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  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Shadow (aka Children by a Window)
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Riva degli Schiavoni, Castello (Venecia)
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - The Idlers
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - The Orange Market
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Three Little Girls in Red
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Chateaubriand's Tomb, St Malo (aka St. Malo - Chateaubriand's Tomb)
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Crescent Beach (aka Crescent Beach, St. Malo)
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Roma. Flower Stall (aka Flower Stall or Roman Flower Stall)
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Children in the Park
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Night scene with figures carrying umbrellas
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Market Scene
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Picnic with Red Umbrella
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Fantasy
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Jumping Rope
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Street Scene
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - In the Library (aka Three School Girls)
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Landscape. Figures, Cottages and Boats
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - North Shore #3, Massachusetts
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Beach No. 3
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Horseback Riders
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Revere Beach 3
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Seashore 2
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - The Shore
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - The Spanish Steps
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - The Pretty Ships (aka As the Ships Go By)
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Figures on the Beach
  • Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Woman in Brown Coat
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Maurice Brazil Prendergast (October 10, 1858 – February 1, 1924) was an American Post-Impressionist artist who worked in oil, watercolor, and monotype. He exhibited as a member of The Eight, though the delicacy of his compositions and mosaic-like beauty of his style differed from the philosophy of the group.

Maurice Prendergast and his twin sister, Lucy, were born at their family's subarctic trading post in the city of St. John's, in Newfoundland, then a colony in British North America. After the trading post failed, the family moved to Boston. He grew up in the South End, and was apprenticed as a youth to a commercial artist. This conditioned him from the start to the brightly colored, flat patterning effects that characterized his mature work. A shy individual, Maurice remained a bachelor throughout his life. He became closely attached to his artist brother Charles, who was a successful frame maker.

Prendergast studied in Paris from 1891 to 1895, at the Académie Colarossi with Gustave Courtois and Benjamin Constant, and at the Académie Julian. During one of his early stays in Paris, he met the Canadian painter James Morrice, who introduced him to English avant-garde artists Walter Sickert and Aubrey Beardsley, all ardent admirers of James McNeill Whistler. A further acquaintance with Édouard Vuillard and Pierre Bonnard placed him firmly in the Post-Impressionist camp. He also studied the work of Vincent Van Gogh and Georges Seurat at retrospectives held in Paris in 1891 and 1892. Prendergast was additionally one of the first Americans to espouse the work of Paul Cézanne and to understand and utilize his expressive use of form and color.

Prendergast returned to Boston in 1895, and worked mainly in watercolor and monotyping. A trip to Venice in 1898 exposed him to the delightful genre scenes of Vittore Carpaccio and encouraged him toward even more complex and rhythmic arrangements. In 1900, he had major exhibitions at the Art Institute of Chicago and at Macbeth Galleries in New York, which earned him critical acclaim. He showed in the National Arts Club exhibition in 1904, through which he befriended the painters William Glackens, Robert Henri, and John French Sloan. He exhibited with them in 1908 at Macbeth Galleries, along with Everett Shinn, Arthur B. Davies, Ernest Lawson, and George Luks, collectively known after the show as The Eight. Glackens in particular became a lifelong friend of Prendergast's.

Despite poor health that hindered his work, Prendergast continued to show in major exhibitions through the remainder of his life. Albert Barnes and Ferdinald Howald became his patrons after his shows at the Carroll gallery and the Daniel Gallery. He showed seven works at the landmark 1913 Armory Show that showed his stylistic maturity. In 1916, he participated in the Fifty at Montross show at the Montross Gallery, which also included works by Cézanne, Matisse, Seurat, and Van Gogh. His work was the subject of a retrospective at Joseph Brummer Gallery in 1921.

Prendergast's work was strongly associated from the beginning with leisurely scenes set on beaches and in parks. His early work was mostly in watercolor or monotype, and he produced over two hundred monotypes between 1895 and 1902. He also experimented with oil painting in the 1890s, but did not focus on that medium until the early 1900s.

