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Frank Duveneck (October 9, 1848 – January 3, 1919) was an American figure and portrait painter.

Duveneck was born in Covington, Kentucky, the son of German immigrant Bernard Decker. Decker died when Frank was only a year old and his widow remarried Joseph Duveneck. By the age of fifteen Frank had begun the study of art under the tutelage of a local painter, Johann Schmitt and had been apprenticed to a German firm of church decorators. While having grown up in Covington, Duveneck was a part of the German community in Cincinnati, Ohio, just across the Ohio River. However, due to his Catholic beliefs and German heritage, he was an outsider as far as the artistic community of Cincinnati was concerned. In 1869, he went abroad to study with Wilhelm von Diez and Wilhelm Leibl at the Royal Academy of Münich, where he learned a dark, realistic and direct style of painting. He subsequently became one of the young American painters—others were William Merritt Chase, John Henry Twachtman, Willis Seaver Adams and Walter Shirlaw—who in the 1870s overturned the traditions of the Hudson River School and started a new art movement characterized by a greater freedom of paint application.

His work, at first ignored, when shown in Boston and elsewhere about 1875, attracted great attention, and many pupils flocked to him in Germany and Italy, where he made long visits. Henry James called him "the unsuspected genius" and at the age of 27 he was a celebrated artist. In 1878, Duveneck opened a school in Munich, and in the village of Polling in Bavaria. His students, known as the "Duveneck Boys", included Twachtman, Otto Bacher, Julius Rolshoven, and Herman Wessel.

In 1886, Duveneck married one of his students who was much admired by Henry James, Boston-born Elizabeth Boott. They lived in Bellosguardo for two years where she produced a son, Frank Boott Duveneck. She died later in Paris of pneumonia. Duveneck was devastated. After returning from Italy to America, he gave some attention to sculpture, and modelled a fine monument to his wife, now in the English cemetery in Florence. Despite this activity, Elizabeth's death marked a slowing in his productivity; a wealthy man, he chose to lead a life of relative obscurity. He lived in Covington until his death in 1919 and taught at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where some pupils of note were John Christen Johansen, M. Jean McLane, Edward Charles Volkert and Russel Wright.

In later years, he often spent summers in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Among his most famous paintings are Lady with Fan (1873) and The Whistling Boy (1872), both of which reveal Duveneck's debt to the dark palette and slashing brushwork of Frans Hals. His work can be seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Richmond Art Museum and the Kenton County Library in Covington, Ky. A portrait, Young Man with Tousled Hair (the Street Urchin), now in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, was previously in the collection of Kurt Vonnegut.

Duveneck is buried at the Mother of God Cemetery, in Covington, Kenton County.

A life-size bronze statue depicting Duveneck stands in a small park at the intersection of Pike and Washington streets in Covington, Kentucky.
[Biography - Frank Duveneck - 4Ko]
Frank Duveneck (Octobre 9, 1848 - Janvier 3, 1919) était une figure américaine et portraitiste. Duveneck est né à Covington, Kentucky, le fils de Bernard Decker immigrant allemand. Decker est mort quand Frank était seulement un an et sa veuve se remaria Joseph Duveneck. à l'âge de quinze ans, Frank avait commencé l'étude de l'art sous la tutelle d'...
[Biography - Frank Duveneck - 6Ko]
Frank Duveneck (9. Oktober 1848 - 3. Januar 1919) war ein amerikanischer Figur und Porträtmaler. Duveneck wurde in Covington, Kentucky, als Sohn deutscher Einwanderer geboren Bernard Decker. Decker starb, als Frank war erst ein Jahr alt und seine Witwe heiratete Joseph Duveneck. Im Alter von fünfzehn Frank hatte das Studium der Kunst unter der Leit...
[Biography - Frank Duveneck - 5Ko]
Frank Duveneck (9 OTTOBRE 1848 - 3 gennaio 1919) fu una figura americano e ritrattista. Duveneck è nato a Covington, Kentucky, figlio di immigrato tedesco Bernard Decker. Frank Decker morì quando era solo un anno e la vedova si risposò Joseph Duveneck. Dall'età di quindici anni Frank ha iniziato lo studio d'arte sotto la guida di un pittore locale,...
[Biography - Frank Duveneck - 5Ko]
Frank Duveneck (9 octubre 1848 hasta 3 enero 1919) fue una figura Latina y el pintor de retratos. Duveneck nació en Covington, Kentucky, hijo de inmigrante alemán Bernard Decker. Decker murió cuando Frank tenía sólo un año de edad y su viuda se volvió a casar José Duveneck. A la edad de quince años, Frank se había iniciado el estudio del arte bajo ...
[Biography - Frank Duveneck - 5Ko]
Фрэнк Duveneck (9 октября 1848 - 3 января 1919) американский деятель и портрет художника. Duveneck родился в городе Ковингтон, штат Кентукки, в семье немецких иммигрантов Бернард Decker. Decker умер, когда Фрэнк был всего год от роду, и его вдова вышла замуж Иосиф Duveneck. В возрасте пятнадцати лет Фрэнк начал изучение искусства под руководством м...
[Biography - Frank Duveneck - 5Ko]
弗兰克Duveneck(10月9日,1848年 - 1919年1月3日)是美国的数字和肖像画家。 duveneck出生在肯塔基州科文顿,德国移民伯纳德· 德克尔的儿子。德克尔去世时,弗兰克只有一岁,和他的遗孀再婚约瑟夫Duveneck。由十五岁的弗兰克已开始根据当地的画家,师从约翰· 施密特对艺术的研究,并曾师从德国的教堂装饰公司。虽然生长在Covington,Duveneck是在美国俄亥俄州辛辛那提,德国社会的一部分,横跨俄亥俄河。然而,由于他的天主教信仰和德国的遗产,他是一个局外人尽可能辛辛那提艺术社会关注。 1869年,他去国外学习与威廉· 冯· 迭斯和威廉· Leibl皇家科学院在慕尼黑,在那里他学到了黑暗的,现实的和直接的...
[Biography - Frank Duveneck - 3Ko]
Frank Duveneck (9 de outubro, 1848 - 03 de janeiro de 1919) foi uma figura americana e pintor de retratos. Duveneck nasceu em Covington, Kentucky, filho de imigrante alemão Bernard Decker. Decker morreu quando Frank tinha apenas um ano de idade e sua viúva casou novamente Joseph Duveneck. Pela idade de quinze Frank tinha começado o estudo da arte s...
[Biography - Frank Duveneck - 5Ko]
フランクドゥフェネク(1848年10月9日 - 1919年1月3日)は、アメリカの図と肖像画家であった。 ドゥフェネクはコヴィントン、ケンタッキー州、ドイツの移民のバーナード· デッカーの息子に生まれた。フランクが唯一歳の時デッカーが死亡し、彼の未亡人はジョセフドゥフェネクに再婚した。 15歳のフランクは、地元の画家、ヨハン· シュミットの指導の下で美術の勉強を始めていた教会のデコレータのドイツの会社に弟子入りしていた。コビントンで育ったものの、ドゥフェネクだけでオハイオ川を越えて、シンシナティ、オハイオ州のドイツのコミュニティの一部であった。しかし、彼のカトリック信仰とドイツの文化遺産のために、彼は限りシンシナティの芸術的なコミュニティが心配していたとして、部外者で...
[Biography - Frank Duveneck - 3Ko]