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Domenico di Pace Beccafumi (1486 – May 18, 1551) was an Italian Renaissance-Mannerist painter active  predominantly in Siena. He is considered one of the last undiluted representatives of the Sienese school of  painting.

Domenico was born in Montaperti, near Siena, the son of Giacomo di Pace, a peasant who worked on the estate  of Lorenzo Beccafumi. Seeing his talent for drawing, Lorenzo adopted him, and commended him to learn  painting from Mechero, a lesser Sienese artist. In 1509 he traveled to Rome, but soon returned to Siena, and  while the Roman forays of two Sienese artists of roughly his generation (Il Sodoma and Peruzzi) had imbued  them with elements of the Umbrian-Florentine Classical style, Beccafumi's style remains, in striking ways,  provincial. In Siena, he painted religious pieces for churches and of mythological decorations for private  patrons, only mildly influenced by the gestured Mannerist trends dominating the neighboring Florentine  school. There are medieval eccentricities, sometimes phantasmagoric, superfluous emotional detail and a  misty non-linear, often jagged quality to his drawings, with primal tonality to his coloration that  separates him from the classic Roman masters.

Pavement of Duomo di Siena

In addition to painting, he also directed the celebrated pavement of the cathedral of Siena from 1517–1544,  a task that took over a century and a half. The pavement shows vast designs in commesso work—white marble,  that is, engraved with the outlines of the subject in black, and having borders inlaid with rich patterns in  many colours. From the year Beccafumi was engaged in continuing this pavement, he made very ingenious  improvements in the technical processes employed, and laid down scenes from the stories of Ahab and Elijah,  of Melchisedec, of Abraham and of Moses. He made a triumphal arch and an immense mechanical horse for the  procession of the emperor Charles V on his entry into Siena.

Critical assessment and legacy

Compared to the equilibrated, geometric, and self-assured Florentine style, the Sienese style of painting  edges into a more irrational and emotionally-unbalanced world. Buildings are often transected, and  perspectives awkward. The setting is often hallucinogenic; the colors, discordant. For example, in the  Nativity (San Martino, Siena) hovering angels form an architectural hoop, and figures enter from the shadows  of a ruined arch. In his Annunciation, the Virgin resides in a world neither in day or dusk, she and the  Angel Gabriel shine while the house is in shambles. In Christ in Limbo (Pinacoteca, Siena), an atypically  represented topic, Christ sways in contraposto as he enters a netherworld of ruins and souls. S.J. Freedberg  compares his vibrant eccentric figures to those of the Florentine mannerist contemporary Rosso Fiorentino,  yet more "optical and fluid". While all the elements of the expected religious scenes are here, it is like a  play in which all the actors have taken atypical costumes, and forgotten some of their lines.

