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  • Carlo Dolci - The Flight into Egypt
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  • Carlo Dolci - St. Mary Magdalene
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  • Carlo Dolci - St. Cecil
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  • Carlo Dolci - Self-portrait
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Carlo (or Carlino) Dolci (25 May 1616 – 17 January 1686) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Florence, known for highly finished religious pictures, often repeated in many versions.

He was born in Florence, on his mother's side the grandson of a painter. Although he was precocious and apprenticed at a young age to Jacopo Vignali, Dolci was not prolific. "He would take weeks over a single foot", according to his biographer Baldinucci. His painstaking technique made him unsuited for large-scale fresco painting. He painted chiefly sacred subjects, and his works are generally small in scale, although he made a few life-size pictures. He often repeated the same composition in several versions, and his daughter, Agnese Dolci, also made excellent copies of his works.

Dolci was known for his piety. It is said that every year during Passion Week he painted a half-figure of the Saviour wearing the Crown of Thorns. In 1682, when he saw Giordano, nicknamed "fa presto" (quick worker), paint more in five hours than he could have completed in months, he fell into a depression. He died in Florence in 1686.

The grand manner, vigorous coloration or luminosity, and dynamic emotion of the Bolognese-Roman Baroque are foreign to Dolci and to Baroque Florence. While he fits into a long tradition of prestigious official Florentine painting, Dolci appears constitutionally blind to the new aesthetic, shackled by the Florentine tradition that holds each drawn figure under a microscope of academicism. Wittkower describes him as the Florentine counterpart, in terms of devotional imagery, of the Roman Sassoferrato. Pilkington declared his touch "inexpressibly neat ... though he has often been censured for the excessive labour bestowed on his pictures, and for giving his carnations more of the appearance of ivory than the look of flesh", a flaw that had been already apparent in Agnolo Bronzino.

Among his best works are St Sebastian; the Four Evangelists at Florence; Christ Breaking the Bread; the St Cecilia at the Organ; an Adoration of the Magi in the National Gallery, London; the St. Catherine Reading and St Andrew praying before his Crucifixion (1646) in the Palazzo Pitti. He completed his portrait of Fra Ainolfo de' Bardi, when he was only sixteen. He also painted a large altarpiece (1656) for the church of Sant' Andrea Cennano in Montevarchi. As was typical for Florentine painters, this was a painting about painting, and in it the Virgin of Soriano holds a miraculous and iconic painting of St Dominic.
[Biography - Carlo Dolci - 4Ko]
Carlo (ou Carlino) Dolci (25 mai 1616 au 17 Janvier 1686) est un peintre italien de la période baroque, actif principalement à Florence, connu pour très soigné des images religieuses, souvent répété dans de nombreuses versions. Il est né à Florence, sur le côté de sa mère le petit-fils d'un peintre. Bien qu'il ait été précoce et apprentissage à un ...
[Biography - Carlo Dolci - 4Ko]
Carlo (oder Carlino) Dolci (25. Mai 1616 - 17. Januar 1686) war ein italienischer Maler des Barock, tätig vor allem in Florenz, für hoch fertig religiöse Bilder, die oft in vielen Varianten wiederholt bekannt. Er wurde in Florenz geboren, auf der Seite seiner Mutter der Enkel eines Malers. Obwohl er frühreif war und Lehre an einem jungen Alter zu J...
[Biography - Carlo Dolci - 8Ko]
Carlo (o Carlino) Dolci (25 Maggio 1616 - 17 gennaio 1686) fu un pittore italiano del periodo barocco, attivo soprattutto a Firenze, conosciuto per le immagini altamente rifinito religiosi, spesso ripetuto in molte versioni. Era nato a Firenze, sulla parte di madre nipote di un pittore. Anche se è stato precoce e apprendista in giovane età di Jacop...
[Biography - Carlo Dolci - 4Ko]
Carlo (o Carlino) Dolci (mayo 25to, 1616-01 17, 1686) fue un pintor italiano del período barroco, activo principalmente en Florencia, muy conocido por terminado cuadros religiosos, a menudo se repiten en muchas versiones. Nació en Florencia, en el lado de su madre nieto de un pintor. A pesar de que era precoz y aprendiz a una edad temprana a Jacopo...
[Biography - Carlo Dolci - 4Ko]
Карло (или Карлино) Дольчи (25 мая 1616 - 17 января 1686) был итальянский художник эпохи барокко, активная главным образом во Флоренции, известный высоко закончили религиозные картины, часто повторяется во многих версиях. Он родился во Флоренции, на стороне своей матери внук художника. Хотя он был преждевременным и учеником в молодом возрасте, чтоб...
[Biography - Carlo Dolci - 4Ko]
卡罗(或卡利诺)Dolci(5月25日,1616 - 1月17日,1686年)是巴洛克时期的意大利画家,活跃,主要是在已知的高度完成的宗教图片佛罗伦萨,往往在许多版本的重复。 他出生在佛罗伦萨,在他母亲的身边一个画家的孙子。虽然他在年轻时雅格布Vignali早熟和学徒,Dolci没有多产。 “他将需要数周时间在一个单一的脚”,根据他的传记作者Baldinucci。他艰苦的技术使他不适应大型壁画。他画主要是神圣的科目,和他的作品一般都规模小,虽然他提出了几个真人大小的照片。他经常反复在几个版本的相同的成分,和他的女儿,Agnese Dolci,他的作品也取得了出色的副本。 Dolci被称为他的虔诚。有人说,每年在复活节前第二周,他画了一半的救世主,图戴着荆棘的冠冕。在1682年,当他看到佐丹奴...
[Biography - Carlo Dolci - 2Ko]
Carlo (ou Carlino) Dolci (25 de maio de 1616 - 17 Janeiro 1686) foi um pintor italiano do período barroco, opera principalmente em Florença, conhecido por terminar altamente imagens religiosas, muitas vezes repetida em muitas versões. Ele nasceu em Florença, por parte de mãe é o neto de um pintor. Embora ele tenha sido precoce e colocado em uma ida...
[Biography - Carlo Dolci - 4Ko]
カルロ(またはカーリノー)ドルチ(1616年5月25日 - 1686年1月17日)は、しばしば多くのバージョンで繰り返さ非常に終わった宗教的な絵で知られるフィレンツェ、主に、アクティブなバロック時代のイタリアの画家。 彼は画家の孫、彼の母親の側に、フィレンツェで生まれました。彼はヤコポVignaliに若い年齢で早熟と年季奉公をするでしたが、ドルチは多作ではなかった。彼の伝記作家バルディヌッチによれば、"彼は、単一の足を介して数週間かかるだろう"。彼の丹精を込めた職人技は、彼は大規模なフレスコ画のためには不向きでした。彼は主に神聖な主題を描いた、と彼はいくつかの等身大の絵を作ったものの、彼の作品は、規模で一般的に小さいです。彼は多くの場合、いくつかのバージョンで同じ組成を繰り返し、そして彼の娘...
[Biography - Carlo Dolci - 2Ko]