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Ary Scheffer (10 February 1795 - 15 June 1858), French painter of Dutch and German extraction, was born in Dordrecht.

After the early death of his father Johann Baptist, a poor painter, Ary's mother Cornelia, herself a painter and daughter of landscapist Arie Lamme, took him to Paris and placed him in the studio of Pierre-Narcisse Guérin. When Scheffer left Guérin's studio, Romanticism had come into vogue in France, with such painters as Xavier Sigalon, Eugène Delacroix and Théodore Géricault. Scheffer did not show much affinity with their work and developed his own style, which has been called "frigidly classical".

Scheffer often painted subjects from literature, especially the works of Dante, Byron and Goethe. Two versions of "Dante and Beatrice" have been preserved at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, United Kingdom, and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA. Particularly highly praised was his "Francesca da Rimini" painted in 1836. Ary Sheffer's popular Faust-themed paintings include "Margaret at her Wheel"; "Faust Doubting"; "Margaret at the Sabbat"; "Margaret Leaving Church"; "The Garden Walk", and "Margaret at the Well". In 1836, he painted two pictures of Goethe's character "Mignon".

He now turned to religious subjects: "Christus Consolator" (1836) was followed by "Christus Remunerator", "The Shepherds Led by the Star" (1837), "The Magi Laying Down their Crowns", "Christ in the Garden of Olives", "Christ bearing his Cross", "Christ Interred" (1845), and "St Augustine and Monica" (1846).

"Christus Consolator" painting was lost for 70 years, was discovered in a janitor's closet in Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Dassel, Minnesota in 2007. It is restored and is on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Scheffer was also an accomplished portrait painter. His subjects included composers Frédéric Chopin and Franz Liszt, the Marquis de la Fayette, Pierre-Jean de Béranger, Alphonse de Lamartine, Charles Dickens, Duchess de Broglie, Talleyrand and Queen Marie Amélie.

After 1846, he ceased to exhibit. His strong ties with the royal family caused him to fall out of favour when, in 1848, the Second Republic came into being. Shut up in his studio, he produced many paintings that were only exhibited after his death, which took place at Argenteuil on the 15th of June 1858. He is buried in the Cimetière de Montmartre.

Works first exhibited posthumously include "Sorrows of the Earth", and the "Angel Announcing the Resurrection", which he had left unfinished. By the time of his death, his reputation was damaged: though his paintings were praised for their charm and facility, they were condemned for poor use of color and vapid sentiment.

Scheffer was married to the widow of General Baudrand. His brother Henry, born at the Hague on 27 September 1798, was also a prolific painter. Scheffer was made commander of the Legion of Honour in 1848, that is, after he had wholly withdrawn from the Salon.
[Biography - Ary Scheffer - 4Ko]
Ary Scheffer (10 Février 1795 au 15 Juin 1858), peintre français d'origine néerlandaise et allemande, est né à Dordrecht. Après la mort prématurée de son père Johann Baptist, un pauvre peintre, mère de Ary Cornelia, elle-même peintre et fille du paysagiste Arie Lamme, l'amena à Paris et le plaça dans l'atelier de Pierre-Narcisse Guérin. Lorsque Sch...
[Biography - Ary Scheffer - 5Ko]
Ary Scheffer (10. Februar 1795 - 15. Juni 1858), Französisch Maler der niederländischen und deutschen Extraktion wurde in Dordrecht geboren. Nach dem frühen Tod seines Vaters Johann Baptist, ein armer Maler Ary Mutter Cornelia, selbst Malerin und Tochter des Landschaftsmalers Arie Lamme, führte ihn nach Paris und legte ihn in das Atelier von Pierre...
[Biography - Ary Scheffer - 4Ko]
Ary Scheffer (10 febbraio 1795 - 15 giugno 1858), pittore francese di origine olandese e tedesca, è nato a Dordrecht. Dopo la morte precoce del padre, Johann Baptist, un povero pittore, la madre di Ary Cornelia, anche lei pittrice, figlia del paesaggista Arie Lamme, lo portò a Parigi e lo mise nello studio di Pierre-Narcisse Guérin. Quando Scheffer...
[Biography - Ary Scheffer - 4Ko]
Ary Scheffer (10 de fevereiro de 1795 - 15 de Junho 1858), pintor francês de extração holandês e alemão, nasceu em Dordrecht. Após a morte precoce de seu pai Johann Baptist, um pobre pintor, mãe de Ary Cornelia, se um pintor e paisagista filha de Arie Lamme, o levou para Paris e colocou-o no estúdio de Pierre-Narcisse Guérin. Quando Scheffer deixou...
[Biography - Ary Scheffer - 5Ko]
Ary Scheffer (febrero 10, 1795-06 15, 1858), pintor francés de origen holandés y alemán, nació en Dordrecht. Después de la temprana muerte de su padre Johann Baptist, un pintor pobre, Cornelia de Ary madre, ella misma hija del pintor y paisajista Arie Lamme, lo llevó a París y lo colocó en el taller de Pierre-Narcisse Guérin. Cuando Scheffer, dejó ...
[Biography - Ary Scheffer - 5Ko]
Ари Шеффера (10 февраля 1795 - 15 июня 1858), французский художник голландского и немецкого происхождения, родился в Дордрехт. После ранней смерти своего отца Иоганна Баптиста, бедный художник, Ари мать Корнелии, которая сама художник и дочь пейзажиста Ари Ламме, взял его в Париж и поместил его в студии Пьера Нарцисса Герена. Когда Схеффер левой ст...
[Biography - Ary Scheffer - 4Ko]
ARY雅伯(1795年2月10日 - 15年6月1858年),荷兰和德国提取的法国画家,出生在多德雷赫特。 后过早死亡的一个贫穷的画家,他的父亲约翰浸会,ARY科妮莉亚的母亲,自己是一个画家和阿里Lamme山水画的女儿,把他带到巴黎,摆在他工作室的皮埃尔 - Narcisse卡介苗。当雅伯离开卡介苗的工作室,浪漫主义成气候,在法国,泽维尔Sigalon,欧仁德拉克洛瓦和西奥多Géricault画家。雅伯没有表现出很大的亲和力,他们的工作和发展自己的风格,被称为“frigidly经典”。 雅伯常常画从文学的科目,尤其是拜伦,但丁和歌德的作品。两个版本的“但丁与比阿特丽斯”已被保存,英国伍尔弗汉普顿艺术画廊,和美术,波士顿,美国博物馆。特别是高度赞扬的是他的“弗朗西斯大里米尼”绘于1836年。 ...
[Biography - Ary Scheffer - 3Ko]
アリーズシェファー(1795年2月10日 - 1858年6月15日)、オランダ語とドイツ語抽出のフランスの画家は、ドルドレヒトで生まれた。 彼の父ヨハンバプティスト、貧しい画家、アリーズ母コーネリア、彼女自身画家と風景画家アリーLammeの娘、の早期死亡後にパリに連れて行ったとピエール=ナルシスゲランのスタジオで彼を置いた。シェファーはゲランのスタジオを去ったとき、ロマン主義はザビエルSigalon、ウジェーヌドラクロワとテオドールジェリコーなどの画家で、フランスで流行になっていた。シェファーは自分の仕事と非常に親和性を示し、"冷たく古典"と呼ばれた彼自身のスタイルを、開発していませんでした。 シェファーはしばしば、特に文学からの主題、ダンテ、バイロン、ゲーテの作品を描いた。 "ダンテとベア...
[Biography - Ary Scheffer - 3Ko]