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Frederick Arthur Bridgman (November 10, 1847 – January 13, 1928) was an American artist, born in Tuskegee, Alabama.

An American Southerner, born in Tuskeegee, Alabama, the son of a physician, Bridgman would become one of the United States' most well-known and well-regarded painters and become known as one of the world's most talented "Orientalist" painters.

He began as a draughtsman in New York City, for the American Bank Note Company in 1864-1865, and studied art in the same years at the Brooklyn Art Association and at the National Academy of Design; but he went to Paris in 1866 and became a pupil of Jean-Léon Gérôme. Paris then became his headquarters. A trip to Egypt in 1873-1874 resulted in pictures of the East that attracted immediate attention, and his large and important composition, The Funeral Procession of a Mummy on the Nile, in the Paris Salon (1877), bought by James Gordon Bennett, Jr., brought him the Cross of the Legion of Honor. Other paintings by him were An American Circus in Normandy, Procession of the Bull Apis (now in the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.), and a Rumanian Lady (in the Temple collection, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).

In 1867, Bridgman entered the studio of the noted academic painter Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904), where he was deeply influenced by Gérôme's precise draftsmanship, smooth finishes, and concern for Middle-Eastern themes. (Bridgman would even become known as "the American Gérôme.") No mere imitator, however, Bridgman would later adopt a more naturalistic aesthetic, emphasizing bright colors and painterly brushwork.

Bridgman made his first trip to North Africa between 1872 and 1874, dividing his time between Algeria and Egypt. There he executed approximately three hundred sketches, which became the source material for several later oil paintings. Additional visits to the region throughout the 1870s and 1880s allowed him to amass a collection of costumes, architectural pieces, and objets d'art, which often appear in his paintings. (Amusingly, John Singer Sargent noted that Bridgman's overstuffed studio, along with the Eiffel Tower, were Paris's must-see attractions.) Though Bridgman maintained a lifelong connection to France, his popularity in America never waned. Indeed, in 1890, the artist had a one-man show of over 400 pictures in New York's 5th Avenue galleries. When the show moved to Chicago's Art Institute, it contained only 300 works - testimony to the high number of sales Bridgman had made.

One of Bridgman's most recognized Orientalist images, "A Street Scene in Algeria", is exceptional for its biographical and historical significance. Many of its details can be considered "signature" motifs of the artist, and its subject, a pointed record of travel. In keeping with Bridgman's tendency in the 1880s to focus on intimate domestic subjects, two seated male figures are given pride of place in the center of the composition, gesticulating while they chat.

Recently, works by the painter have sold at auction in the price range of $250,000 USD to $350,000 USD.

[Biography - Frederick Arthur Bridgman - 5Ko]
Frederick Arthur Bridgman (10 novembre 1847 - 13 janvier 1928) était un peintre américain né à Tuskegee (Alabama). Il fut l'un des peintres orientalistes les plus connus aux États-Unis. Il étudia à la Brooklyn Art Association et à la National Academy of Design de New York. Il s'installa ensuite à Paris en 1866 et devint l'élève de Jean-Léon Gérôme....
[Biography - Frederick Arthur Bridgman - 2Ko]
Frederick Arthur Bridgman (* 10. November 1847 in Tuskegee, Alabama &dagger 13. Januar 1928 Rouen, Frankreich) war ein US-amerikanischer Maler des Orientalismus, Zeichner, Musiker und Schriftsteller. Bridgman war der Sohn eines Arztes. Als sein Vater 1850 starb, ging die Mutter mit den zwei Söhnen nach New York. Dort begann Bridgman 1864 bei der ...
[Biography - Frederick Arthur Bridgman - 5Ko]
Frederick Arthur Bridgman (Tuskegee (Alabama), 10 novembre 1847 - 1928) è stato un pittore statunitense. Figlio di un medico, Bridgman divenne uno dei più noti e apprezzati pittori degli Stati Uniti, e fu conosciuto come uno dei più talentuosi pittori orientalisti. La sua carriera cominciò lavorando come disegnatore a New York City per l'American B...
[Biography - Frederick Arthur Bridgman - 5Ko]
Фредерик Артур Бриджмена (10 ноября 1847 - 13 января 1928) американский художник, родившийся в Tuskegee, штат Алабама. Американская южанин, родившийся в Tuskeegee, штат Алабама, в семье врача, Бриджмен станет одним из Соединенных Штатов наиболее известных и хорошо считается художников и стал известен как один из самых талантливых в мире "востоковед...
[Biography - Frederick Arthur Bridgman - 4Ko]
冯检基亚瑟布里奇曼(1847年11月10日 - 1928年1月13日,)是美国艺术家,在阿拉巴马州塔斯基吉,出生。 一位美国南方人,在Tuskeegee,阿拉巴马州,医生的儿子出生,布里奇曼将成为美国最知名和颇受推崇的画家之一,并成为被称为世界上最有才华的“东方”的画家之一。 他开始在纽约市草拟专员,美国钞票公司在1864年至1865年,并研究在同一年在布鲁克林艺术协会在国家设计学院的艺术,但他在1866年去巴黎,成为瞳孔的让 - 莱昂杰罗姆。巴黎则成了他的总部。一个在1873年至1874年前往埃及,在东方的照片,引起立即关注,和他的大和重要组成部分,在尼罗河上的一个妈咪的送葬,在巴黎沙龙(1877年),詹姆斯戈登班尼特购买,小,给他带来了荣誉军团十字。他的绘画是在诺曼底的美国马戏团,公牛A...
[Biography - Frederick Arthur Bridgman - 2Ko]
Frederick Arthur Bridgman (10 de novembro de 1847 - 13 jan 1928) foi um artista americano, nascido em Tuskegee, Alabama. Um sulista americano, nascido em Tuskeegee, Alabama, o filho de um médico, Bridgman se tornaria um dos Estados Unidos "pintores mais conhecidos e bem vistos e tornar-se conhecido como um dos mais talentosos do mundo" orientalista...
[Biography - Frederick Arthur Bridgman - 5Ko]
フレデリックアーサーブリッジマン(1847年11月10日 - 1928年1月13日)は、タスキギー、アラバマ州で生まれたアメリカ人アーティスト、だった。 Tuskeegee、アラバマ州、医師の息子に生まれたアメリカの炎のサウザナー、、ブリッジマンは米国の最もよく知られていると定評のある画家の一人になり、世界で最も優秀な"オリエンタリスト"画家の一人として知られるようになるでしょう。 彼は1864年から1865年にアメリカの銀行(注)会社のために、ニューヨーク市で製図工として始まった、そしてブルックリン美術館協会で、同じ年にデザインの国立アカデミーで美術を学んだが、彼は1866年にパリに行き、となったジャン=レオンジェロームの瞳。パリは、彼の本部となった。 1873-1874のエジプトへの旅は...
[Biography - Frederick Arthur Bridgman - 3Ko]