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Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568 – 13 January 1625) was a Flemish painter, son of Pieter Bruegel the Elder and father of Jan Brueghel the Younger. Nicknamed "Velvet" Brueghel, "Flower" Brueghel, and "Paradise" Brueghel, of which the latter two were derived from his floral still lifes which were his favored subjects, while the former may refer to the velveteen sheen of his colors or to his habit of wearing velvet.

He was born in Brussels. His father died in 1569, and then, following the death of his mother in 1578, Jan, along with his brother Pieter Brueghel the Younger and sister Marie, went to live with their grandmother Mayken Verhulst (widow of Pieter Coecke van Aelst). She was an artist in her own right, and according to Carel van Mander, possibly the first teacher of the two sons. The family moved to Antwerp sometime after 1578. In about 1589 Jan traveled to Italy, probably via Cologne. There he resided first in Naples, where his patron was Francesco Carracciolo. Next he moved to Rome, working for several discerning cardinals including, most famously, Federico Borromeo. It was in the company of Borromeo that Brueghel left Rome and took up residence in Milan, where he was part of the Cardinal's household. In the summer of 1596 he returned to Antwerp, where he remained for the rest of his life apart from short journeys to Prague and to the Dutch Republic.

While in Italy he applied himself principally to landscapes and history paintings, including Biblical narratives and scenes from mythology and ancient history. Back in Antwerp he continued these types of subject matter but also acquired considerable reputation by his flower paintings and allegories. He formed a style more independent of his father's than did his brother Pieter the Younger.

Many of his paintings are collaborations in which figures by other painters were placed in landscapes painted by Jan Brueghel; in other cases, Brueghel painted the figures into another artist's landscape or architectural interior. The most famous of his collaborators was Peter Paul Rubens in several of his small pictures—such as his "Vertumnus and Pomona," the "Satyr viewing the Sleeping Nymph," and the "Terrestrial Paradise.".

He had a studio in Antwerp, where he died from cholera on 13 January 1625.
[Biography - Jan Bruegel the Elder - 3Ko]
Jan Brueghel l'Ancien (1568 - 13 Janvier 1625) était un peintre flamand, fils de Pieter Bruegel l'Ancien et du père de Jan Brueghel le Jeune. Surnommé "Velvet" Bruegel, "Fleur" de Brueghel, et "Paradise" de Brueghel, dont les deux derniers ont été tirées de ses natures mortes florales qui ont été ses sujets favorisés, tandis que le premier peut se ...
[Biography - Jan Bruegel the Elder - 4Ko]
Jan Brueghel der ältere (1568 - 13. Januar 1625) war ein flämischer Maler, Sohn von Pieter Bruegel dem älteren und Vater von Jan Brueghel dem Jüngeren. Spitznamen "Velvet" Brueghel, "Flower" Brueghel, und "Paradise" Brueghel, von denen die beiden letzteren aus seiner Blumenstillleben, die seine bevorzugten Themen waren abgeleitet wurden, während di...
[Biography - Jan Bruegel the Elder - 4Ko]
Jan Brueghel il Vecchio (1568 - 13 gennaio 1625) fu un pittore fiammingo, figlio di Pieter Bruegel il Vecchio e padre di Jan Brueghel il Giovane. Soprannominato Brueghel "Velvet", Brueghel "Fiore" e "Paradiso" Brueghel, di cui sono stati ricavati gli ultimi due dalla sua morte floreali ancora che sono stati i suoi soggetti favoriti, mentre il primo...
[Biography - Jan Bruegel the Elder - 3Ko]
Jan Brueghel el Viejo (1568 - 13 enero 1625) fue un pintor flamenco, hijo de Pieter Bruegel el Viejo y el padre de Jan Brueghel el Joven. Apodado "Terciopelo" Brueghel, Brueghel "Flor", y "Paraíso" de Brueghel, de los cuales los dos últimos fueron derivados de sus naturalezas florales aún que fueron sus súbditos favorecidos, mientras que el primero...
[Biography - Jan Bruegel the Elder - 4Ko]
Яна Брейгеля Старшего (1568 - 13 января 1625) был фламандский живописец, сын Питера Брейгеля Старшего и отца Яна Брейгеля Младшего. Прозвище "бархатной" Брейгеля, «Цветок» Брейгеля, и "Рай" Брейгеля, из которых два последних были получены из его цветочные натюрморты, которые были его благоприятствования предметам, в то время как первые могут ссылат...
[Biography - Jan Bruegel the Elder - 3Ko]
一月Brueghel老(1568 - 13 1625年1月)是法兰德斯画家,儿子彼得勃鲁盖尔月Brueghel雅戈尔的长辈和父亲。绰号“天鹅绒”Brueghel,“花”Brueghel,“天堂”Brueghel,其中后两个人从他的花卉静物,他喜欢的科目的,而前者可能是指他的颜色平绒光泽或他穿天鹅绒的习惯。 他出生在布鲁塞尔举行。在1569年父亲去世,然后,他的母亲于1578年去世后,一月,与他的弟弟彼得Brueghel雅戈尔和妹妹玛丽一起,住进他们的祖母Mayken Verhulst(彼得Coecke面包车Aelst遗孀)。她是一个艺术家在她自己的权利,并根据CAREL面包车曼德,可能是两个儿子的第一任老师。全家搬到了安特卫普一段时间后1578。在约1589一月前往意大利,可能通过科隆。有他...
[Biography - Jan Bruegel the Elder - 2Ko]
Jan Brueghel, o Velho (1568 - 13 de janeiro de 1625) foi um pintor flamengo, filho de Pieter Bruegel, o Velho, e pai de Jan Brueghel, o Jovem. Apelidado de "Velvet" Brueghel, "Flower" Brueghel, e "Paradise" Brueghel, dos quais os dois últimos foram derivadas de sua floral naturezas-mortas que eram seus súditos favorecidas, enquanto o primeiro pode ...
[Biography - Jan Bruegel the Elder - 4Ko]
月ブリューゲル(父)は、(1568 - 1625年1月13日)、ピーテルブリューゲルの息子月ブリューゲル若いのエルダーと父フランドルの画家だった。 "花"ブリューゲルは、"ベルベット"ブリューゲルと愛称で呼ばれ、"パラダイス"ブリューゲル、後者の二つは彼の支持さ主題だった彼の花の静物画から派生した、そのうち、前者は彼の色の別珍光沢にまたは彼に参照するかもしれないがベルベットを着ての習慣。 彼はブリュッセルで生まれた。彼の父は1578年、母親の死後、その後1569年に亡くなった、と、ヤンは、彼の兄弟ピーテルブリューゲルヤンガーと妹マリーと一緒に、彼らの祖母Mayken Verhulst(ピータークックファンアールストの未亡人)と一緒に暮らすに行きました。彼女は彼女自身の右の芸術家だった、そして...
[Biography - Jan Bruegel the Elder - 2Ko]