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  • Jervis Mcentee - Autumn in the Catskills
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  • Jervis Mcentee - Eagle Cliff, Franconia, New Hampshire
  • Jervis Mcentee - Shawanagunk Mountains, Autumn
  • Jervis Mcentee - Twilight, a Stroll by the Shore
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  • Jervis Mcentee - Gathering Autumn Leaves
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  • Jervis Mcentee - Kauterskill Clove
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  • Jervis Mcentee - Indian Summer 1
  • Jervis Mcentee - Saturday Afternoon
  • Jervis Mcentee - Roman Aqueduct
  • Jervis Mcentee - Trees Near a Pond
  • Jervis Mcentee - The Skating Party
  • Jervis Mcentee - My Little Fisher Girl
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Jervis McEntee (July 14, 1828 – January 27, 1891) was an American painter of the Hudson River School. He is a somewhat lesser-known figure of the 19th century American art world, but was the close friend and traveling companion of several of the important Hudson River School artists. Aside from his paintings, McEntee's detailed journals are an enduring legacy.

McEntee was born in Rondout, New York on July 14, 1828. Little is known of his childhood. He exhibited his first painting at the National Academy of Design in New York City in 1850. The following year he apprenticed with Frederic Edwin Church, who was then regarded as a rising star in the American art world. Church and McEntee remained lifelong friends, though McEntee never approached Church's fame and fortune. After studying with Church, McEntee engaged in business in Rondout. This he relinquished after three years, and, opening a studio in New York, devoted himself thenceforth wholly to art.

The landscapes of Jervis McEntee are known for their melancholy and poetic mood. The sky is often cloudy in a McEntee landscape, the season autumn. While Jasper Francis Cropsey and other artists typically painted bright fall foliage, McEntee often captured the season near its end, with the leaves faded and falling from the trees. "Some people call my landscapes gloomy and disagreeable," McEntee wrote in his journal, "They say I paint the sorrowful side of nature . . . But this is a mistake . . . Nature is not sad to me but quiet, pensive, restful."

McEntee was a particularly close friend of Hudson River School artists Sanford Robinson Gifford and Worthington Whittredge as well as figurative painter Eastman Johnson. He was made an associate of the National Academy of Design in 1860, and a full academician in 1861. In 1869 he visited Europe, painting much in Italy. He died on January 27, 1891 of Bright's disease and is buried in Montrepose Cemetery in Kingston, New York.
[Biography - Jervis McEntee - 3Ko]
Jervis McEntee (Juillet 14, 1828 - 27 Janvier 1891) était un peintre américain de l'Hudson River School. Il est une figure un peu moins connus du monde de l'art du 19ème siècle américain, mais a été l'ami proche et compagnon de voyage de plusieurs des artistes importants Hudson River School. Outre ses peintures, des journaux détaillés McEntee sont ...
[Biography - Jervis McEntee - 4Ko]
Jervis McEntee (14. Juli 1828 - 27. Januar 1891) war ein amerikanischer Maler der Hudson River School. Er ist eine etwas weniger bekannte Figur des 19. Jahrhunderts amerikanischen Kunstbetrieb, sondern war auch der enge Freund und Weggefährte von mehreren wichtigen Hudson River School Künstler. Neben seinen Gemälden sind McEntees detaillierte Journ...
[Biography - Jervis McEntee - 3Ko]
Jervis McEntee (14 luglio 1828 - 27 gennaio 1891) è stato un pittore americano della scuola del fiume Hudson. Egli è una figura un po 'meno conosciuto del mondo del 19 ° secolo l'arte americana, ma era l'amico e compagno di viaggio di molti degli artisti importanti Hudson River School. A parte i suoi dipinti, McEntee di riviste dettagliate sono...
[Biography - Jervis McEntee - 3Ko]
Jervis McEntee (julio 14to, 1828 hasta enero 27, 1891) fue un pintor de la Escuela del Río Hudson. él es una figura un tanto menos conocidos del mundo del arte americano del siglo 19, pero fue el amigo íntimo y compañero de viaje de varios de los importantes artistas Escuela del río Hudson. Aparte de sus pinturas, revistas detallada McEntee son un ...
[Biography - Jervis McEntee - 3Ko]
Джервис McEntee (14 июля 1828 - 27 января 1891) американский художник школы реки Гудзон. Он несколько менее известные фигуры 19-го века мир искусства американских, но был близким другом и спутником несколько важных реки Гудзон художников школы. Кроме его картины, в McEntee подробные журналы непреходящее наследие. McEntee родился в Rondout, Нью-Йорк...
[Biography - Jervis McEntee - 3Ko]
杰维斯McEntee(7月14日,1828年 - 1891年1月27日)是美国的哈得逊河学院的画家。他是19世纪美国的艺术世界的有些不太知名的人物,但几个重要的哈得逊河学校艺术家的亲密朋友和旅行同伴。除了他的绘画,McEntee的详细期刊是一个持久的遗产。 McEntee是出生在Rondout纽约,1828年7月14日。鲜为人知的是,他的童年。他于1850年在纽约国家设计学院展出他的第一张画。次年,他当学徒弗雷德里克埃德温教堂,当时作为一个在美国的艺术世界的后起之秀。教会和McEntee仍然是终身的朋友,虽然McEntee从来没有接触教会的名利。与教会学习后,McEntee从事经营Rondout。三年后,他放弃,并在纽约开设一个工作室,献身此后全艺术。 杰维斯McEntee景观被称为他们的忧...
[Biography - Jervis McEntee - 2Ko]
Jervis McEntee (14 de julho de 1828 - 27 janeiro de 1891) foi um pintor americano da Escola do Rio Hudson. Ele é uma figura um pouco menos conhecidos do mundo da arte 19 do século americano, mas foi o amigo e companheiro de viagem de vários dos importantes artistas Hudson River School. Além de suas pinturas, revistas detalhadas McEntee são um legad...
[Biography - Jervis McEntee - 3Ko]
ジャーヴィスマッケンティー(1828年7月14日 - 1891年1月27日)は、ハドソン川の学校のアメリカの画家。彼は19世紀のアメリカ美術界のややあまり知られていない数字ですが、親しい友人と重要なハドソン川の学校の芸術のいくつかの旅行仲間だった。さておき、彼の絵画から、マッケンティーの詳細なジャーナルは永続的な遺産です。 マッケンティーは1828年7月14日にRondout、ニューヨークで生まれた。少しは彼の幼年期から知られています。彼は1850年にニューヨークシティでデザインの国立アカデミーで彼の最初の絵画を展示。翌年、彼はその後、アメリカの美術界の新星として見なされていたフレデリックエドウィンチャーチ、と弟子入り。マッケンティーは、教会の名声と富に近づいたことがないのに、教会とマッケン...
[Biography - Jervis McEntee - 2Ko]