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  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - A Still Life with Grapes and Wine on a Table
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - A Basket Of Roses On A Ledge
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - A Still Life with Flowers in a Greek Vase
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - A Still Life with Honeysuckle, Blue Cornflowers and Bluebells on a Marble Ledge
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Still Life with Flowers in an Earthenware Vase
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Still Life of Dahlias in a Vase
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Thistle, Echinops, Myrtle in a Glass Vase with Oranges, Blackberries and a Butterfly no a Brown Marble Ledge
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Lilacs, Violets, Pansies, Hawthorn Cuttings, And Peonies On A Marble Ledge
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Apple Blossoms, Lilac, Violas, Cornflowers and Primroses on a Ledge
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Pink and White Roses in a Black Glaze Amphora on a Brown Marble Ledge
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - A Still Life Of A Basket Of Fruit And Roses
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Still Life with a Basket of Fruit and a Wreath of Asters, Dahlias, Day Lillies and Morning Glories
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Still life with roses
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Basket of Roses
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Grapes, Strawberries, a Peach, Hazelnuts and Berries in a Bowl on a marble Ledge
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Bird Of Paradise
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Pansies, Appleblossoms, Gloxinia, Phlox and Primula Auricula on a Brown Marble Ledge
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Grapes, a Pineapple, Peaches and Hazelnuts in a Basket
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Still Life with a Rose and Violets on a Marble Ledge
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Still Life with Pink Peonies and Morning Glories
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Fruit and Hazlenuts in a Basket
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - A Still Life Of Hollyhocks And Poppies
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Still Life with Flowers in a Greek Vase
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Lilies, Peonies, Violets and Roses in a Greek Figure Vase on a Marble Pedestal
  • Johan Laurentz Jensen - Exotic Blooms in a Grecian Urn with Fruit on a Marble Ledge
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Johan Laurentz Jensen, often referred to as J. L. Jensen (8 March 1800, Gentofte - 26 March 1856, Copenhagen) was a Danish artist who specialized in flower painting.

In parallel with his studies at the Danish Academy, he became a pupil of Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg and also of Cladius Detlev Fritzsch. Specializing in flower painting, Jensen continued his education in Paris under the Flemish flower painting brothers, Gérard and Cornelis van Spaendonck, and at the porcelain factory in Sèvres where he learnt the art of miniature flower painting. Taking 17th-century Dutch flower painting as a starting point, he revived the art in Denmark. His floral arrangements often had both a decorative and symbolic value. Danish plants were often accompanied by exotic flowers and fruits, sometimes even birds. He also became head artist at the Danish Procelain Factory. Jensen had an extensive circle of customers and many students, especially women, including Louise of Hesse-Kassel who later married King Christian IX. Since the 1980s, his works have gained wide international recognition. Many are exhibited in Statens Museum for Kunst and in Thorvaldsens Museum.

Jensen's flowers were typically arranged as a bouquet standing in a vase, usually on a tray. A dark neutral background helped to emphasize the light colourful tones of the flowers. Roses were often the principal subject, sometimes set off with another flower such as a lilly or with several flowers of different varieties. Jensen mastered the art of reproducing nature. His appreciation of earlier masterpieces can be seen in his own work. His paintings characteristically are rich in colour and variety. Some of them depict flowers lying on a table or in a basket, perhaps strung together in a wreath. While he was one of several artists who painted exotic plants from Rosenborg, he was happiest when he was painting out in the country at Gentofte, sometimes painting wild flowers or strawberries. Some of his works from the 1840s contain exotic fruits or even birds.
[Biography - Johan Laurentz Jensen - 3Ko]
Johan Laurentz Jensen, souvent désigné comme JL Jensen (8 Mars 1800, Gentofte - 26 Mars 1856, Copenhague) fut un artiste danois qui s'est spécialisé dans la peinture de fleurs. En parallèle avec ses études à l'Académie danoise, il devient l'élève de Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg et aussi de Cladius Detlev Fritzsch. Spécialisée dans la peinture de ...
