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Julian Alden Weir (August 30, 1852 – December 8, 1919) was an American impressionist painter and member of the Cos Cob Art Colony near Greenwich, Connecticut. Weir was also one of "The Ten", a loosely-allied group of American artists dissatisfied with professional art organizations, who banded together in 1898 to exhibit their works as a stylistically-unified group.

Weir was born and raised in West Point, New York, the son of painter Robert Walter Weir, a professor of drawing at the Military Academy at West Point. His older brother, John Ferguson Weir, also became a well-known landscape artist who also painted in the styles of the Hudson River and Barbizon schools.

Julian Weir received his first art training at the National Academy of Design in the early 1870s before enrolling at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1873. While in France he studied under the famous French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme, and became good friends with Jules Bastien-Lepage. Weir also encountered impressionism for the first time, and reacted strongly: "I never in my life saw more horrible things...They do not observe drawing nor form but give you an impression of what they call nature. It was worse than the Chamber of Horrors."

Weir met James McNeill Whistler in London before returning to New York City in 1877. His works as a young artist centered on still life and the human figure, which he rendered in a realist style not unlike the work of Édouard Manet. In the 1880s Weir moved to rural Ridgefield, Connecticut and strengthened his friendship with artists Albert Pinkham Ryder and John Henry Twachtman. The art of Weir and Twachtman was especially well-aligned, and the two sometimes painted and exhibited together. Both taught at the Art Students League. Weir was also close friends with the still life and landscape painter Emil Carlsen who summered with Weir on his farm, before purchasing his own home in Falls River, Connecticut.

By 1891 Weir had reconciled his earlier misgivings about impressionism and adopted the style as his own. Through the remainder of the 1890s and 20th century Weir painted impressionist landscapes and figurative works, many of which centered on his Connecticut farms at Branchville and Windham. His style varied from traditional, vibrant impressionism to a more subdued and shadowy tonalism. He also became skilled at etching.

In 1912 Weir was selected the first president of the Association of American Painters and Sculptors, but resigned a year later following the association's sponsorship of the modernist Armory Show. Weir later became president of the National Academy of Design. He died in 1919.

Today Weir's paintings are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.; the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D. C.; Brigham Young University's Museum of Art, Provo, Utah; and the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut. Weir's farm and studio at Branchville are protected as the Weir Farm National Historic Site, the Weir family continue ownership of the Windham farm.
[Biography - Julian Alden Weir - 4Ko]
Julian Alden Weir (30 août 1852 - Décembre 8, 1919) était un peintre américain impressionniste et membre de la colonie de Cos Cob Art près de Greenwich, au Connecticut. Weir a également été l'un des «Dix», une lâche-alliés groupe d'artistes américains mécontents avec les organisations professionnelles d'art, qui se sont regroupés en 1898 pour expos...
[Biography - Julian Alden Weir - 9Ko]
Julian Alden Weir (30. August 1852 - 8. Dezember 1919) war ein amerikanischer impressionistischen Maler und Mitglied des Cos Cob Künstlerkolonie in der Nähe von Greenwich, Connecticut. Weir war auch einer der "The Ten", eine lose verbündeten Gruppe amerikanischer Künstler mit professioneller Technik Organisationen, die zusammen im Jahr 1898 zusamme...
[Biography - Julian Alden Weir - 9Ko]
Julian Alden Weir (30 agosto 1852 - 8 dicembre 1919) è stato un pittore impressionista americano e membro della colonia Cos Cob Art vicino a Greenwich, Connecticut. Weir è stato anche uno di "The Ten", un loosely-alleato gruppo di artisti americani insoddisfatti con le organizzazioni d'arte di professione, che si unirono nel 1898 per esporre le lor...
[Biography - Julian Alden Weir - 9Ko]
Julian Alden Weir (desde agosto 30, 1852 hasta diciembre 8, 1919) fue un pintor impresionista estadounidense y miembro de la Colonia Cos Cob Arte cerca de Greenwich, Connecticut. Weir fue también uno de "Los Diez", una débilmente aliados grupo de artistas estadounidenses insatisfechos con las organizaciones profesionales del arte, que se unieron en...
[Biography - Julian Alden Weir - 5Ko]