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  • Donato Creti - A Woman And A Small Boy Seated In A Wooded Landscape With A Piper In The Background
  • Donato Creti - The Glorification of Saint Bernardin de Sienne
  • Donato Creti - God the Father supported by angels
  • Donato Creti - Bathers in a Wooded Landscape
  • Donato Creti - Mercury and Paris
  • Donato Creti - The Charity
  • Donato Creti - A patrician family kneeling on a seashore experiencing a vision of the Madonna and Child and Saint Dominic, Saint John the Baptist and another saint
  • Donato Creti - The Glorification of Saint Antoine de Padoue
  • Donato Creti - The Three Ages of Man
  • Donato Creti - Head of a young woman in profile to the left
  • Donato Creti - Thetis Dipping the Infant Achilles into the Waters of the Styx
  • Donato Creti - A naked tied to a tree, accompanied by three angels
  • Donato Creti - Studies for the 'Road to Calvary'
  • Donato Creti - Study Of A Young Boy, Seen From Behind
  • Donato Creti - Pastoral landscape with figures
  • Donato Creti - Endymion
  • Donato Creti - Studies of Hagar and Ishmael
  • Donato Creti - Head Of A Young Boy
  • Donato Creti - Head of young boy, looking up and to the right
  • Donato Creti - Religious subject
  • Donato Creti - Young woman in bath
  • Donato Creti - The Virgin Bringing the Habit to the Seven Founding Fathers of the Servite Order
  • Donato Creti - Achilles Handing over to Chiron
  • Donato Creti - Astronomical Observations. A Comet
  • Donato Creti - Astronomical Observations. Jupiter
  • Donato Creti - Astronomical Observations. Mercury
  • Donato Creti - Astronomical Observations. Saturn
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Donato Creti (1671–1749) was an Italian painter of the Rococo period, active mostly in Bologna.

Born in Cremona, he moved to Bologna, where he was a pupil of Lorenzo Pasinelli. He is described by Wittkower as the "Bolognese Marco Benefial", in that his style was less decorative and edged into a more formal neoclassical style. It is an academicized grand style, that crystallizes into a manneristic neoclassicism, with crisp and frigid modeling of the figures. Among his followers were Aureliano Milani, Francesco Monti, and Ercole Graziani the Younger. Two other pupils were Domenico Maria Fratta and Giuseppe Peroni.

One memorable conceit in Creti's output is a series of small canvases depicting celestial bodies, disproportionately sized and illuminated, above nocturnal landscapes. The paintings, commissioned in 1711 by the Bolognese count Luigi Marsili and intended as a gift to Pope Clement XI, were meant to accentuate the need for the Papal States to sponsor an astronomical observatory. With the support of Clement XI, the first public astronomical observatory in Italy was opened in Bologna a short time later. The eight small canvases display the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and a comet. Uranus was not discovered until 1781. His Jupiter depicts the Great Red Spot (first reported in 1665) and at least two moons.
[Biography - Donato Creti - 2Ko]
Donato Creti (1671-1749) était un peintre italien de la période rococo, actif surtout à Bologne. Né à Crémone, il s'installe à Bologne, où il fut l'élève de Lorenzo Pasinelli. Il est décrit par Wittkower comme le "Benefial Bolognese Marco", du fait que son style était moins décoratif et bordé dans un style plus formel néoclassique. C'est un style a...
[Biography - Donato Creti - 3Ko]
Donato Creti (1671-1749) war ein italienischer Maler des Rokoko, aktiv vor allem in Bologna. Geboren in Cremona, zog er nach Bologna, wo er ein Schüler von Lorenzo Pasinelli war. Er wird von Wittkower als "Bologneser Marco Benefial", dass sein Stil war weniger dekorativ und eingefasst in einen eher formalen neoklassizistischen Stil beschrieben. Es ...
[Biography - Donato Creti - 3Ko]
Donato Creti (1671-1749) foi um pintor italiano do período rococó, ativo principalmente em Bolonha. Nascido em Cremona, mudou-se para Bolonha, onde foi aluno de Lorenzo Pasinelli. Ele é descrito por Wittkower como o "Marco Bolognese Benefial", em que seu estilo era menos decorativo e venceu em um estilo mais formal neoclássico. é um grande estilo a...
[Biography - Donato Creti - 3Ko]
Donato Creti (1671-1749) è stato un pittore italiano del periodo rococò, attivo principalmente a Bologna. Nato a Cremona, si trasferisce a Bologna, dove fu allievo di Lorenzo Pasinelli. Egli è descritto da Wittkower come il "Bolognese Marco Benefial", in quanto il suo stile era meno decorativo e bordati in uno stile più formale neoclassico. Si trat...
[Biography - Donato Creti - 3Ko]
Donato Creti (1671-1749) fue un pintor italiano del período rococó, activa sobre todo en Bolonia. Nació en Cremona, se trasladó a Bolonia, donde fue discípulo de Lorenzo Pasinelli. él es descrito por Wittkower como el "Marco Benefial Bolognese", en el que su estilo era menos decorativo y superó en un estilo neoclásico más formal. Se trata de un aca...
[Biography - Donato Creti - 3Ko]
Донато Creti (1671-1749), итальянский художник эпохи рококо, активные в основном в Болонье. Родился в Кремоне, он переехал в Болонью, где он был учеником Лоренцо Pasinelli. Он описывается как Wittkower "Болоньезе Марко Benefial", в том, что его стиль был менее декоративными краями и в более формальном стиле неоклассицизма. Это большой стиль academi...
[Biography - Donato Creti - 3Ko]
多纳托Creti(1671年至1749年)是洛可可时期的意大利画家,大多活跃在博洛尼亚。 出生在克雷莫纳,他搬到博洛尼亚,他学生的洛伦佐Pasinelli的。他由Wittkower描述为“波伦亚马尔科Benefial”,他的风格是少装饰,并进入一个更加正式的新古典主义风格微升。它是一个academicized的宏伟气派,结晶成manneristic新古典主义的,清脆寒冷的数字建模。在他的追随者,弗朗切斯科蒙蒂奥雷利亚诺米拉里,Ercole格拉齐亚尼年轻的。其他两个学生多梅尼科· 玛丽亚Fratta和朱塞佩· 佩罗尼。 Creti的输出中的一个难忘的骄傲,是一系列的小画布,描绘天体,不成比例的规模和照明,夜间景观,以上。波隆尼计数路易吉Marsili在1711年委托,并...
[Biography - Donato Creti - 2Ko]
ドナートCreti(1671-1749)は、主にボローニャで活躍、ロココ時代のイタリアの画家。 彼はロレンツォPasinelliの弟子であった場所クレモナに生まれ、彼はボローニャに移動しました。彼は彼のスタイルは以下の装飾だった、よりフォーマルなネオクラシック様式に縁取られているで "ボローニャマルコBenefial"としてウィトコウアーによって記述されています。それはacademicized壮大なスタイルで、それは数字のぱりっとした、極寒のモデリングで、癖のある新古典主義に結晶化する。彼の信奉者の間でウレリMilaniの、フランチェスコ· モンティ、およびエルコレグラツィアーニ若いであった。二他の生徒たちはドメニコ· マリア· フラッタとジュゼッペPer...
[Biography - Donato Creti - 2Ko]