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James Frothingham (1786–1864) was an American portrait painter in Massachusetts and New York.

James Frothingham was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts. He began as a chaise painter in his father's chaise manufactory. In the Boston area, he studied as a student of Gilbert Stuart, becoming a portraitist of talent, and Stuart is quoted as having said of one of Frothingham's head portraits, "No man in Boston but myself can paint so good a head." Frothingham was greatly helped by Gilbert Stuart's criticisms and encouragement, although initially his Nestor had advised him to adopt another, less precarious means of earning a livelihood.

There is a detailed portrait of Samuel Dexter by Frothingham in the Harvard Memorial Hall, in which Dexter, wearing a white wig and a red cloak atop a black coat, holds a book in his hand, and appears lost in meditation. The flesh coloring in the painting is rather dry and parchment-like, but overall, the color is harmonious. Dunlap noted that heads depicted by James Frothingham were painted with great truth, freedom, and excellence.

He painted a number of likenesses in Salem, including the wealthy merchant Elias Hasket Derby. Frothingham would have been a regional competitor to the younger Chester Harding (1792–1866), but in 1826 moved to Brooklyn in New York City.
[Biography - James Frothingham - 2Ko]
James Frothingham (1786-1864) était un portraitiste américaine du Massachusetts et de New York. James Frothingham est né à Charlestown, Massachusetts. Il a commencé comme peintre chaise en chaise manufacture de son père. Dans la région de Boston, il a étudié en tant qu'étudiant de Gilbert Stuart, devient un portraitiste de talent, et Stuart est cit...
[Biography - James Frothingham - 3Ko]
James Frothingham (1786-1864) war ein amerikanischer Porträtmaler in Massachusetts und New York. James Frothingham wurde in Charlestown , Massachusetts geboren . Er begann als Maler Chaiselongue im väterlichen Wagen Manufaktur . In der Gegend von Boston , studierte er als Schüler von Gilbert Stuart , zu einem Porträtist von Talent , und Stuart ist ...
[Biography - James Frothingham - 14Ko]
James Frothingham (1786-1864) è stato un ritrattista americano del Massachusetts e New York. James Frothingham è nato a Charlestown, Massachusetts. Ha iniziato come pittore chaise longue in fabbrica di suo padre. Nella zona di Boston, ha studiato come studente di Gilbert Stuart, diventando un ritrattista di talento, e Stuart è citato per aver detto...
[Biography - James Frothingham - 2Ko]
James Frothingham (1786-1864) fue un pintor de retratos de América en Massachusetts y Nueva York. James Frothingham nació en Charlestown, Massachusetts. Comenzó como pintor silla en silla fábrica de su padre. En el área de Boston, estudió como alumno de Gilbert Stuart, convirtiéndose en un retratista de talento, y Stuart es citado como habiendo dic...
[Biography - James Frothingham - 3Ko]
James Frothingham (1786-1864) foi um pintor de retratos americano em Massachusetts e Nova York. James Frothingham nasceu em Charlestown, Massachusetts. Ele começou como um pintor em seu chaise chaise pai manufactory. Na área de Boston, estudou como aluno de Gilbert Stuart, tornando-se um retratista de talento, e Stuart é citado como tendo dito de u...
[Biography - James Frothingham - 2Ko]
Джеймс Фротингем (1786-1864) был американским художником портрет в Массачусетсе и Нью-Йорке. Джеймс Фротингем родился в Charlestown, штат Массачусетс. Он начинал как живописец в шезлонг шезлонг отца мануфактуры. В Бостоне, он учился как студент Гилберта Стюарта, став портретист талант, и Стюарт цитируется как сказавший одного из портретов Фротингем...
[Biography - James Frothingham - 2Ko]
在马萨诸塞州和纽约,詹姆斯Frothingham(1786年至1864年)是美国肖像画家。 出生在马萨诸塞州的查尔斯顿,詹姆斯Frothingham。他开始在他父亲的躺椅厂作为贵妃画家。在波士顿地区,他的研究作为一个学生吉尔伯特斯图尔特,成为一个人才的肖像画家,和斯图尔特是引述Frothingham的头部肖像之一,“没有在波士顿的人,但我可以画这么好头。” Frothingham大大有助于吉尔伯特斯图尔特的批评和鼓励,虽然最初他内斯特劝他采取另外,少岌岌可危的谋生手段。 在哈佛纪念馆,德克斯特,身穿白色的假发和一件黑色大衣上面红色披风,保存在他手里的书有一个塞缪尔德克斯特Frothingham详细的画像,并出现在冥想丢失。在绘画的肉着色是相当枯燥和羊皮纸,但总体来说,色彩和谐。邓拉普指出,詹...
[Biography - James Frothingham - 2Ko]
ジェームズフロシンガム(1786-1864)はマサチューセッツ州とニューヨークでアメリカの肖像画家だった。 ジェームズフロシンガムはチャールズタウン、マサチューセッツ州で生まれた。彼は父親の長椅子工場で長椅子の画家として始まった。ボストンエリアでは、彼は才能の肖像画家になって、ギルバートスチュアートの学生として学び、そしてスチュアートがフロシンガムの頭の肖像画のいずれかの言ったこととして引用され、"いいえ、ボストンの人が自分はとても良いヘッドをペイントすることはできません。"最初に彼のネストルは生計を稼ぐの別の、あまり不安定な手段を採用することを彼に助言したが、フロシンガムが大幅に、ギルバートスチュアートの批判や励ましに助けられた。 そこにデクスターは、白いかつらと黒いコートの上の赤いマント...
[Biography - James Frothingham - 2Ko]