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  • Ferdinand Hodler - Nude lying with flower (Bertha Stucki)
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  • Ferdinand Hodler - Valentine Gode-Darel on his death bed of roses
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  • Ferdinand Hodler - Self-portrait 1
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  • Ferdinand Hodler - Portrait of the poet Louis Duchosal on his deathbed
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  • Ferdinand Hodler - The beech (Le Bois des Frères)
  • Ferdinand Hodler - Self-portrait at the age of twenty-five
  • Ferdinand Hodler - Surprised by the Storm
  • Ferdinand Hodler - Floraison
  • Ferdinand Hodler - Gertrud Müller in the garden
  • Ferdinand Hodler - Autumn Evening
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Ferdinand Hodler (March 14, 1853 – May 19, 1918) was one of the best-known Swiss  painters of the 19th century.

Hodler was born in Berne, the eldest of six children. His father, Jean Hodler, made  a meager living as a carpenter; his mother, Marguerite (née Neukomm), was from a  peasant family. By the time Hodler was eight years old, he had lost his father  and two younger brothers to tuberculosis. His mother remarried to a decorative  painter, but in 1867 she too died of tuberculosis. Eventually the disease killed  all of Hodler's remaining siblings, instilling in the artist a powerful  consciousness of mortality.

Before he was ten, Hodler received training in decorative painting from his  stepfather, and was subsequently sent to Thun to apprentice with a local painter,  Ferdinand Sommer. Hodler's earliest works were conventional landscapes, which he  sold in shops and to tourists. In 1871, at the age of 18, he traveled on foot to  Geneva to start a career as a painter.

The works of Hodler's early maturity consisted of landscapes, figure compositions  and portraits, treated with a vigorous realism. He made a trip to Basel in 1875,  where he studied the paintings of Hans Holbein—especially Dead Christ in the Tomb,  which influenced Hodler's many treatments of the theme of death. In the last  decade of the 19th century his work evolved to combine influences from several  genres including symbolism and art nouveau. He developed a style which he called  Parallelism, characterized by groupings of figures symmetrically arranged in poses  suggesting ritual or dance.

In 1884, Hodler met Augustine Dupin (1852–1909), who became his companion and model  for the next several years. Their son, Hector Hodler, was born in 1887, and founded  the World Esperanto Association in 1908. From 1889 until their divorce in 1891,  Hodler was married to Bertha Stucki, who he depicted in the painting Poetry (1897,  Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich).

Hodler's work in his final phase took on an expressionist aspect with strongly  coloured and geometrical figures. Landscapes were pared down to essentials,  sometimes consisting of a jagged wedge of land between water and sky. However, the  most famous of Hodler's paintings portray scenes in which characters are engaged in  everyday activities, such as the famous woodcutter (Der Holzfäller, Musée d'Orsay,  Paris). This picture went on to appear on the back of the 50 Swiss Franc bank note  issued by the Swiss National Bank.

In 1898, Hodler married Berthe Jacques. In 1914 he condemned the German atrocities  conducted using artillery at Rheims. In retaliation for this, German art museums  excluded Hodler's work.

