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  • Ernest Lawson - Aqueduct at Little Falls, New Jersey
  • Ernest Lawson - Portrait of a Cat
  • Ernest Lawson - Spring
  • Ernest Lawson - Winter on the Harlem River
  • Ernest Lawson - River Scene in Winter
  • Ernest Lawson - End of Winter - The Boathouse on the Harlem River, New York
  • Ernest Lawson - Horses Grazing by a Stream
  • Ernest Lawson - Harlem River in Winter
  • Ernest Lawson - Snowcrop (Southern Snow)
  • Ernest Lawson - Winter, Spuytin Duyvil
  • Ernest Lawson - Garden Landscape 1
  • Ernest Lawson - New England Lanscape
  • Ernest Lawson - Road in Spring
  • Ernest Lawson - Beeches
  • Ernest Lawson - Boys Bathing
  • Ernest Lawson - Connecticut Trout Stream
  • Ernest Lawson - Farm Building, Ridgefield, Connecticut
  • Ernest Lawson - Harlem River at High Bridge
  • Ernest Lawson - High Bridge—Early Moon
  • Ernest Lawson - May in the Mountains 1
  • Ernest Lawson - Ploughing
  • Ernest Lawson - Retrospection
  • Ernest Lawson - Springtime, Harlem River
  • Ernest Lawson - April
  • Ernest Lawson - Newfoundland Coast
  • Ernest Lawson - Winter on the River
  • Ernest Lawson - Red House, Sound Beach
  • Ernest Lawson - SUMMER AFTERNOON
  • Ernest Lawson - Upper New York City
  • Ernest Lawson - Blue Hill, Maine
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Ernest Lawson (March 22, 1873 – December 18, 1939) was a Canadian-American painter and a member of The Eight, a group of artists which included the group's leaders Robert Henri, Everett Shinn, John Sloan, Arthur B. Davies, Maurice Prendergast, George Luks, and William J. Glackens. Though Lawson mostly painted landscapes, he also did some realistic urban scenes which were shown at the 1908 exihibition of The Eight. His painting style is heavily influenced by Impressionism, especially the style of John Henry Twachtman, Alfred Sisley, and J. Alden Weir.

Though considered an Impressionist, Lawson's work stylistically falls between Impressionism and realism. He became associated with Henri’s circle of insurgents and was included in the landmark 1908 independent exhibition of The Eight organized to protest the jury system of the National Academy of Design annuals, though he also became involved with the Academy and showed there throughout his life.


Lawson was born in 1873 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and arrived in America in 1888 and settled in Kansas City. In 1891, he went to live in New York and soon enrolled in classes at the Art Students League with Twachtman, who was important to his formative years. He later continued to study with him at Cos Cob, Connecticut and also was a student of J. Alden Weir at their art school. Lawson visited France in 1893 and studied at the Académie Julian with Benjamin Constant and Jean-Paul Laurens, and also met Alfred Sisley. Upon his return to the States, he began formulating his own individualistic aesthetic and was further encouraged by Henri and the other independent artists with whom he began to associate around 1903.


Lawson moved to Upper Manhattan in 1899 and began to explore the environs in his work, becoming associated with painting subjects of that area. He also traveled with some frequency, and painted a variety of other locales as well. He had his first solo exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy in 1907, and won a prize in the annual for a winter landscape, the theme which became his single most identifiable subject. The following year, he was named an associate of the National Academy and a full academician in 1917. Lawson exhibited as a member of the Canadian Art Club from 1911 to 1915.

