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  • Charles-François Daubigny - The Vine
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Sunset
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Stags at the Water's Edge
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Covered Wagons (Souvenir of the Morvan)
  • Charles-François Daubigny - The Ship's Boy Fishing (Fishing with a Line)
  • Charles-François Daubigny - The Children with the Wagon
  • Charles-François Daubigny - The Seine at Port-Maurin
  • Charles-François Daubigny - The Virgin Islands has Bezons
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Hauling on the Rope
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Landscape with a Rainbow
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Sunset on the Oise
  • Charles-François Daubigny - The Large Sheepfold
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Harvest
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Moonrise 1
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Sunrise
  • Charles-François Daubigny - The Lone Cow
  • Charles-François Daubigny - French River Scene
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Moonrise
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Study, Standing Cattle
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Landscape in the Roman Campagna
  • Charles-François Daubigny - The Virgin Islands at Bezons (The Fishing Hole)
  • Charles-François Daubigny - The Boat Studio, from The Boat Trip
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Path Through the Wheatfield
  • Charles-François Daubigny - The Donkey in the Meadow
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Brook in the Clearing
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Dawn (The Cock's Crow)
  • Charles-François Daubigny - Return of the Flock
  • Charles-François Daubigny - The Banks of the Cousin
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Charles-François Daubigny (Paris, 15 February 1817 – 19 February 1878 in Paris) was one of the painters of the Barbizon school, and is considered an important precursor of Impressionism.

Daubigny was born into a family of painters and was taught the art by his father Edmond François Daubigny and his uncle, miniaturist Pierre Daubigny.

Initially Daubigny painted in a traditional style, but this changed after 1843 when he settled in Barbizon to work outside in nature. Even more important was his meeting with Camille Corot in 1852 in Optevoz (Isère). On his famous boat Botin, which he had turned into a studio, he painted along the Seine and Oise, often in the region around Auvers. From 1852 onward he came under the influence of Gustave Courbet.
In 1866 Daubigny visited England, eventually returning because of the Franco-Prussian

war in 1870. In London he met Claude Monet, and together they left for the Netherlands. Back in Auvers, he met Paul Cézanne, another important impressionist. It is assumed that these younger painters were influenced by Daubigny.

Daubigny's finest pictures were painted between 1864 and 1874 , and these for the most part consist of carefully completed landscapes with trees, river and a few ducks. It has been said that when Daubigny liked his pictures he added another duck or two, so that the number of ducks often indicates greater or less artistic quality in his pictures.[citation needed] One of his sayings was, "The best pictures do not sell," as he frequently found his finest achievements little understood. Daubigny is chiefly preferred for his riverside pictures, of which he painted a great number, but although there are two large landscapes by Daubigny in the Louvre, neither is a river view. They are for that reason not so typical as many of his smaller Oise and Seine pictures.

His most ambitious canvases are: Springtime (1857), in the Louvre; Borde de la Cure, Morvan (1864); Villerville sur Mer (1864); Moonlight (1865); Auvers-sur-Oise (1868); and Return of the Flock (1878).

His followers and pupils were his son Karl (who sometimes painted so well that his works are occasionally mistaken for those of his father, though in few cases do they equal his father's mastery), Oudinot, Delpy, Albert Charpin and Pierre Emmanuel Damoye.