In 1908, he met Valentine Godé-Darel, who became his mistress. She was diagnosed  with cancer in 1913, and the many hours Hodler spent by her bedside resulted in a  remarkable series of paintings documenting her disintegration. Her death in  January 1915 affected Hodler greatly. He occupied himself with work; a series of  about 20 introspective self-portraits date from 1916. By late 1917 his declining  health led him to thoughts of suicide. He died on May 19, 1918 in Geneva leaving  behind a number of unfinished works portraying the city.
[Biography - Ferdinand Hodler - 5Ko]
Ferdinand Hodler (Mars 14, 1853 - 19 mai 1918) a été l'un des peintres les plus connus en Suisse du 19ème siècle. Hodler est né à Berne, l'aîné de six enfants. Son père, Jean Hodler, a fait une maigre pitance en tant que menuisier, sa mère, Marguerite (née Neukomm), était d'une famille paysanne. Au moment de Hodler avait huit ans, il avait perdu so...
[Biography - Ferdinand Hodler - 6Ko]
Ferdinand Hodler (14. März 1853 - 19. Mai 1918) war einer der bekanntesten Schweizer Maler des 19. Jahrhunderts. Hodler war in Bern, das älteste von sechs Kindern geboren. Sein Vater, Jean Hodler, machte einen mageren Lebensunterhalt als Zimmermann, seine Mutter, Marguerite (geb. Neukomm), wurde aus einer Bauernfamilie. Mit der Zeit Hodler war acht...
[Biography - Ferdinand Hodler - 5Ko]
Ferdinand Hodler (14 marzo 1853 - 19 maggio 1918) fu uno dei pittori più conosciuti della Svizzera del 19 ° secolo. Hodler nacque a Berna, il maggiore di sei figli. Suo padre, Jean Hodler, ha fatto una vita misera come carpentiere, sua madre, Margherita (nata Neukomm), proveniva da una famiglia contadina. Con il tempo Hodler aveva otto anni, av...
[Biography - Ferdinand Hodler - 5Ko]
Ferdinand Hodler (marzo 14, 1853-mayo 19, 1918) fue uno de los pintores más conocidos de Suiza del siglo 19. Hodler nació en Berna, el mayor de seis hijos. Su padre, Jean Hodler, hizo una vida precaria como carpintero y su madre, Margarita (née Neukomm), era de una familia campesina. Por el momento Hodler tenía ocho años, había perdido a su padre y...
[Biography - Ferdinand Hodler - 5Ko]
Фердинанд Ходлер (14 марта 1853 - 19 мая 1918) был одним из самых известных швейцарских художников 19 века. Ходлер родился в Берне, самым старшим из шести детей. Его отец, Жан Ходлер, сделал скудной жизни, как плотник, мать, Маргарита (урожденная Neukomm), был родом из крестьянской семьи. К тому времени, Ходлер было восемь лет, он потерял отца и дв...
[Biography - Ferdinand Hodler - 4Ko]
费迪南德霍德勒(3月14日,1853年 - 1918年5月19日)是19世纪最有名的瑞士画家之一。 霍德勒出生在伯尔尼,六个孩子中的老大。 ,他的父亲,让霍德勒,作为一个木匠做微薄的生活,他的母亲,玛格丽特(娘家姓Neukomm),从一个农民家庭。霍德勒是8岁的时候,他已经失去了他的父亲和两个弟弟结核病。他的母亲改嫁到一个装饰画家,但她也于1867年死于结核病。疾病的最终杀死所有霍德勒的其余兄弟姐妹,艺术家灌输一个强大的死亡率意识。 之前,他10岁的霍德勒装饰画培训,从他的继父,并随后被发送到图恩与当地画家,费迪南德索默学徒。霍德勒的最早的作品是传统的山水,这是他在商店和向游客销售。 1871年,18岁,他徒步走遍日内瓦作为一个画家开始了职业生涯。 霍德勒的早期成熟的作品包括风景,人物作品和...
[Biography - Ferdinand Hodler - 2Ko]
Ferdinand Hodler (14 de março, 1853 - 19 de maio de 1918) foi um dos pintores mais conhecidos da Suíça do século 19. Hodler nasceu em Berna, o mais velho dos seis filhos. Seu pai, Jean Hodler, ganhava a vida como carpinteiro pobre, sua mãe, Marguerite (née Neukomm), era de uma família camponesa. Até o momento Hodler tinha oito anos, ele havia perdi...
[Biography - Ferdinand Hodler - 5Ko]
フェルディナントホドラー(1853年3月14日 - 1918年5月19日)は、19世紀の最も有名なスイスの画家の一人。 ホドラーは、ベルン、6人兄弟の長男に生まれた。彼の父、ジャンホドラーは、大工として貧弱な生計を立てて、彼の母、マルグリット(旧姓ノイコム)は、農民の家族からだった。ホドラーが8歳だった頃には、彼が結核に、父親と2人の弟を失っていた。彼の母親は、装飾的な画家に再婚したが、1867年に、彼女はあまりにも結核で死亡した。最終的に病気はアーティストで死亡率の強力な意識を浸透させる、ホドラーの残りの兄弟のすべてを殺した。 彼は10歳前に、ホドは彼の継父から装飾的な絵画の訓練を受け、その後地元の画家、フェルディナンドSommerさんと見習いにトゥーンに送られた。ホドラーの初期の作品は、...
[Biography - Ferdinand Hodler - 3Ko]