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  • Gustave Doré - The Martyrdom of the Holy Innocents
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  • Gustave Doré - Tavern In Whitechapel
  • Gustave Doré - Les Naiades de la mer
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  • Gustave Doré - The Inferno, Canto 12, lines 38-39. One cried from far. “Say to what pain ye come, Condemn’d, who down this steep have journied”
  • Gustave Doré - Jeune Mendiante
  • Gustave Doré - The Inferno, Canto 12, lines 73-74. We to those beasts, that rapid strode along, Drew near
  • Gustave Doré - Illustration For Charles Perrault's 'Bluebeard'
  • Gustave Doré - Montagne dEcosse
  • Gustave Doré - Jesus Prechant Sur La Montagne
  • Gustave Doré - The Inferno, Canto 24, lines 89-92. Amid this dread exuberance of woe Ran naked spirits wing’d with horrid fear, Nor hope had they of crevice where to hide, Or heliotrope to charm them out of view.
  • Gustave Doré - The Inferno, Canto 6, lines 49-52. 'Thy city heap’d with envy to the brim, Ay that the measure overflows its bounds, Held me in brighter days. Ye citizens Were wont to name me Ciacco.'
  • Gustave Doré - La Chute Des Titans
  • Gustave Doré - The Riddle of the Sphinx
  • Gustave Doré - The Lost Cow
  • Gustave Doré - The Inferno, Canto 28, lines 69-72. call thou to mind Piero of Medicina, if again Returning, thou behold’st the pleasant land That from Vercelli slopes to Mercabo;
  • Gustave Doré - Two Owls
  • Gustave Doré - Alpine Scene
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Paul Gustave Doré (January 6, 1832 – January 23, 1883) was a French artist, engraver, illustrator and sculptor. Doré worked primarily with wood engraving and steel engraving.

Doré was born in Strasbourg and his first illustrated story was published at the age of fifteen. His skill had manifested itself even earlier, however. At age five he had been a prodigy troublemaker, playing pranks that were mature beyond his years. Seven years later, he began carving in cement. Subsequently, as a young man, he began work as a literary illustrator in Paris, winning commissions to depict scenes from books by Rabelais, Balzac, Milton and Dante.

In 1853, Doré was asked to illustrate the works of Lord Byron. This commission was followed by additional work for British publishers, including a new illustrated English Bible. A decade later, he illustrated a French edition of Cervantes's Don Quixote, and his depictions of the knight and his squire, Sancho Panza, have become so famous that they have influenced subsequent readers, artists, and stage and film directors' ideas of the physical "look" of the two characters. Doré also illustrated an oversized edition of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven", an endeavor that earned him 30,000 francs from publisher Harper & Brothers in 1883.

Doré's English Bible (1866) was a great success, and in 1867 Doré had a major exhibition of his work in London. This exhibition led to the foundation of the Doré Gallery in Covelant Bond Street. In 1869, Blanchard Jerrold, the son of Douglas William Jerrold, suggested that they work together to produce a comprehensive portrait of London. Jerrold had obtained the idea from The Microcosm of London produced by Rudolph Ackermann, William Pyne, and Thomas Rowlandson in 1808. Doré signed a five-year contract with the publishers Grant & Co that involved his staying in London for three months a year, and he received the vast sum of £10,000 a year for the project. Doré was mainly celebrated for his paintings in his day. His paintings remain world renowned, but his woodcuts and engravings, like those he did for Jerrold, are where he really excelled as an artist with an individual vision.

The completed book, London: A Pilgrimage, with 180 engravings, was published in 1872. It enjoyed commercial and socioeconomical success, but the work was disliked by many contemporary critics. Some of these critics were concerned with the fact that Doré appeared to focus on the poverty that existed in parts of London. Doré was accused by the Art Journal of "inventing rather than copying." The Westminster Review claimed that "Doré gives us sketches in which the commonest, the vulgarest external features are set down." The book was a financial success, however, and Doré received commissions from other British publishers.

His later works included Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Milton's Paradise Lost, Tennyson's The Idylls of the King, The Works of Thomas Hood, and The Divine Comedy. His work also appeared in the Illustrated London News.

