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Benjamin West, RA (October 10, 1738 – March 11, 1820) was an Anglo-American painter of historical scenes around and after the time of the American War of Independence. He was the second president of the Royal Academy in London, serving from 1792 to 1805 and 1806 to 1820.

West was born in Springfield, Pennsylvania, in a house that is now in the borough of Swarthmore on the campus of Swarthmore College, as the tenth child of an innkeeper. The family later moved to Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, where his father was the proprietor of the Square Tavern, still standing in that town. West told John Galt, with whom, late in his life, he collaborated on a memoir, The Life and Studies of Benjamin West (1816, 1820) that, when he was a child, Native Americans showed him how to make paint by mixing some clay from the river bank with bear grease in a pot. Benjamin West was an autodidact; while excelling at the arts, "he had little education and, even when president of the Royal Academy, could scarcely spell" (Hughes, 70).

From 1746 to 1759, West worked in Pennsylvania, mostly painting portraits. While in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1756, West's patron, a gunsmith named William Henry, encouraged him to design a "Death of Socrates" based on an engraving in Charles Rollin's Ancient History; the resulting composition, which significantly differs from West's source, has been called "the most ambitious and interesting painting produced in colonial America." Dr William Smith, then the provost of the College of Philadelphia, saw the painting in Henry's house and decided to patronize West, offering him education and, more importantly, connections with wealthy and politically-connected Pennsylvanians. During this time West met John Wollaston, a famous painter who immigrated from London. West learned Wollaston's techniques for painting the shimmer of silk and satin, and also adopted some of "his mannerisms, the most prominent of which was to give all his subjects large almond-shaped eyes, which clients thought very chic" (Hughes, 71).

In 1760, sponsored by Smith and William Allen, reputed to be the wealthiest man in Philadelphia, West traveled to Italy where he expanded his repertoire by copying the works of Italian painters such as Titian and Raphael.

West was a close friend of Benjamin Franklin, whose portrait he painted. Franklin was also the godfather of West's second son, Benjamin.

In 1763, West moved to England, where he was commissioned by King George III to create portraits of members of the royal family. The king himself was twice painted by him. He painted his most famous, and possibly most influential painting, The Death of General Wolfe, in 1770, exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1771. Although originally snubbed by Sir Joshua Reynolds, the famous portrait painter and President of the Royal Academy, and others as over ambitious, the painting became one of the most frequently reproduced images of the period.

In 1772, King George appointed him historical painter to the court at an annual fee of £1,000. With Reynolds, West founded the Royal Academy of Arts in 1768. He was the second president of the Royal Academy from 1792 to 1805. He was re-elected in 1806 and was president until his death in 1820. He was Surveyor of the King's Pictures from 1791 until his death. Many American artists studied under him in London, including Charles Willson Peale, Rembrandt Peale, Gilbert Stuart, John Trumbull, and Thomas Sully.

West is known for his large scale history paintings, which use expressive figures, colours and compositional schemes to help the spectator to identify with the scene represented. West called this "epic representation". In 1806 he produced The Death of Nelson, to commemorate Horatio Nelson's death at the Battle of Trafalgar.

He died in London.
[Biography - Benjamin West - 5Ko]
Benjamin West, RA (10 Octobre, 1738 - Mars 11, 1820) était un peintre anglo-américaine de scènes historiques autour de et après l'époque de la guerre d'Indépendance américaine. Il a été le deuxième président de la Royal Academy de Londres, au service de 1792 à 1805 et de 1806 à 1820. West est né à Springfield, en Pennsylvanie, dans une maison qui e...
[Biography - Benjamin West - 6Ko]
Benjamin West, RA (10. Oktober 1738 - 11. März 1820) war ein anglo-amerikanischer Maler des historischen Szenen um und nach der Zeit des amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitskrieges. Er war der zweite Präsident der Royal Academy in London, serviert von 1792 bis 1805 und von 1806 bis 1820. West wurde in Springfield, Pennsylvania, in einem Haus, das jetzt i...
[Biography - Benjamin West - 5Ko]
Benjamin West, RA (10 ottobre 1738 - 11 marzo 1820) è stato un pittore anglo-americana di scene storiche intorno e dopo il tempo della Guerra di indipendenza americana. E 'stato il secondo presidente della Royal Academy di Londra, che serve 1792-1805 e 1806-1820. West è nata a Springfield, in Pennsylvania, in una casa che ora è nel comune di Swarth...
[Biography - Benjamin West - 5Ko]
Benjamin West, RA (10 octubre 1738 a 11 marzo 1820) fue un pintor anglo-estadounidense de escenas históricas en torno y después de la época de la Guerra de la Independencia Americana. Fue el segundo presidente de la Royal Academy de Londres, que sirve desde 1792 hasta 1805 y 1806 a 1820. Occidente nació en Springfield, Illinois, en una casa que se ...
[Biography - Benjamin West - 6Ko]
Бенджамин Западом, Армении (10 октября 1738 - 11 марта 1820 г.) был англо-американский художник исторической сцены вокруг и после времен американской Войны за независимость. Он был вторым президентом Королевской Академии в Лондоне, выступающей с 1792 по 1805 и 1806 по 1820 года. Запад родился в Спрингфилде, штат Пенсильвания, в доме, который сейчас...
[Biography - Benjamin West - 5Ko]
本杰明西,RA(1738年10月10日 - 1820年3月11日)是美国独立战争时左右和后英美画家的历史场景。他是在伦敦皇家艺术学院的第二位总统,服务从1792年到1805年和1806年至1820年。 西出生在宾夕法尼亚州的斯普林菲尔德,在一所房子,现在的斯沃斯莫尔市镇,斯沃斯莫尔学院的校园,作为一个店主的第十个孩子。家庭后来搬到新城广场,宾夕法尼亚州,他的父亲是广场酒馆老板,仍然站立在那个小镇。西告诉约翰高尔特,与谁在他生命的后期,他一本回忆录,生活和本杰明西(1816年,1820年)的研究,当他还是个孩子,土著美国人显示他如何使一些油漆混合合作从河岸承担在一个锅里的油脂的粘土。本杰明西是一个自学成才,而在艺术表现出色,“他很少有教育,即使皇家艺术学院院长,几乎法术”(休斯,70)。 从1...
[Biography - Benjamin West - 3Ko]
Benjamin West, RA (10 de outubro de 1738 - 11 de março de 1820) foi um pintor anglo-americano de cenas históricas ao redor e depois da época da Guerra da Independência Americana. Ele foi o segundo presidente da Royal Academy em Londres, servindo 1792-1805 e 1806 a 1820. West nasceu em Springfield, Pensilvânia, em uma casa que está agora no bairro d...
[Biography - Benjamin West - 5Ko]
ベンジャミン西、RAは(1738年10月10日 - 1820年3月11日)アメリカ独立戦争の頃と後の歴史的なシーンのアングロアメリカンの画家。彼は1805年から1792年と1806年から1820年に提供し、ロンドンのロイヤルアカデミーの2代目社長だった。 西は、宿屋の主人の第十子として、スワースモア大学のキャンパスのスワースモアの自治区に今ある家の中でスプリングフィールド、ペンシルベニア州で生まれた。家族は後に彼の父はまだその町に立って、広場Tavernの所有者であったニュートンスクエア、ペンシルベニア州、に移動。西は後半に彼の人生で、誰と、ジョンゴールを言った、彼は回顧録、生命およびいくつかを混合して塗料を作成する方法を彼が子供だったときに、ネイティブのアメリカ人が彼を示した、というベンジ...
[Biography - Benjamin West - 3Ko]