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Hans von Aachen (1552 - March 4, 1615), was a German mannerist painter.

He was born in Cologne, but his name is derived from the birthplace of his father, Aachen in Germany. Other variations of the name include Johann von - and - von Achen and various concisions like Janachen, Fanachen, Abak, Jean Dac, Aquano, van Aken etc.

Hans von Aachen began painting in Germany as a pupil of the Flemish master E. Jerrigh. He then, like many northern artists of his time, such as Bartholomeus Spranger spent a long period in Italy. He lived in Venice from 1574 to 1588 and toured Florence and Rome during that period. He initially became a pupil of Kaspar Rems, but soon decided to develop his own mannerist technique, by studying Tintoretto and Michelangelo's followers. However, during all of his life he was influenced by the style of Bartholomeus Spranger and Hendrick Goltzius who dominated the art scene in Germany at the time.

He returned to Germany in 1588 where he became well known as a painter of portraits for noble houses. He also produced historical and religious scenes and earned a wide reputation. Among his patrons were the Fugger family. He painted several works for Duke William V of Bavaria. He married Regina, the daughter of the composer Orlando di Lasso in Munich. In Munich he came into contact with the Imperial Court in Prague. In 1592 he was appointed official painter of Rudolph II, Holy Roman Emperor. However, Von Aachen only moved to Prague years later (there is contention as to the date - 1601 or 1597), where he stayed and was commissioned to paint mythological and allegorical subjects such as his Liberation of Hungary (1598, Budapest). Emperor Rudolph II conferred knighthood on him in 1605. Von Aachen continued working on commissions under the newly appointed ruler, Matthias I. He died in Prague.

Amongst van Aachen's pupils were Peter Isaak and Joseph Heinz. His works have been copied by Wolfgang Kilian, Dominicus Custos and Jan Sadeler.
[Biography - Hans Von Aachen - 3Ko]
Hans von Aachen (1552 - Mars 4, 1615), était un peintre maniériste allemand. Il est né à Cologne, mais son nom est dérivé de la maison natale de son père, Aachen en Allemagne. D'autres variantes du nom de Johann von comprennent - et - von Achen et concisions diverses comme Janachen, Fanachen, Abak, Jean Dac, Aquano, van Aken, etc Hans von Aachen a ...
[Biography - Hans Von Aachen - 4Ko]
Hans von Aachen (1552 - 4 de marzo de 1615), fue un pintor manierista alemán. Nació en Colonia, pero su nombre se deriva del lugar de nacimiento de su padre, Aquisgrán en Alemania. Otras variantes del nombre incluyen Johann von - y - Achen y von concisions diversos como Janachen, Fanachen, Abak, Dac Jean, Aquano, van Aken, etc Hans von Aachen en Al...
[Biography - Hans Von Aachen - 3Ko]
Hans von Aachen (1552 - 4. März 1615) war ein deutscher Maler Manierismus. Er wurde in Köln geboren, aber sein Name wird aus dem Geburtsort seines Vaters, Aachen in Deutschland abgeleitet. Andere Varianten des Namens sind Johann von - und - von Achen und verschiedene concisions wie Janachen, Fanachen, Abak, Jean-DAC, Aquano, van Aken usw. Hans von ...
[Biography - Hans Von Aachen - 3Ko]
Hans von Aachen (1552 - 04 de marco de 1615) foi um pintor alemão maneirista. Ele nasceu em Colônia, mas seu nome é derivado do local de nascimento de seu pai, Aachen, na Alemanha. Outras variações do nome incluem Johann von - e - von Achen e concisions diversos como Janachen, Fanachen, Abak, Dac Jean, Aquano, Aken van etc Hans von Aachen começou a...
[Biography - Hans Von Aachen - 3Ko]
Hans von Aachen (1552 - 4 marzo 1615), è stato un pittore manierista tedesca. E 'nato a Colonia, ma il suo nome deriva dal luogo di nascita di suo padre, Aachen in Germania. Altre variazioni del nome sono Johann von - e - von Achen e concisions vari come Janachen, Fanachen, Abak, Jean Dac, Aquano, van Aken, ecc Hans von Aachen, in Germania inizia a...
[Biography - Hans Von Aachen - 3Ko]
Ханс фон Аахен (1552 - 4 марта 1615 г.), был немецкий художник маньеризма. Он родился в Кельне, но его имя происходит от родины его отца, Аахена в Германии. Другие варианты включают имя Иоганн фон - и - Вон Эйкен и различные concisions как Janachen, Fanachen, Абак, Жан Дак, Aquano, ван Акен т.д. Ханс фон Аахен начал заниматься живописью в Германии,...
[Biography - Hans Von Aachen - 3Ko]
汉斯冯亚琛(1552 - 1615年3月4日,),是德国风格主义画家。 他出生在科隆,但他的名字是从他的父亲,在德国亚琛的发源地。名称的其他变化包括约翰冯 - - 冯Achen Janachen,Fanachen,Abak,让DAC,Aquano,阿肯面包车等各种concisions 汉斯冯亚琛开始画在德国学生的佛兰芒大师E. Jerrigh。然后,他花了像在意大利北部的艺术家,他的时间很多,如Bartholomeus斯普朗格,长期。他住在威尼斯从1574年到1588,并在此期间参观了佛罗伦萨和罗马。他最初成为卡斯帕REMS的学生,但是,很快决定发展自己的风格主义技术,通过学习丁托列托和米开朗琪罗的追随者,。然而,在他的生活,他是受支配的时间在德国艺坛Bartholomeus斯普朗格和亨德里...
[Biography - Hans Von Aachen - 2Ko]
ハンスフォンアーヘン(1552 - 1615年3月4日)は、ドイツのマニエリスムの画家。 彼はケルンで生まれたが、彼の名前は彼の父、ドイツのアーヘンの発祥の地から導出されます。と - - フォンアーヘンとJanachen、Fanachen、Abak、ジャンのDAC、Aquano、バンAkenなど様々concisions名前の他のバリエーションは、ヨハンフォンが含まれています ハンスフォンアーヘンは、フラマン語マスターE. Jerrighの弟子として、ドイツで絵を始めた。彼はその後、そのようなバルトロメウシュプランガーのような彼の時間の多くの北の芸術家、のようなイタリアの長い期間を過ごした。彼は1574年から1588年にヴェネツィアに住んでいて、その期間中にフィレンツェとローマを旅行した。彼は...
[Biography - Hans Von Aachen - 2Ko]