Lawson won many prizes throughout his career, was highly regarded by his peers, yet he met with continual financial difficulty. Like other realists, he worked directly from the subject, and the places that he visited served as subjects of his art, which include Spain, New Hampshire, Nova Scotia, Kansas, Colorado, Tennessee, New Mexico, Connecticut, and Florida. Lawson became acquainted with Florida in his later years when he befriended Katherine and Royce Powell, who became his close friends, supporters, and patrons. Lawson first visited them in Coral Gables, Florida in 1931, and he returned there often until permanently moving there in 1936. In his last years, he completed a post office mural in Short Hills, New Jersey (which is no longer extant), but primarily he focused on painting the Florida landscape. With his health in rapid decline, he drowned under mysterious circumstances while apparently swimming on Miami Beach, Florida, in 1939.
[Biography - Ernest Lawson - 4Ko]
Ernest Lawson (22 Mars 1873 - Décembre 18, 1939) était un peintre canadien-américain et un membre de la Huit, un groupe d'artistes qui comprend les dirigeants du groupe Robert Henri, Everett Shinn, John Sloan, Arthur B. Davies, Maurice Prendergast, George Luks, et William J. Glackens. Bien que Lawson surtout peint des paysages, il a également fait ...
[Biography - Ernest Lawson - 5Ko]
Ernest Lawson (22. März 1873 - 18. Dezember 1939) war ein kanadisch-amerikanischer Maler und ein Mitglied von The Eight, eine Gruppe von Künstlern, die die Führer Robert Henri, Everett Shinn, John Sloan, Arthur B. Davies, Maurice inbegriffen Prendergast, George Luks, und William J. Glackens. Obwohl Lawson meist malte Landschaften, er hat auch einig...
[Biography - Ernest Lawson - 5Ko]
Ernest Lawson (22 Marzo 1873 - 18 dicembre 1939) è stato un pittore canadese-americano e un membro degli Otto, un gruppo di artisti tra cui i leader del gruppo Robert Henri, Everett Shinn, John Sloan, Arthur B. Davies, Maurice Prendergast, George Luks e William J. Glackens. Anche se per lo più Lawson dipinto paesaggi, ma ha anche fatto alcune scene...
[Biography - Ernest Lawson - 5Ko]
Ernest Lawson (marzo 22, 1873-diciembre 18, 1939) fue un pintor canadiense-estadounidense y miembro de El Ocho, un grupo de artistas que incluía los líderes del grupo, Robert Henri, Everett Shinn, John Sloan, Arthur B. Davies, Maurice Prendergast, George Luks, y William J. Glackens. A pesar de Lawson sobre todo pintado paisajes, también hizo alguna...
[Biography - Ernest Lawson - 5Ko]
Эрнест Лоусон (22 марта 1873 - 18 декабря, 1939) был канадско-американский художник и член Восемь, группа художников, которые вошли руководители группы Роберт Генри, Эверетт Шинн, Джон Слоун, Артур Б. Дэвис, Морис Прендергаст, Джордж Лукс, и Уильям Дж. Glackens. Хотя Лоусон основном писал пейзажи, он также сделал некоторые реалистичные городские сц...
[Biography - Ernest Lawson - 4Ko]
欧内斯特劳森(3月22日,1873年 - 1939年12月18日)是加拿大,美国画家和八个成员,一批艺术家,其中包括本集团的领导人,埃弗雷特希恩罗伯特亨利,约翰斯隆,亚瑟B.戴维斯,莫里斯加斯特,陆氏,乔治和威廉J. Glackens。虽然劳森大多是画山水,他还做了一些,这是在1908年的八个exihibition现实的城市场景。他的绘画风格在很大程度上受印象派,特别是约翰亨利Twachtman,阿尔弗雷德西斯莱的风格,和J.亚尔登堰。 劳森的工作虽然认为印象派,曲风属于印象主义和现实主义之间。他成为了亨利的叛乱分子的圈子,被列入1908年具有里程碑意义的独立展览的组织,以抗议陪审员制度的国家科学院的设计年鉴“八,虽然他也成为学院,并显示在他的生活。 青年 劳森于1873年出生在哈利法克斯,...
[Biography - Ernest Lawson - 2Ko]
Ernest Lawson (22 de março de 1873 - 18 de dezembro de 1939) foi um pintor canadense-americano e um membro de The Eight, um grupo de artistas que incluía os líderes do grupo Robert Henri, Everett Shinn, John Sloan, Arthur B. Davies, Maurice Prendergast, George Luks, William J. e Glackens. Embora a maioria Lawson pintou paisagens, ele também fez alg...
[Biography - Ernest Lawson - 5Ko]
アーネストローソン(1873年3月22日 - 1939年12月18日)は、カナダ系アメリカ人の画家とエイトのメンバー、グループのリーダー、ロバートアンリ、エヴェレットシン、ジョンスローン、アーサーB.デイヴィス、モーリスが含まれている芸術家のグループでしたプレンダーガスト、ジョージラックス、およびウィリアムJ.グラッケンズ。ローソンは、主に風景を描いたものの、彼はまた、エイトの1908 exihibitionで示されたいくつかの現実的な都会のシーンを行いました。彼の絵のスタイルは大きく、特に印象派、ジョンヘンリーTwachtman、アルフレッドシスレー、そしてJ.オールデンウィアーのスタイルに影響されます。 しかし印象派と考え、ローソンの作品は、文体的に印象派とリアリズムの間に落ちる。彼は武...
[Biography - Ernest Lawson - 3Ko]