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Charles Demuth (November 8, 1883 - October 23, 1935) was an American watercolorist who turned to oils late in his career, developing a style of painting known as Precisionism.

"Search the history of American art," wrote Ken Johnson in the New York Times, "and you will discover few watercolors more beautiful than those of Charles Demuth. Combining exacting botanical observation and loosely Cubist abstraction, his watercolors of flowers, fruit and vegetables have a magical liveliness and an almost shocking sensuousness."

Demuth was a lifelong resident of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The home he shared with his mother is now the Demuth Museum, which showcases his work. He graduated from Franklin & Marshall Academy before studying at Drexel University and at Philadelphia's Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. While he was a student at PAFA, he met William Carlos Williams at his boarding house. The two were fast friends and remained close for the rest of their lives.

He later studied at Académie Colarossi and Académie Julian in Paris, where he became a part of the avant garde art scene. The Parisian artistic community was accepting of Demuth's homosexuality.

While he was in Paris he met Marsden Hartley by walking up to a table of American artists and asking if he could join them. He had a great sense of humor, rich in double entendres, and they asked him to be a regular member of their group. Through Hartley he met Alfred Stieglitz and became a member of the Stieglitz group. In 1926, he had a one-man show at the Anderson Galleries and another at Intimate Gallery the New York gallery run by his friend Alfred Stieglitz.

His most famous painting, The Figure Five in Gold, was inspired by his friend William Carlos Williams's poem The Great Figure. Roberta Smith described the work in the New York Times: "Demuth's famous visionary accounting of Williams, I Saw the Figure Five in Gold, a painting whose title and medallion-like arrangement of angled forms were both inspired by a verse the poet wrote after watching a fire engine streak past him on a rainy Manhattan street while waiting for Marsden Hartley, whose studio he was visiting, to answer his door." Describing its importance, Judith H. Dobrzynski in The Wall Street Journal wrote: "It's the best work in a genre Demuth created, the "poster portrait." It's a witty homage to his close friend, the poet William Carlos Williams, and a transliteration into paint of his poem, "The Great Figure." It's a decidedly American work made at a time when U.S. artists were just moving beyond European influences. It's a reference to the intertwined relationships among the arts in the 1920s, a moment of cross-pollination that led to American Modernism. And it anticipates Pop art."

The work is one of nine poster portraits Demuth created to honor his creative friends. The others were devoted to artists Georgia O'Keeffe, Arthur Dove, Charles Duncan, Marsden Hartley, John Marin, and writers Gertrude Stein, Eugene O'Neill, and Wallace Stevens.

In 1927, Demuth started a series of seven panel paintings depicting factory buildings in his hometown. He finished the last of the seven, After All in 1933 and died two years later. Six of those paintings are highlighted in Chimneys and Towers: Charles Demuth’s Late Paintings of Lancaster, a 2007 Amon Carter Museum retrospective of his work, displayed in 2008 at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

According to the exhibit notes from the Amon Carter show, Demuth's will left many of his paintings to Georgia O'Keeffe. Her strategic decisions regarding which museums received these works cemented his reputation as a major painter of the Precisionist school.

Personal life
Demuth suffered either an injury when he was four years old or may have had polio or tuberculosis of the hip that left him with a marked limp and required him to use a cane. He later developed diabetes and was one of the first people in the United States to receive insulin. He spent most of his life in frail health, and he died in Lancaster at the age 51 of complications from diabetes.