He continued to illustrate books until his death of a short illness in Paris in 1883. The city's Père Lachaise Cemetery contains his grave.
[Biography - Gustave Doré - 4Ko]
Paul Gustave Doré (6 Janvier, 1832 - Janvier 23, 1883) était un artiste français, graveur, illustrateur et sculpteur. Doré a travaillé principalement avec gravure sur bois et gravure sur acier. Doré est né à Strasbourg et son premier récit illustré a été publié à l'âge de quinze ans. Son habileté s'était manifesté plus tôt encore, cependant. A cinq...
[Biography - Gustave Doré - 6Ko]
Paul Gustave Doré (6. Januar 1832 - 23. Januar 1883) war ein Französisch Künstler, Kupferstecher, Zeichner und Bildhauer. Doré arbeitete vor allem mit Holzschnitt und Stahlstich. Doré wurde in Straßburg geboren und seine erste illustrierte Geschichte wurde im Alter von fünfzehn Jahren veröffentlicht. Sein Geschick hatte sich auch schon früher, mani...
[Biography - Gustave Doré - 5Ko]
Paul Gustave Doré (6 gennaio 1832 - 23 Gennaio, 1883) è stato un artista francese, incisore, illustratore e scultore. Doré lavorato principalmente con incisione in legno e Incisione su acciaio. Doré è nato a Strasburgo e la sua prima storia illustrata è stato pubblicato all'età di quindici anni. La sua abilità si era manifestata anche prima, però. ...
[Biography - Gustave Doré - 9Ko]
Paul Gustave Doré (6 enero 1832 a 23 enero 1883) fue un artista francés, grabador, ilustrador y escultor. Doré trabajado principalmente con grabado en madera y acero grabado. Doré nació en Estrasburgo, y su primer cuento ilustrado fue publicado en la edad de quince años. Su habilidad se manifestó incluso antes, sin embargo. A los cinco años que hab...
[Biography - Gustave Doré - 5Ko]
Поль Гюстав Доре (6 января 1832 - 23 января 1883), французский художник, гравер, иллюстратор и скульптор. Доре работал преимущественно с гравюры на дереве и гравюры на стали. Доре родился в Страсбурге и его первый рассказ был опубликован иллюстрированный в возрасте пятнадцати лет. Его мастерство проявилась еще раньше, однако. В возрасте пяти лет он...
[Biography - Gustave Doré - 4Ko]
保罗古斯塔夫多尔(1月6日,1832年 - 1883年1月23日)是一个法国画家,雕刻师,插画家和雕塑家。多尔的工作主要是用木头雕刻及钢雕刻。 多尔出生在斯特拉斯堡,并在十五岁发表他的第一个图画故事。他的技能表现,甚至更早,但是。 5岁的时候,他是一个天才的麻烦制造者,玩恶作剧超出他多年的成熟。 7年后,他开始在水泥雕刻。随后,作为一个年轻人,他开始在巴黎的文学插画的工作,赢得佣金从拉伯雷,巴尔扎克,米尔顿和但丁的书籍描绘的场景。 1853年,多尔被要求说明拜伦的作品。该委员会是其次为英国出版商,包括一个新的图文并茂的英语圣经的额外的工作。十年后,他说明了一个塞万提斯的唐吉诃德法文版的骑士和他的乡绅,桑乔潘沙繁衍,他的描写已经如此著名,他们已经影响物理随后的读者,艺术家和舞台和电影董事“的思...
[Biography - Gustave Doré - 2Ko]
Paul Gustave Doré (06 de janeiro de 1832 - 23 de janeiro de 1883) foi um artista francês, gravador, ilustrador e escultor. Doré trabalhou principalmente com gravura em madeira e Gravura em metal aço. Doré nasceu em Estrasburgo, e sua história ilustrada primeiro foi publicado com a idade de quinze anos. Sua habilidade se manifestou ainda mais cedo, ...
[Biography - Gustave Doré - 5Ko]
ポールギュスターヴドレ(1832年1月6日 - 1883年1月23日)はフランス人アーティスト、彫刻家、イラストレーター、彫刻家だった。ドレは、木の彫刻とスチールの彫刻を主に働いた。 ドレはストラスブールで生まれ、彼の最初の図のストーリーは、15歳で出版した。彼のスキルは、しかし、それより前の自分自身を明らかにしていた。 5歳で彼は彼の年を超えて成熟したいたずらを再生し、神童の厄介者をしていた。 7年後、彼はセメントで彫刻始めた。その後、若い男として、彼はラブレー、バルザック、ミルトンとダンテの書籍からのシーンを描くためにコミッションを獲得、パリの文学的なイラストレーターとして仕事を始めた。 1853年に、ドレはロードバイロンの作品を説明するために頼まれた。この委員会は、新しい図の英語聖書を...
[Biography - Gustave Doré - 3Ko]