He developed and continued to elaborate a highly personal style, with boldly contrasting, jewel-like colors, and flattened, patternlike forms rhythmically arranged on a canvas. Forms were radically simplified and presented in flat areas of bright, unmodulated color. His paintings have been aptly described as tapestry-like or resembling mosaics.
[Biography - Maurice Brazil Prendergast - 5Ko]
Maurice Prendergast Brésil (10 Octobre, 1858 - Février 1, 1924) était un Américain post-impressionniste artiste qui a travaillé dans de l'huile, aquarelle, et le monotype. Il expose en tant que membre de The Eight, si la délicatesse de ses compositions et la mosaïque, comme la beauté de son style diffère de la philosophie du groupe. Maurice Prender...
[Biography - Maurice Brazil Prendergast - 6Ko]
Maurice Brazil Prendergast (10. Oktober 1858 - 1. Februar 1924) war ein amerikanischer Post-Impressionist Künstler, der in öl, Aquarell, Monotypie und arbeitete. Er stellte als Mitglied der Acht, obwohl die Delikatesse seiner Kompositionen und mosaikartige Schönheit seines Stils unterschied sich von der Philosophie der Gruppe. Maurice Prendergast u...
[Biography - Maurice Brazil Prendergast - 10Ko]
Maurice Brazil Prendergast (10 ottobre 1858 - 1 febbraio 1924) è stato un americano post-impressionista artista che ha lavorato in olio, acquerello, e monotipo. Ha partecipato come membro di The Eight, anche se la delicatezza delle sue composizioni a mosaico e bellezza del suo stile differiva dalla filosofia del gruppo. Maurice Prendergast e la sua...
[Biography - Maurice Brazil Prendergast - 5Ko]
Maurice Brazil Prendergast (10 octubre 1858 hasta 1 febrero 1924) fue un artista post-impresionista que trabajaba en óleo, acuarela, y monotipo. Expuso como miembro de los Ocho, a pesar de la delicadeza de sus composiciones y mosaicos como la belleza de su estilo difiere de la filosofía del grupo. Maurice Prendergast y su hermana gemela, Lucía, nac...
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Морис Прендергаст Бразилия (10 октября 1858 - 1 февраля 1924) американский пост-импрессионистов художник, который работал маслом, акварелью, и монотипия. Он выставлял в качестве члена восемь, но деликатность его композиций и мозаичность красоту его стиль отличается от философии группы. Морис Прендергаст и его сестра-близнец, Люси родились в субаркт...
[Biography - Maurice Brazil Prendergast - 5Ko]
莫里斯· 巴西· 普伦德加斯特(1858年10月10日 - 1924年2月1日)是美国的后印象派画家,油画,水彩,蒙纳工作。他表现出的八名成员,虽然他的作品和他的风格类似马赛克美容美味组的哲学不同。 莫里斯· 普伦德加斯特和他的双胞胎妹妹,露西,在他们的家庭在圣约翰市北极交易后,在纽芬兰,然后在英属北美殖民地出生。买卖差价失败后,全家搬到波士顿。他长大的南端,是作为一个商业艺术家的青年学徒。这制约了他从开始到鲜艳的,平面的图案效果,他成熟的工作特点。一个害羞的人,莫里斯仍是他一生的学士学位。他成为紧密连接到他的艺术家弟弟查尔斯,是一个成功的框架制造商。 普伦德加斯特在巴黎学习,从1891年到1895年,古斯塔夫· 库尔图瓦和贡斯当,ACADEM...
[Biography - Maurice Brazil Prendergast - 3Ko]
Maurice Prendergast Brasil (10 de outubro, 1858 - 01 fevereiro de 1924) foi um artista pós-impressionista americano que trabalhou em óleo, aquarela, e monotipia. Expôs como um membro de The Eight, embora a delicadeza de suas composições e de mosaico de beleza de seu estilo diferia da filosofia do grupo. Maurice Prendergast e sua irmã gêmea, Lucy, n...
[Biography - Maurice Brazil Prendergast - 5Ko]
モーリス· プレンダーガストブラジル(1858年10月10日 - 1924年2月1日)は、油、水彩画、およびMonotypeで働いていたアメリカのポスト印象派の芸術家でした。彼の作品と彼のスタイルのモザイクのような美しさ繊細さは、グループの哲学とは異なっても、彼はエイトのメンバーとして出展しました。 モーリス· プレンダーガストと彼の双子の妹、ルーシーは、その後ニューファンドランドのセントジョンズ市の家族の亜寒帯トレーディングポスト、イギリスの北アメリカの植民地で生まれました。トレーディングポストに障害が発生した後、家族はボストンに移動しました。彼はサウスエンドで育ち、商業アーティストに若者として修行されました。これは最初から彼の成熟した作品を特徴とする色鮮やかな、平...
[Biography - Maurice Brazil Prendergast - 3Ko]