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Frederick Morgan (1847/1856 - 1927), was an English painter of portraits, animals, domestic and country scenes. He became famous for his idyllic genre scenes of childhood.

Morgan was born in London. He was commonly known as Fred Morgan and was the son of John Morgan, a successful genre artist sometimes known as 'Jury Morgan' (after one of his paintings "The Gentlemen of the Jury").

At the age of fourteen he was taken out of school by his father who then tutored him in art. At the age of 16, while still studying with his father, his first picture, "The Rehearsal", was exhibited at the Royal Academy, and, after a hiatus of several years, his paintings were shown there regularly. For a while he worked as a portrait artist for an Aylesbury photographer, - this training proved to be crucial as it "taught him how to observe closely and to give the greatest attention to detail."

Eventually he turned to other subjects for his art, in particular idyllic genre scenes of country life and childhood. For many years, starting in 1874, Thomas Agnew & Sons purchased all the work he produced. Over this period he painted some of his most popular works such as "The Doll’s Tea Party" (1874), "Emigrants' Departure" (1875) and "School Belles" (1877). Most of his painting was done in the village of Shere close to Guildford, a well-known retreat for artists. He also painted in Normandy, including "Midday Rest" (1879) and "An Apple Gathering" (1880).

Although an excellent portrait artist, Morgan had problems in depicting pets and barnyard animals - he enlisted the aid of either Arthur John Elsley or Allen Sealey (1850–1927) when such problems needed resolving.

He is known mostly for his romantic and sentimental paintings of children in the same style as his contemporary Arthur John Elsley. His paintings achieved great popularity in his lifetime and were widely published. He exhibited with the Royal Academy and was a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI).

In 1872 he married another painter, Alice Mary Havers (1850–1890); they had three children. Their eldest son, known as Val Havers, also developed into a painter. Frederick Morgan married twice more, producing two children from the second marriage.

Morgan's paintings are exhibited at many art galleries and museums including the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool and the Russell-Cotes Museum in Bournemouth. "His Turn Next", was used to advertise Pears' Soap and is in the Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight.
[Biography - Frederick Morgan - 4Ko]
Frederick Morgan (1847/1856 - 1927), était un peintre anglais de portraits, animaux, scènes domestiques et le pays. Il est devenu célèbre pour ses scènes de genre idyllique de l'enfance. Morgan est né à Londres. Il était communément connu sous le nom Fred Morgan et était le fils de John Morgan, un artiste genre à succès, parfois connu sous le nom «...
[Biography - Frederick Morgan - 4Ko]
Frederick Morgan (1847/1856 - 1927), war ein englischer Maler von Porträts, Tiere, Haus-und ländliche Szenen. Er wurde berühmt für seine idyllische Genreszenen der Kindheit. Morgan wurde in London geboren. Er wurde allgemein als Fred Morgan bekannt und war der Sohn von John Morgan, ein erfolgreicher Genre-Künstler manchmal als "Jury Morgan '(nach e...
[Biography - Frederick Morgan - 4Ko]
Frederick Morgan (1847/1856 - 1927), è stato un pittore inglese di ritratti, animali, scene domestiche e del paese. Divenne famoso per le sue scene di genere idilliaco dell'infanzia. Morgan è nato a Londra. Era comunemente noto come Fred Morgan ed era il figlio di John Morgan, un artista di genere di successo noto anche come 'Morgan Jury' (dopo uno...
[Biography - Frederick Morgan - 4Ko]
Frederick Morgan (1847/1856 - 1927) foi um pintor de retratos Inglês, animais, cenas domésticas e do país. Ele se tornou famoso por suas cenas de gênero idílico da infância. Morgan nasceu em Londres. Ele foi conhecido como Fred Morgan e era o filho de John Morgan, um artista, gênero bem-sucedido algumas vezes conhecido como 'Júri Morgan' (depois de...
[Biography - Frederick Morgan - 4Ko]
Frederick Morgan (1847/1856 - 1927), fue un pintor de retratos Inglés, animales, escenas domésticas y el país. Se hizo famoso por sus escenas de género idílicas de la infancia. Morgan nació en Londres. Se le conoce comúnmente como Fred Morgan y era el hijo de John Morgan, un artista exitoso género a veces conocido como "Jurado de Morgan (después de...
[Biography - Frederick Morgan - 4Ko]
Фредерик Морган (1847/1856 - 1927), был английский художник портреты, животные, бытовые и страна сцены. Он прославился своей идиллической жанровые сцены детства. Морган родился в Лондоне. Он был широко известен как Фред Морган и был сыном Джона Моргана, успешный художник жанра иногда называют "Юрий Морган» (в честь одной из его картин "господа прис...
[Biography - Frederick Morgan - 4Ko]
弗雷德里克· 摩根(1847年/ 1856年 - 1927年),是英国画家的肖像,动物,家庭和国家的场景。他成为了他童年的田园风格的场景而闻名。 摩根出生于伦敦。他被俗称为弗雷德· 摩根和约翰· 摩根,有时被称为“评委摩根”(后,他的画作“陪审团的先生们”之一)的一个成功的流派艺术家的儿子。 在十四岁时,他被带到学校,由他的父亲,然后辅导他的艺术。在16岁以下,同时还学习他的父亲,他的第一张照片,“彩排”,被陈列在皇家艺术学院,并中断了几年后,他的画有定期。而他为画师,作为艾尔斯伯里摄影师的工作 - 这个培训被证明是至关重要的,因为它“教他如何密切观察,并给予最大的注意细节。” 最终,他转身对他的艺术的其他科目,特别是国家的童年生活和田园风格的场景。多年来...
[Biography - Frederick Morgan - 2Ko]
フレデリック· モーガンは(1856分の1847〜1927)、肖像画、動物、国内の国のシーンの英語の画家であった。彼は子供の頃の彼牧歌的な風俗画で有名になった。 モーガンは、ロンドンで生まれました。彼は一般的にフレッド· モーガンと呼ばれ、ジョン· モーガン、時には "審査員モーガン"(彼の絵画の一つ後の "陪審員の紳士")として知られている成功したジャンルのアーティストの息子だった。 14歳の時に彼はその後、当技術分野で彼の家庭教師を父に学校から取られた。まだ彼の父、彼の最初の絵で勉強しながら16歳の時に、 "リハーサル"は、数年ぶりに、彼の絵画は、定期的にそこに示された、ロイヤルアカデミーで展示し、されました。彼はアリスバーリーのカメラマンのために肖像...
[Biography - Frederick Morgan - 2Ko]