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Jacques-Émile Blanche (1 January 1861 – 20 September 1942) was a French painter born in Paris. His father was a successful psychiatrist who ran a fashionable clinic, and Blanche was brought up in the rich Parisian neighborhood of Passy in a house that had belonged to the Princesse de Lamballe.

Although he received some instruction in painting from Henri Gervex, he may be regarded as self-taught. He became a very successful portrait painter, with a style derived from 18th-century English painters such as Thomas Gainsborough as well as Édouard Manet and John Singer Sargent. He worked in London, where he spent time from 1870 on, as well as Paris, where he exhibited at the Salon and the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. One of his closest friends was Marcel Proust, who helped edit several of Blanche's publications. He also knew Henry James and is mentioned in Gertrude Stein's The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas.

Among the painter's most famous works are portraits of his father, Marcel Proust (private collection, Paris), the poet Pierre Louÿs, the Thaulow family (Musée d'Orsay, Paris), Aubrey Beardsley (National Portrait Gallery, London), and Yvette Guilbert.

He was the author of the unreliable Portraits of a Lifetime: the late Victorian era: the Edwardian pageant: 1870–1914 (London: J.M. Dent, 1937) and More Portraits of a Lifetime, 1918–1938 (London: J.M. Dent, 1939), about which Walter Sickert said "he is liable to twist things he hears or doesn't into monstrous fibs".
[Biography - Jacques-Emile Blanche - 3Ko]
Jacques-émile Blanche (1 Janvier 1861 au 1820 Septembre 1942) était un peintre français né à Paris. Son père était un psychiatre qui a couru avec succès une clinique à la mode, et Blanche a grandi dans le quartier riche parisien de Passy dans une maison qui avait appartenu à la princesse de Lamballe. Bien qu'il ait reçu une certaine instruction dan...
[Biography - Jacques-Emile Blanche - 3Ko]
Jacques-Emile Blanche (1. Januar 1861 - 20. September 1942) war ein Maler Französisch in Paris geboren. Sein Vater war ein erfolgreicher Psychiater, der eine modische Klinik lief, und Blanche wurde in der reichen Pariser Viertel von Passy in einem Haus, das an die Prinzessin von Lamballe gehörte gebracht hatte. Obwohl er einige Anweisungen erhielt ...
[Biography - Jacques-Emile Blanche - 3Ko]
Jacques-émile Blanche (1 gennaio 1861-20 settembre 1942) è stato un pittore francese nato a Parigi. Suo padre era uno psichiatra di successo che gestiva una clinica moda, e Blanche è stato portato nel quartiere ricco parigino di Passy in una casa che era appartenuta alla Princesse de Lamballe. Anche se ha ricevuto qualche istruzione in pittura Henr...
[Biography - Jacques-Emile Blanche - 3Ko]
Jacques-Emile Blanche (1 enero 1861 a 20 septiembre 1942) fue un pintor francés nacido en París. Su padre era un psiquiatra de éxito que dirigía una clínica de moda, y Blanche se crió en el barrio rico de París de Passy, en una casa que había pertenecido a la princesa de Lamballe. Aunque recibió algunas instrucciones en la pintura de Henri Gervex, ...
[Biography - Jacques-Emile Blanche - 3Ko]
Жак-Эмиль Бланш (с 1 января 1861 - 20 сентября 1942), французский художник родился в Париже. Его отец был успешным психиатра, который управлял модным клинике, и Бланш была воспитана в богатой парижской окрестности Пасси в доме, который принадлежал принцессы Lamballe. Хотя он получил наставление в живописи Анри Gervex, он может считаться самоучкой. ...
[Biography - Jacques-Emile Blanche - 2Ko]
雅克· 埃米尔· 布兰奇(1861年1月1日 - 1942年9月20日)是出生在巴黎的法国画家。他的父亲是一个成功的精神科医生,谁跑一个时髦的诊所,布兰奇被带到丰富的帕西巴黎附近的一个房子属于公主的Lamballe。 虽然他在从亨利Gervex画一些指令,他可能会被视为无师自通。他成为一个非常成功的肖像画家,从18世纪英国画家托马斯· 庚斯博罗以及马奈和约翰· 萨金特如派生的风格。他曾在伦敦,在那里他度过了从1870年的时间,以及巴黎,在那里他在沙龙和国家兴业des Beaux艺术展出。他最亲密的朋友之一是普鲁斯特,帮助编辑Blanche的一些出版物。他也知道亨利· 詹姆斯和格特鲁德· 斯泰因的爱丽丝乙托克拉斯的自传中提...
[Biography - Jacques-Emile Blanche - 2Ko]
Jacques-émile Blanche (primeiro de janeiro de 1861 - 20 de Setembro de 1942) foi um pintor francês nascido em Paris. Seu pai era um psiquiatra de sucesso que dirigia uma clínica de moda, e Blanche foi criado no bairro parisiense de Passy rico em uma casa que tinha pertencido à princesa de Lamballe. Embora ele tenha recebido alguma instrução na pint...
[Biography - Jacques-Emile Blanche - 3Ko]
ジャック· エミール· ブランシュ(1月1日1861から20 September1942)パリ生まれのフランスの画家。彼の父はファッショナブルなクリニックを実行し、ブランシュは、プリンセス· ド· ランバルに属していた家の中でパッシーの豊かなパリの近くで育ちました成功した精神科医であった​​。 彼はアンリGervexからの絵画のいくつかの命令を受けたが、独学のように、彼は考えることができる。彼はそのようなトマス· ゲインズバラと同様にエドゥアール· マネとジョン· シンガー· サージェントとして18世紀の英語の画家から派生したスタイルで、非常に成功した肖像画家となった。彼は、同様に彼はサロンとソシ...
[Biography - Jacques-Emile Blanche - 2Ko]