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  • Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - Portrait of a Woman 1
  • Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - Still Life 1
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  • Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - Flowers and Fruit
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Konstantin Alekseyevich Korovin (November 23 [O.S. December 5] 1861, Moscow – September 11, 1939, Paris) was a leading Russian Impressionist painter.

Konstantin was born in Moscow to a merchant family officially registered as "peasants of Vladimir Gubernia". His father, Aleksey Mikhailovich Korovin, earned a university degree and was more interested in arts and music than in the family business established by Konstantin's grandfather. Konstantin's older brother Sergey Korovin was a notable realist painter. Konstantin's relative Illarion Pryanishnikov was also a prominent painter of the time and a teacher at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

In 1875 Korovin entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where he studied with Vasily Perov and Alexei Savrasov. His brother Sergey was already a student at the school. During their student years the Korovins became friends with fellow students Valentin Serov and Isaac Levitan; Konstantin maintained these friendships throughout his life.

In 1881–1882, Korovin spent a year at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, but returned disappointed to the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. He studied at the school under his new teacher Vasily Polenov until 1886.

In 1885, Korovin traveled to Paris and Spain. "Paris was a shock for me … Impressionists… in them I found everything I was scolded for back home in Moscow", he later wrote.

Polenov introduced Korovin to Savva Mamontov's Abramtsevo Circle: Viktor Vasnetsov, Apollinary Vasnetsov, Ilya Repin, Mark Antokolsky and others. The Abramtsevo Circle's love for stylized Russian themes is reflected in Korovin's picture A Northern Idyll. In 1885 Korovin worked for Mamontov's Opera house. He designed the stage decor for Giuseppe Verdi's Aida, Léo Delibes' Lakmé and Georges Bizet's Carmen.

In 1888, Korovin traveled with Mamontov to Italy and Spain, where he produced the painting On the Balcony, Spanish Women Leonora and Ampara. Konstantin traveled within Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia and exhibited with the Peredvizhniki. He painted in the Impressionist and later in the Art Nouveau style.

In the 1890s, Korovin became a member of the Mir iskusstva art group.

Korovin's subsequent works were strongly influenced by his travels to the North. In 1888 he was captivated by the stern northern landscapes seen in The Coast of Norway and the Northern Sea.

His second trip to the North, with Valentin Serov in 1894, coincided with the construction of the Northern Railway. Korovin painted a large number of landscapes: Norwegian Port, St. Triphon's Brook in Pechenga, Hammerfest: Aurora Borealis, The Coast at Murmansk and others. The paintings are built on a delicate web of shades of grey. The etude style of these works was typical for the Korovin's art of the 1890s.

Using material from his northern trip, Korovin designed the Northern Railway pavilion at the 1896 All Russia Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod.

In 1900, Korovin designed the Central Asia section of the Russian Empire pavilion at the Paris World Fair and was awarded the Legion of Honour by the French government.

n the beginning of the 20th century, Korovin focused his attention on the theater. He moved from Mamontov's opera to the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. Departing from traditional stage decor, which only indicated the place of action, Korovin produced a mood decor conveying the general emotions of the performance. Korovin designed sets for Konstantin Stanislavsky's dramatic productions, as well as Mariinsky's operas and ballets. He did the stage design for such Mariinsky productions as Faust (1899), The Little Humpbacked Horse (1901) and Sadko (1906) that became famous for their expressiveness.

In 1905, Korovin became an Academician of Painting and in 1909–1913 a professor at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

One of the artist's favourite themes was Paris. He painted A Paris Cafe (1890s), Cafe de la Paix (1905), La Place de la Bastille (1906), Paris at Night, Le Boulevard Italien (1908), Night Carnival (1901), Paris in the Evening (1907) and others.

During World War I Korovin worked as a camouflage consultant at the headquarters of one of the Russian armies and was often seen on the front lines. After the October Revolution Korovin continued to work in the theater, designing stages for Richard Wagner's Die Walküre and Siegfried, as well as Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker (1918–1920).

In 1923 Korovin moved to Paris on the advice of Commissar of Education Anatoly Lunacharsky to cure his heart condition and help his handicapped son. There was supposed to be a large exhibition of Korovin's works but the works were stolen and Korovin was left penniless. For years he produced the numerous Russian Winters and Paris Boulevards just to make ends meet.

In the last years of his life he produced stage designs for many of the major theatres of Europe, America, Asia and Australia, the most famous of which is his scenery for the Turin Opera House's production of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's The Golden Cockerel.

Korovin died in Paris on September 11, 1939.

