. Rackham nasceu em Londres como um dos 12 filhos. Na idade de 18 anos, ele trabalhou como balconista no Escritório Fogo Westminster e começou a estudar a tempo parcial na Escola de Arte Lambeth. Em 1892, ele largou o emprego e começou a trabalhar para...
[Biography - Arthur Rackham - 4Ko]
アーサーラッカム(1867年9月19日 - 1939年9月6日)は、英語の本のイラストレーターだった。 ラッカムは、12人の子供の一人としてロンドンで生まれた。 18歳のとき、彼はウェストミンスターの消防局で事務員として勤務し、アートのランベスの学校で非常勤の勉強を始めました。 1892年に彼は仕事を辞め、レポーター、イラストレーターとしてウェストミンスターの予算のために働き始めた。彼の最初の本のイラストは、トーマスロードスで向こうへで1893年に出版さが、彼の最初の重大な任務は、後でゼンダ城の虜を書くようになったドリーの対話、アンソニーホープの収集スケッチ、のために1894年であった。次に説明する本は彼の人生の残りのためのラッカムのキャリアとなりました。 1903年に彼は、イーディススター...
[Biography - Arthur Rackham - 2Ko]