Charles used the Lafayette Baths as his favorite haunt. His 1918 homoerotic self-portrait set in a Turkish bathhouse was likely set there.
[Biography - Charles Demuth - 5Ko]
Charles Demuth (8 Novembre 1883 - Octobre 23, 1935) était un aquarelliste américain qui se tourne vers les huiles à la fin de sa carrière, développant un style de peinture dite Précisionnisme. "Rechercher l'histoire de l'art américain», a écrit Ken Johnson dans le New York Times, "et vous découvrirez quelques aquarelles plus belles que celles de Ch...
[Biography - Charles Demuth - 7Ko]
Charles Demuth (8. November 1883 - 23. Oktober 1935) war ein amerikanischer Aquarellist, die Öle spät in seiner Karriere drehte, die Entwicklung einer Malweise als Precisionism bekannt. "Suche die Geschichte der amerikanischen Kunst", schrieb Ken Johnson in der New York Times "und entdecken Sie einige Aquarelle schöner als die von Charles Demuth. K...
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Charles Demuth (8 novembre 1883 - 23 ottobre 1935) è stato un acquerellista americana che si rivolgevano a oli tardi nella sua carriera, sviluppando uno stile di pittura conosciuta come Precisionismo. "Cerca la storia dell'arte americana", ha scritto Ken Johnson sul New York Times ", e scoprirete alcuni acquarelli più belli di quelli di Charles Dem...
[Biography - Charles Demuth - 6Ko]
Charles Demuth (8 noviembre 1883-23 octubre 1935) fue un acuarelista estadounidense que se volvió a los aceites al final de su carrera, el desarrollo de un estilo de pintura conocida como Precisionism. "Buscar la historia del arte estadounidense", escribió Ken Johnson en el New York Times, "y usted descubrirá algunas acuarelas más bellas que las de...
[Biography - Charles Demuth - 6Ko]
Чарльз Демут (8 ноября 1883 - 23 октября 1935) американский акварелист, кто обращался к маслам в конце своей карьеры, разработка стиля живописи известного как Precisionism. "Поиск в истории американского искусства", пишет Кена Джонсона в Нью-Йорк Таймс ", и вы обнаружите несколько акварелей более красивым, чем Чарльз Демут. Объединив требовательным...
[Biography - Charles Demuth - 5Ko]
查尔斯Demuth(1883年11月8日 - 1935年10月23日)是美国水彩画转向油,在他的职业生涯后期,发展Precisionism作为已知的绘画风格。 肯约翰逊写道:“搜索美国艺术史上,”纽约时报“,你会发现比查尔斯Demuth更漂亮的几个水彩,结合严格的植物观察和松散的立体派的抽象,鲜花,水果和蔬菜他的水彩画有一个神奇的活力,几乎令人震惊sensuousness。“ Demuth是一个终身的居民,宾夕法尼亚州兰开斯特。现在家里,他与他的母亲分享Demuth博物馆,展示他的工作。他毕业于富兰克林和马歇尔学院之前在德雷克塞尔大学就读,并在费城的宾夕法尼亚美术学院。虽然他是一个学生PAFA,他遇到了威廉Carlos威廉斯在他的宿舍。两人快的朋友,并保持他们的生活休息接近。 后来,他就读于...
[Biography - Charles Demuth - 3Ko]
Charles Demuth (08 de novembro de 1883 - 23 de outubro de 1935) foi um aquarelista norte-americanos que voltaram para óleos tarde em sua carreira, desenvolvendo um estilo de pintura conhecida como Precisionismo. "Pesquisar a história da arte americana", escreveu Ken Johnson no New York Times ", e você vai descobrir algumas aquarelas mais bonito do ...
[Biography - Charles Demuth - 6Ko]
チャールズデムース(1883年11月8日 - 1935年10月23日)はプレシジョニズムとして知られている絵画のスタイルを開発し、彼のキャリアの後半に油になっアメリカンwatercoloristいました。 "、アメリカの美術史を検索"ケンジョンソンは、ニューヨークタイムズ紙に書いた"とあなたはチャールズデムートのものよりも美しいいくつかの水彩画を発見するでしょう。厳格な植物観察と緩くキュービズムの抽象化を組み合わせることで、花、果物と野菜の彼の水彩画を 魔法の活気と、ほとんど衝撃的な審美性を持っている。" デムートはランカスター、ペンシルバニア州の終生の居住者だった。 彼は母親と共有ホームでは、現在彼の作品を紹介するデムート博物館、です。 彼はドレクセル大学で勉強する前に、美術のフィラデルフ...
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