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  • James Ward - Studies of a Man's Head
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  • James Ward - Group Portrait of John, Theophilus and Frances Levett
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  • James Ward - Self-portrait
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  • James Ward - Fighting Stags, Study for `Gordale Scar'
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  • James Ward - The Deer Stealer
  • James Ward - A Calf
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James Ward (23 October 1769 – 17 November 1859), R.A., was a painter, particularly of animals, and an engraver.

Born in London, and younger brother of William Ward the engraver, James Ward was influenced by many people, but his career is conventionally divided into two periods: until 1803, his single greatest influence was his brother in law George Morland; from that time, it was Rubens. From 1810 or so, Ward started to paint horses within landscapes; slightly later, he turned to very large-scale landscapes, of which Gordale Scar (Tate Gallery, London), completed in 1814 or 1815 and depicting Gordale Scar (Yorkshire) as an example of the sublime, is considered his masterpiece and a masterpiece of English Romantic painting.

Ward devoted much of the period 1815-1821 to the painting of a gigantic work titled Waterloo Allegory (now lost); this neither was much praised nor brought in the revenue Ward had hoped for. The experience may have embittered him, and the deaths of his first wife and a daughter were among other tragedies. Like many artists of the time, Ward sought commissions from wealthy gentry of their favorite horses, their favorite hunting dogs or their children.

One such family that Ward painted and drew repeatedly, and whom he counted among his friends, were the Levett family of Wynchnor Park, Staffordshire. One of Ward's best-known portraits was his "Theophilus Levett Hunting at Wychnor, Staffordshire" of 1817. Another was Ward's 1811 painting entitled "The Reverend Thomas Levett and His Favourite Dogs, Cock-Shooting." Ward also painted a group portrait of three Levett children—John, Theophilus and Frances Levett. (For the Levetts, see link to the Ward exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art.)

In 1830, Ward moved to Cheshunt (Hertfordshire) with his second wife, but he continued to work, particularly on religious themes. A stroke in 1855 ended his work, and he died in poverty.

James Ward was one of the outstanding artists of the day, his singular style and great skill set him above most of his contemporaries, markedly influencing the growth of British art. Regarded as one of the great animal painters of his time, James produced history paintings, portraits, landscapes and genre. He started off as an engraver, trained by William, who later engraved much of his work. The partnership of William and James Ward produced the best that English art had to offer, their great technical skill and artistry having led to images that reflect the grace and charm of the era. He was admitted for membership into the Royal Academy in 1811.

One of Ward's best-known paintings, The Deer Stealer, was commissioned in 1823 for the sum of 500 guineas by Ward patron Theophilus Levett. When the work was finished, Levett pronounced himself delighted with the results, and consequently raised the commission to 600 guineas. Subsequently Ward was said to have been offered 1,000 guineas for the painting by 'a nobleman,' which offer he declined. The painting now hangs in the Tate Gallery in London.
[Biography - James Ward - 4Ko]
James Ward (23 Octobre 1769 à 1717 Novembre 1859), PR, était un peintre, en particulier des animaux, et un graveur. Né à Londres, et frère cadet de William Ward du graveur, James Ward a été influencé par beaucoup de gens, mais sa carrière est traditionnellement divisée en deux périodes: jusqu'en 1803, sa plus grande influence unique était son beau-...
[Biography - James Ward - 5Ko]
James Ward (23. Oktober 1769 - 17. November 1859), RA, war ein Maler, vor allem von Tieren und Kupferstecher. Geboren in London, und der jüngere Bruder von William Ward der Kupferstecher, war James Ward von vielen Menschen beeinflusst, aber seine Karriere ist üblicherweise in zwei Perioden unterteilt: bis 1803, war seine größte einzelne Einfluss se...
[Biography - James Ward - 4Ko]
James Ward (23 ottobre 1769 - 17 novembre 1859), RA, è stato un pittore, soprattutto di animali, e un incisore. Nato a Londra, e fratello minore di William Ward l'incisore, James Ward è stato influenzato da molte persone, ma la sua carriera viene convenzionalmente divisa in due periodi: fino al 1803, la sua influenza più grande singolo è stato suo ...
[Biography - James Ward - 4Ko]
James Ward (octubre 23, 1769 a noviembre 17, 1859), RA, fue un pintor, en particular de los animales, y grabador. Nacido en Londres, y el hermano menor de William Ward el grabador, James Ward fue influenciado por muchas personas, pero su carrera se divide convencionalmente en dos períodos: hasta 1803, su mayor influencia fue su cuñado George Morlan...
[Biography - James Ward - 5Ko]
Джеймс Уорд (23 октября 1769 - 17 ноября 1859 г.), Р. А., был художником, в частности животных, и гравера. Родился в Лондоне, и младший брат Уильяма Уорда гравер, Джеймс Уорд был под влиянием многих людей, но его карьера условно делится на два периода: до 1803 года его сингл наибольшее влияние был его шурин Джордж Морланд с того времени, было Рубе...
[Biography - James Ward - 4Ko]
詹姆斯沃德(1769年10月23日 - 11月17日1859),类风湿性关节炎,是一个画家,尤其是动物,和雕刻。 出生在伦敦,和弟弟威廉沃德雕刻,James Ward的影响,很多人,但他的职业生涯是传统分为两个时期:直到1803年,他影响力最大的是他的弟弟在法律乔治Morland 从那个时候,这是鲁本斯。从1810年左右,病房开始内画山水的马略晚,他转身很大规模的景观,其中Gordale瘢痕(泰特美术馆,伦敦),在1814或1815年完成,并描绘成一个Gordale疤痕(约克郡)壮美的例子,被认为是他的杰作和英国浪漫主义绘画的杰作。 沃德致力于在1815年至1821年期间的的油画“滑铁卢的寓言(现已丢失)一个巨大的工作,这既不是推崇,也没有在沃德所希望的收入带来的。的经验可能有苦的他,和他的...
[Biography - James Ward - 2Ko]
James Ward (23 de outubro de 1769 - 17 Novembro 1859), RA, foi um pintor, particularmente de animais, e um gravador. Nascido em Londres, e irmão mais novo de William Ward a gravadora, James Ward foi influenciado por muitas pessoas, mas sua carreira é convencionalmente dividida em dois períodos: até 1803, sua influência maior single foi seu cunhado ...
[Biography - James Ward - 4Ko]
ジェームズウォード(1769年10月23日 - 1859年11月17日)、RAは、特に動物の画家、そして彫刻家だった。 ロンドンに生まれ、そしてウィリアム区彫刻家の弟、ジェームズウォードは、多くの人々に影響されたが、彼のキャリアは、従来、2つの期間に分かれています:1803年まで、彼の唯一最大の影響力は、法律ジョージモーランドの弟だった その時から、それがルーベンスでした。 1810年かそこらから、ウォードは、風景の中で馬をペイントするために始めた、少し後で、彼は、非常に大規模な景観になっているの1814年または1815年に完成してGordaleスカー(ヨークシャー)を描いたGordaleスカー(テートギャラリー、ロンドン)、崇高の例は、彼の傑作と英語ロマン派絵画の傑作とみなされます。 病棟...
[Biography - James Ward - 2Ko]