Konstantin's son Alexey Korovin (1897–1950) was a notable Russian-French painter. Because of an accident during his childhood he had both feet amputated. Alexey committed suicide in 1950.
[Biography - Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - 7Ko]
Konstantin Korovine Alekseyevich (Novembre 23 [OS Décembre 5] 1861, Moscou - 11 Septembre 1939, Paris) était un peintre russe de premier plan impressionniste. Konstantin est né à Moscou pour une famille de marchands officiellement enregistrés comme "paysans de la province de Vladimir". Son père, Alexeï Mikhaïlovitch Korovine, a obtenu un diplôme un...
[Biography - Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - 8Ko]
Konstantin Alexejewitsch Korovin (23. November [OS 5. Dezember] 1861, Moskau - 11. September 1939 in Paris) war ein führender russischer Maler des Impressionismus. Konstantin wurde in Moskau zu einer Kaufmannsfamilie offiziell als "Bauern des Gouvernements Wladimir" registriert, geboren. Sein Vater, Aleksej Michailowitsch Korovin, erwarb einen Hoch...
[Biography - Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - 7Ko]
Alekseyevich Konstantin Korovin (23 novembre [OS 5 dicembre] 1861, Mosca - 11 settembre 1939, Parigi) è stato un pittore russo leader impressionista. Konstantin è nato a Mosca da una famiglia di mercanti ufficialmente registrato come "contadini di Vladimir Gubernia". Il padre, Aleksey Mikhailovich Korovin, ha guadagnato una laurea ed è stato più in...
[Biography - Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - 7Ko]
Konstantin Alekseyevich Korovin (23 de novembro [OS 05 de dezembro] de 1861, Moscou - 11 de setembro de 1939, Paris) foi um pintor russo líder impressionista. Konstantin nasceu em Moscou para uma família de comerciantes oficialmente registrado como "camponeses de Vladimir Gubernia". Seu pai, Aleksey Mikhailovich Korovin, ganhou um diploma universit...
[Biography - Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - 7Ko]
Konstantin Korovin Alekseyevich (23 de noviembre [OS 05 de diciembre] de 1861, Moscú - 11 de septiembre de 1939, París) fue un destacado pintor impresionista rusa. Konstantin nació en Moscú en una familia de comerciantes registrados oficialmente como "campesinos de la provincia de Vladímir". Su padre, Aleksey Mikhailovich Korovin, obtuvo un título ...
[Biography - Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - 8Ko]
Константин Алексеевич Коровин (23 ноября [OS 5 декабря] 1861, Москва - 11 сентября 1939 года, Париж) был одним из ведущих русских импрессионистов художник. Константин родился в Москве в купеческой семье официально зарегистрирована как "крестьян Владимирской губернии». Его отец, Алексей Михайлович Коровин, получил высшее образование и был больше заи...
[Biography - Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - 6Ko]
康斯坦丁· 阿列克谢耶维奇,柯罗文(11月23日[操作系统年12月5] 1861年,莫斯科 - 1939年9月11日,巴黎)是俄罗斯著名印象派画家。 康斯坦丁出生在莫斯科的一个商​​人家庭,正式注册为“弗拉基米尔G​​ubernia的农民”。他的父亲,阿列克谢· 米哈伊洛维奇· 柯罗文,获得了大学学位,是艺术和音乐的兴趣,比康斯坦丁的祖父建立的家族企业。康斯坦丁的哥哥谢尔盖· 柯罗文是一个著名的现实主义画家。康斯坦丁的相对Illarion Pryanishnikov也是一个著名画家的时间和在莫斯科绘画,雕塑和建筑学校老师。 柯罗文在1875年进入莫斯科绘画,雕塑和建筑,在那里他与瓦西里Perov和阿列克谢Savrasov的研究学院。他的弟弟谢尔...
[Biography - Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - 3Ko]
コンスタンチンAlekseyevichコロービン(11月23日[OS 12月5日] 1861年、モスクワ - 1939年9月11日、パリ)はロシアの大手印象派の画家であった。 コンスタンチンは、正式には "ウラジミールGuberniaの農民"として登録されて商人の家族にモスクワで生まれました。彼の父親は、アレクセイ· ミハイロヴィチコロービンは、大学の学位を取得し、コンスタンチンの祖父によって確立されたファミリービジネスよりも芸術や音楽に興味がありました。コンスタンチンの兄セルゲイコロービンは注目すべき写実画家であった。コンスタンチンの相対的なIllarionプリャニシニコフは絵画、彫刻と建築のモスクワの学校でも、時間と教師の著名な画家であった。 1875年にコロービンは、彼がヴ...
[Biography - Constantin Alexeevich Korovin - 4Ko]