In Medieval Italy, Siena had been an artistic, economic, and political rival of Florence; but wars and  natural disasters caused a decline by the 15th century. Stylistically, Beccafumi is among the last in a line  of Sienese artists, a medieval believer of miracles awaking in Renaissance reality.
[Biography - Domenico Beccafumi - 5Ko]
Domenico Beccafumi di Pace (1486 - 18 mai 1551) était un italien de la Renaissance-peintre maniériste actives principalement dans Sienne. Il est considéré comme l'un des derniers représentants non dilué de l'école siennoise de peinture. Domenico est né à Montaperti, près de Sienne, le fils de Giacomo di Pace, un paysan qui a travaillé sur la succes...
[Biography - Domenico Beccafumi - 6Ko]
Domenico di Pace Beccafumi (1486 - 18. Mai 1551) war ein italienischer Renaissance-manieristische Maler aktiv vorwiegend in Siena. Er gilt als einer der letzten unverdünnt Vertreter der Sieneser Malerschule. Domenico war in Montaperti geboren, in der Nähe von Siena, der Sohn von Giacomo di Pace, ein Bauer, der auf dem Anwesen von Lorenzo Beccafumi ...
[Biography - Domenico Beccafumi - 5Ko]
Domenico di Pace Beccafumi (1486 - 18 maggio 1551) è stato un italiano del Rinascimento, pittore manierista attivo prevalentemente a Siena. E 'considerato uno degli ultimi rappresentanti non diluito della scuola pittorica senese. Domenico nacque a Montaperti, vicino Siena, figlio di Giacomo di Pace, un contadino che lavorava nella tenuta di Lorenzo...
[Biography - Domenico Beccafumi - 5Ko]
Domenico di Pace Beccafumi (1486 - 18 de mayo, 1551) era un italiano del Renacimiento, Manierismo pintor activo predominantemente en Siena. Se le considera uno de los últimos representantes de diluir la escuela de Siena de la pintura. Domenico nació en Montaperti, cerca de Siena, el hijo de Giacomo di Pace, un campesino que trabajaba en la finca de...
[Biography - Domenico Beccafumi - 5Ko]
Доменико ди Pace Беккафуми (1486 - 18 мая 1551 г.) был итальянский Ренессанс-маньеризма художник активные преимущественно в Сиене. Он считается одним из последних неразбавленном представители сиенской школы живописи. Доменико родился в Montaperti, недалеко от Сиены, сын Джакомо ди Паче, крестьянина, который работал в имении Лоренцо Беккафуми. Видя ...
[Biography - Domenico Beccafumi - 4Ko]
多梅尼科DI佩斯Beccafumi(1486 - 1551)5月18日,是意大利文艺复兴时期的风格主义画家活跃在锡耶纳为主。他被认为是锡耶纳绘画学校的最后未稀释的代表之一。 多梅尼科出生于Montaperti,附近锡耶纳,贾科莫DI佩斯的儿子,农民洛伦佐Beccafumi房地产工作。看见他的绘画天赋,洛伦佐收养了他,并赞扬他Mechero,一个较小的锡耶纳艺术家学习绘画。在1509他前往罗马,但很快返回锡耶纳,和而两个锡耶纳大约他的一代艺术家(金正日Sodoma和佩鲁齐)的罗马先遣部队已浸透的翁布里亚 - 佛罗伦萨古典风格的元素其中,Beccafumi的风格仍然是,在引人注目的方式,省级。在锡耶纳,他画的宗教教会和私人赞助的神话装饰件,仅轻度的手势风格主义主导邻近佛罗伦萨学校的趋势的影响。有...
[Biography - Domenico Beccafumi - 2Ko]
Domenico di Pace Beccafumi (1486 - 18 de maio de 1551) foi um pintor maneirista da Renascença italiana-ativo predominantemente em Siena. Ele é considerado um dos últimos representantes da escola não diluído Siena da pintura. Domenico nasceu em Montaperti, perto de Siena, filho de Giacomo di Pace, um camponês que trabalhava na propriedade de Lorenzo...
[Biography - Domenico Beccafumi - 5Ko]
ドメニコディパーチェBeccafumi(1486 - 1551年5月18日)は、シエナの主にアクティブなイタリアのルネサンスマニエリスムの画家。彼は絵画のシエナの学校の最後の原液の代表のひとつと考えられています。 ドメニコはシエナ、ジャコモディペースの息子、ロレンツォBeccafumiの不動産で働いた農民の近くに、モンタペルティで生まれました。描画のための彼の才能を見て、ロレンツォは彼を採用し、そして賞賛彼はMechero、低いシエナの画家から絵を学ぶ。 1509年に彼はローマに旅したが、すぐにシエナに戻り、ほぼ同世代の二つシエナのアーティスト(ILソドマとペルッツィ)のローマの進出はウンブリア-フィレンツェ古典様式の要素とそれらを吹き込ましていた一方、Beccafumiのスタイルはで、残っ...
[Biography - Domenico Beccafumi - 3Ko]