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  • Sir George Clausen - Self-portrait of Sir George Clausen
  • Sir George Clausen - Fresh flowers for a loved one
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Sir George Clausen RA (18 April 1852 – 1944), was an artist working in oil and watercolour, etching, mezzotint, dry point and occasionally lithographs. He was knighted in 1927.

George Clausen was born in London on 18 April 1852, the son of a decorative artist. From 1867 to 1873, he attended the design classes at the South Kensington Schools in London with great success. He then worked in the studio of Edwin Long RA, and subsequently in Paris under Bouguereau and Robert-Fleury. He was an admirer of the naturalism of the painter Jules Bastien-Lepage; about whom he wrote in 1888 and 1892.

Clausen became one of the foremost modern painters of landscape and of peasant life, influenced to a certain extent by the impressionists, with whom he shared the view that light is the real subject of landscape art. His pictures excel in rendering the appearance of things under flecking outdoor sunlight, or in the shady shelter of a barn or stable. His Girl at the Gate was acquired by the Chantrey Trustees and is now at the Tate Gallery.

In 1895 he was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy, and a full Academician in 1906. As Professor of Painting at the Royal Academy he gave a memorable series of lectures to the students of the Schools, published as Six Lectures on Painting (1904) and Aims and Ideals in Art (1906).

Clausen was an official war artist during World War I. During the war his daughter's fiancé was killed; this event may have inspired his painting, Youth Mourning.
[Biography - Sir George Clausen - 3Ko]
Sir George Clausen RA (18 Avril 1852 à 1944), était un artiste qui travaille dans l'huile et l'aquarelle, la gravure, manière noire, pointe sèche et à l'occasion des lithographies. Il a été anobli en 1927. George Clausen est né à Londres le 18 Avril 1852, le fils d'un artiste décoratif. De 1867 à 1873, il suit les cours de conception à l'école de S...
[Biography - Sir George Clausen - 3Ko]
Sir George Clausen RA (18 April 1852 - 1944), war ein Künstler arbeitet in öl und Aquarell, Radierung, Mezzotinto, Kaltnadel und gelegentlich Lithographien. Er wurde 1927 zum Ritter geschlagen. George Clausen wurde in London am 18. April 1852, als Sohn eines dekorativen Künstler geboren. Von 1867 bis 1873 besuchte er die Design-Klassen an der South...
[Biography - Sir George Clausen - 3Ko]
Sir George Clausen RA (18 aprile 1852-1944), fu un artista che lavora in olio e acquerello, acquaforte, maniera nera, puntasecca e, occasionalmente, litografie. Fu nominato cavaliere nel 1927. George Clausen è nato a Londra il 18 aprile 1852, figlio di un decoratore. Dal 1867 al 1873, ha frequentato i corsi di progettazione presso il South Kensingt...
[Biography - Sir George Clausen - 3Ko]
Sir George Clausen AR (18 de abril 1852 a 1944), fue un artista que trabaja en óleo y acuarela, grabado, punto de media tinta, secas y litografías de vez en cuando. Fue nombrado caballero en 1927. George Clausen nació en Londres el 18 de abril de 1852, el hijo de un artista decorativo. De 1867 a 1873, asistió a las clases de diseño en las escuelas ...
[Biography - Sir George Clausen - 3Ko]
Сэр Джордж Клаузен РА (18 апреля 1852 - 1944), был художником, работающим в нефтяной и акварель, офорт, меццо-тинто, сухая игла, а иногда и литографии. Он был посвящен в рыцари в 1927 году. Джордж Клаузен родился в Лондоне 18 апреля 1852 года, в семье художник-декоратор. С 1867 по 1873 г. он принял участие в дизайне классы в школах Южного Кенсингто...
[Biography - Sir George Clausen - 3Ko]
主席先生乔治· 克劳森RA(1852年 - 1944年4月18日),是一个艺术家,油画,水彩画,蚀刻,铜版雕刻,干点,偶尔版画。他于1927年被封为爵士。 乔治· 克劳森在伦敦出生于1852年4月18日,装饰艺术家的儿子。从1867年到1873年,他出席了在伦敦的南肯辛顿学校的设计课程,取得了巨大成功。然后,他曾在埃德温· 朗RA工作室,随后在巴黎布格罗和罗伯特 - 弗勒里。他是一个画家朱尔斯· 巴斯蒂安 - 勒帕热的自然的崇拜者,他写于1888年和1892年。 克劳森成为一个景观和农民生活的最重要的现代画家,印象派的影响,在一定程度上,与他共享光认为是园林艺术的真正主题。他的画,擅长在渲染事物的外观根据flecking户外的阳光下,或在一个谷...
[Biography - Sir George Clausen - 2Ko]
Sir George Clausen RA (18 de abril de 1852 - 1944), era um artista trabalhando em óleo e aquarela, gravura, ponto, mezzotint seca e, ocasionalmente, litografias. Ele foi nomeado cavaleiro em 1927. George Clausen nasceu em Londres em 18 de Abril de 1852, filho de um artista decorativo. De 1867 a 1873, frequentou as classes de design na South Kensing...
[Biography - Sir George Clausen - 3Ko]
サー· ジョージ· クラウセンRA(18 April1852から1944)は、メゾチント、ドライポイント、時折リトグラフ、エッチング、石油や水彩で働く芸術家でした。彼は1927年にナイト爵に叙された。 ジョージ· クラウセンは、1852年4月18日、装飾的な芸術家の息子にロンドンで生まれました。 1867年から1873年まで、彼は偉大な成功を収めたロンドンのサウスケンジントンの学校でデザインのクラスに出席しました。その後、ブーグローとロバート· フルーリの下にエドウィン· ロングRAのスタジオで働いて、その後、パリで。彼は画家ジュール· バスティアン· ルパージュの自然主義の崇拝者であった。彼は1888年と1...
[Biography - Sir George Clausen - 2Ko]