[Biography - Johan Laurentz Jensen - 4Ko]
Johan Laurentz Jensen, die oft als JL Jensen (8. März 1800, Gentofte - 26. März 1856, Kopenhagen) genannt war ein dänischer Künstler, der in Blumenmalerei spezialisiert. Parallel zu seinem Studium an der Danish Academy, wurde er ein Schüler von Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg und auch Cladius Detlev Fritzsch. Spezialisiert auf Blumenmalerei, setzte ...
[Biography - Johan Laurentz Jensen - 3Ko]
Johan Laurentz Jensen, spesso indicato come JL Jensen (8 marzo 1800, Gentofte - 26 marzo 1856, Copenhagen) è stato un artista danese specializzato nella pittura di fiori. In parallelo con i suoi studi presso l'Accademia Danese, divenne allievo di Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg e anche di Cladius Detlev Fritzsch. Specializzata nella pittura di fiori...
[Biography - Johan Laurentz Jensen - 3Ko]
Johan Laurentz Jensen, a menudo referida como JL Jensen (8 de marzo de 1800, Gentofte - 26 de marzo de 1856, Copenhague) fue un artista danés que se especializó en la pintura de flores. Paralelamente a sus estudios en la Academia Danesa, se convirtió en un alumno de Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg y también de Cladius Detlev Fritzsch. Que se especia...
[Biography - Johan Laurentz Jensen - 3Ko]
Johan Laurentz Jensen, muitas vezes referida como JL Jensen (8 de março de 1800, Gentofte - 26 de março de 1856, Copenhaga) foi um artista dinamarquês que se especializou na pintura de flores. Em paralelo com os seus estudos na Academia dinamarquesa, tornou-se aluno de Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg e também de Cladius Detlev Fritzsch. Especializad...
[Biography - Johan Laurentz Jensen - 3Ko]
Йохан Laurentz Дженсен, часто упоминается как Л. Йенсен (8 марта 1800 года, Gentofte - 26 марта 1856 года, Копенгаген) был датский художник, который специализируется на цветок живописи. Параллельно с учебой в Датской академии, он стал учеником Кристоффер Вильгельм Eckersberg а также Cladius Детлев Фритча. Специализируясь на цветок живопись, Дженсен...
[Biography - Johan Laurentz Jensen - 3Ko]
约翰延森Laurentz,通常被称为巨浪詹森(1800年3月,Gentofte - 26 8 1856年3月,哥本哈根)是一个专业花卉画的丹麦艺术家。 在与他的研究在丹麦科学院的同时,他成为克里斯托弗威廉Eckersberg也Cladius德特勒夫梅Fritzsch的学生。专门从事花卉画,詹森在巴黎继续他的教育下的佛兰芒花绘画兄弟,Gerard和Cornelis面包车Spaendonck,在Sèvres的瓷器厂,在那里他学会微型花卉绘画艺术。为出发点,以17世纪荷兰花卉画,他恢复了丹麦的艺术。他的插花,往往有一个装饰性和象征价值。丹麦植物往往伴随着异国情调的鲜花和水果,有时甚至鸟类。他也成为头艺术家在丹麦瓷器厂。詹森了广泛的客户和许多学生,特别是妇女,其中包括黑森州卡塞尔的路易丝后来嫁给国王...
[Biography - Johan Laurentz Jensen - 2Ko]
多くの場合、JLジェンセン(1800年3月8日、ゲントフテ - 1856年3月26日、コペンハーゲン)と呼ばれるヨハンLaurentzジェンセンは、花の絵に特化したデンマークのアーティストだった。 デンマークアカデミーで彼の調査と並行して、彼はクリストファーウィルヘルムエッケルスベルクのともCladiusデトレフフリッチュの弟子となった。花の絵画を専門に、ジェンセンは、フランドルの花絵の兄弟、ジェラールやCornelisバンSpaendonck下のパリで彼の教育を続けた、と彼はミニチュアの花の絵画の芸術を学んだセーヴルの磁器工場で。出発点として、17世紀のオランダの花の絵を取って、彼はデンマークでアートを復活させた。彼のフラワーアレンジメントはしばしば装飾と象徴的価値の両方を持っていた。デン...
[Biography - Johan Laurentz Jensen - 2Ko]