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  • Francesco Hayez - Portrait of Countess Luigia Douglas Scotti d'Adda
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Francesco Hayez (February 10, 1791 – December 21, 1881) was an Italian painter, the leading artist of Romanticism in mid-19th-century Milan, renowned for his grand historical paintings, political allegories and exceptionally fine portraits.

Hayez came from a relatively poor family from Venice. His father was of French origin while his mother, Chiara Torcella, was from Murano. The child Francesco, youngest of five sons, was brought up by his mother's sister, who had married Giovanni Binasco, a well-off shipowner and collector of art. From childhood he showed a predisposition for drawing, so his uncle apprenticed him to an art restorer. Later he became a student of the painter Francesco Maggiotto with whom he continued his studies for three years. He was admitted to the painting course of the New Academy of Fine Arts in 1806, where he studied under Teodoro Matteini. In 1809 he won a competition from the Academy of Venice for one year of study at the Accademia di San Luca in Rome. He remained in Rome until 1814, then moved to Naples where he was commissioned by Joachim Murat to paint a major work depicting Ulysses at the court of Alcinous. In the mid 1830s he attended the "Salotto Maffei" salon in Milan, hosted by Clara Maffei (whose portrait Hayez painted for her husband), and he was still in Milan in 1850 when he was appointed director of the Academy of Brera there.

Francesco Hayez lived long and was prolific. His output spanned both historic paintings, including those that would have appealed to the patriotic sensibility of his patrons. Others reflect the desire to accompany a Neoclassic style to grand themes, either from biblical or classical literature. He also painted scenes from theatrical presentations of his day. Conspicuously lacking from his output, however, are altarpieces intended for devotional display. However, after the Napoleonic invasions deconsecrated many churches and convents in Northern Italy, the region was not lacking for religious artworks that were removed either to museums or concentrated in the remaining active religious institutions. Corrado Ricci describes him as starting as a classicist but then evolving to a style of emotional tumult.

His portraits have the intensity seen with Ingres and the Nazarene movement. Often sitting, the subjects dress in austere, often black and white clothing, with little to no accoutrements. While he did complete portraits for the nobility, other subjects are artists and musicians. Late in his career, he is known to have worked using photographs.

One of his favorite themes was a semi-clothed female. Often they were, like his Odalisque, evocative of oriental themes, which had been a favorite topic of Romantic painters. The depictions of harems and their women allowed them the ability to paint scenes not acceptable in their society. Even his Mary Magdalene has more sensuality than religious fervor.

Among his works, the painting of The Kiss (see main article here)was considered among his best work by contemporaries, and has only gained in esteem since then. The anonymous, unaffected gesture of the couple does not require knowledge of myth or literature to interpret, and appeals to a modern gaze

Assessment of the career of Hayez is complicated by the fact that he often did not sign or date his works. Often the date indicated from the evidence is that at which the work was acquired or sold, not of its creation. Moreover he often painted the same compositions several times with minimal variations, or even with no variation. His early works show the influence of His later work participates in the Classical revival.
[Biography - Francesco Hayez - 5Ko]
Francesco Hayez (Février 10, 1791 - Décembre 21, 1881) était un peintre italien, l'artiste de premier plan du romantisme à la mi-19e siècle Milan, réputé pour ses grandes peintures historiques, des allégories politiques et des portraits particulièrement fines. Hayez venait d'une famille relativement pauvre de Venise. Son père était d'origine frança...
[Biography - Francesco Hayez - 6Ko]
Francesco Hayez (10. Februar 1791 - 21. Dezember 1881) war ein italienischer Maler, der führende Künstler der Romantik in der Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts, Mailand, bekannt für seine großen historischen Gemälde, politische Allegorien und außergewöhnlich feinen Porträts. Hayez stammte aus einer relativ armen Familie aus Venedig. Sein Vater war von Fra...
[Biography - Francesco Hayez - 5Ko]
Francesco Hayez (10 feb 1791 - 21 dicembre 1881) è stato un pittore italiano, l'artista più importante del Romanticismo a metà del diciannovesimo secolo, Milano, noto per le sue grandi tele storiche, allegorie e ritratti politici di eccezionale finezza. Hayez proveniva da una famiglia relativamente povera da Venezia. Suo padre era di origine france...
[Biography - Francesco Hayez - 5Ko]
Francesco Hayez (10 febrero 1791-21 diciembre 1881) fue un pintor italiano, el artista más destacado del Romanticismo a mediados del siglo 19 de Milán, conocido por sus pinturas de grandes históricos, alegorías y retratos políticos excepcionalmente finos. Hayez provenía de una familia relativamente pobre de Venecia. Su padre era de origen francés, ...
[Biography - Francesco Hayez - 6Ko]
Франческо Hayez (10 февраля 1791 - 21 декабря, 1881), итальянский живописец, ведущий художник романтизма в середине 19-го века Милан, известный своей большой исторической картины, политических аллегорий и исключительно тонкий портрет. Hayez произошел с относительно бедной семьи из Венеции. Его отец был французского происхождения, а мать, Кьяра Torc...
[Biography - Francesco Hayez - 5Ko]
弗朗切斯科Hayez(2月10日,1791年 - 1881年12月21日)是意大利画家,浪漫主义的著名艺术家在19世纪中期的AC米兰,他的宏大的历史画,政治寓言和异常精美的画像而闻名。 hayez来自相对贫困的家庭从威尼斯。他的父亲是法国血统,而他的母亲,卢嘉勒Torcella,从穆拉诺。弗朗西斯的孩子,最小的五个儿子,被带到了他母亲的妹妹,谁娶了乔瓦尼比纳斯科小康船东和艺术收藏家。从童年起,他表现出绘图的倾向,所以他的叔叔当学徒,他的艺术恢复。后来,他成为一个画家弗朗西斯马焦托的学生,他继续他的研究为三年。他于1806年考入美术学院绘画课程,,师从特奥多罗Matteini研究。 1809年,他赢得了威尼斯一年在罗马的Accademia di圣· 卢卡研究学院的竞争。直到1814...
[Biography - Francesco Hayez - 2Ko]
Francesco Hayez (10 de fevereiro de 1791 - 21 de dezembro de 1881) foi um pintor italiano, o principal artista do Romantismo em meados do século 19 Milão, conhecido por suas grandes pinturas históricas, alegorias políticas e retratos excepcionalmente finos. Hayez veio de uma família relativamente pobre de Veneza. Seu pai era de origem francesa, enq...
[Biography - Francesco Hayez - 6Ko]
フランチェスコHayez(1791年2月10日 - 1881年12月21日)は、彼の壮大な歴史的絵画、政治的な寓話と非常に微細な肖像画で有名半ば、19世紀のミラノのロマン主義の主要なアーティスト、イタリアの画家。 Hayezはヴェネツィアから比較的貧しい家庭から来ました。彼の母、キアラTorcellaは、ムラーノからだった間、彼の父親はフランス起源であった。子フランチェスコ、5人の息子の末っ子は、ジョバンニビナスコ、芸術の裕福な船主とコレクタと結婚した彼の母の姉、育てられた。子供の頃から彼は、描画用の素因を示したので、彼の叔父は美術修復家に彼を弟子。後で彼は三年間彼の研究を続けて誰と画家フランチェスコMaggiottoの学生になりました。彼は彼がテオドロMatteiniに師事1806年、美術...
[Biography - Francesco Hayez - 3Ko]