[Biography - Charles-François Daubigny - 4Ko]
Charles-François Daubigny , né le 15 février 1817 à Paris où il est mort le 19 février 1878, est un artiste peintre français. C’est un des peintres qui formaient le groupe de l’école de Barbizon. Il est par ailleurs considéré comme un des précurseurs majeurs de l’impressionnisme. Issu d’une longue lignée de peintres, Daubigny fut très tôt initié à ...
[Biography - Charles-François Daubigny - 4Ko]
Charles-François Daubigny (* 15. Februar 1817 in Paris &dagger 19. Februar 1878 ebenda) war ein französischer Maler. Daubigny war Schüler seines Vaters, eines Miniaturmalers, und Paul Delaroches. Er beteiligte sich bereits seit 1838 mit Landschaften klassischer Richtung an Ausstellungen, kam aber erst Anfang der 1850er Jahre zu voller Entwicklung...
[Biography - Charles-François Daubigny - 3Ko]
Dabugny nacque da una famiglia di artisti, si avvicinò alla pittura spinto da suo padre Edmond François Daubigny e suo zio, il miniaturista Pierre Daubigny. Inizialmente Daubigny era profondamente legato ad uno stile accademico con soggetti tratti da tematiche storiche, ma a partire dal 1843, anno in cui si trasferì a Barbizon, cominciò a dedicarsi...
[Biography - Charles-François Daubigny - 7Ko]
Charles-François Daubigny (15 de febrero de 1817 en París - 19 de febrero de 1878 en París) fue uno de los pintores de la Escuela de Barbizon, y es considerado un importante precursor del Impresionismo. Daubigny nació en el seno de una familia de pintores. El arte le fue enseñado por su padre, Edmond François Daubigny, y por su tío, el miniaturista...
[Biography - Charles-François Daubigny - 4Ko]
Шарль-Франсуа Daubigny (Париж, 15 февраля 1817 - 19 февраля 1878 года в Париже) был одним из художников барбизонской школы, и считается важным предшественником импрессионизма. Daubigny родился в семье художников и учили искусству у своего отца Эдмонда Франсуа Daubigny и его дядя, миниатюрист Пьер Daubigny. Первоначально Daubigny окрашены в традицио...
[Biography - Charles-François Daubigny - 3Ko]
查尔斯 - 弗朗索瓦Daubigny(巴黎,2月15日,1817年 - 1878年2月19日在巴黎)是巴比松画派的画家之一,被认为是印象派的重要前兆。 Daubigny是出生在一个画家的家庭,和被灌输的爱德蒙弗朗索瓦Daubigny由他的父亲和他的叔叔,皮埃尔Daubigny miniaturist的艺术。 最初Daubigny画在传统的风格,但改变这之后1843年,当他在巴比松定居在外面工作的性质。更重要的是他在1852年举​​行卡米耶柯罗Optevoz(伊泽尔)。在他的著名的船博京,他转身进入工作室,他画沿着塞纳河和瓦兹,经常在周围瓦兹的地区。从1852年起,他来到下库尔贝的影响。 在1866年Daubigny访问了英国,最终在1870年的普法战争,因为返回。他在伦敦会见了莫奈,和他们一...
[Biography - Charles-François Daubigny - 2Ko]
Charles-François Daubigny (Paris, 15 fev, 1817 - 19 Fevereiro 1878 em Paris) foi um dos pintores da escola de Barbizon, e é considerado um importante precursor do impressionismo. Daubigny nasceu em uma família de pintores e foi ensinado a arte por seu pai Edmond François Daubigny e seu tio, miniaturista Pierre Daubigny. Inicialmente Daubigny pintad...
[Biography - Charles-François Daubigny - 4Ko]
シャルル=フランソワドービニー(パリ2月15日1817年から1819年パリで1878年2月)は、バルビゾン派の画家の一人、そして印象派の重要な前駆体と考えられている。 ドービニーは、画家の家庭に生まれ、父エドモンドフランソワドービニーと彼の叔父、細密画家ピエールドービニーで美術を教えられた。 当初、ドービニー、伝統的なスタイルで描かしかし、彼は自然の中で外で作業するバルビゾンに定住したとき、これは1843年後に変更。さらに重要なことはOptevoz(イゼール)で1852年にカミーユコローとの出会いだった。彼がスタジオになっていた彼の有名なボートのセリノボティン、で、彼はしばしばオーヴェール周辺地域で、セーヌ川とオワーズに沿って描いた。 1852年以降、彼はギュスターヴクールベの影響下に来た。...
[Biography - Charles-François Daubigny - 2Ko]