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  • Theodore Clement Steele - Wooded Hills in Autumn
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  • Theodore Clement Steele - Woodland Scene (Midsummer Afternoon)
  • Theodore Clement Steele - Landscape Sketch
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  • Theodore Clement Steele - Autumn Words (Forest Interior)
  • Theodore Clement Steele - Gordon Hill
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Theodore Clement Steele (September 11, 1847-July 24, 1926) was an American Impressionist painter known for his Indiana landscapes. Theodore Steele's paintings are in many public collections, including those of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Indiana University Art Museum in Bloomington, Indiana.

Steele was born in Owen County, Indiana, and later moved to Indianapolis after study in Cincinnati, Chicago and Munich. He is considered to be the most important of the Hoosier Group of painters and his work is widely collected by museums and individuals. Steele earned his living primarily as a portrait painter and his portraits include one of notable Hoosier Poet James Whitcomb Riley and the official portraits of several Indiana governors. Steele exhibited at and was on the art selection for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904 and was elected to the National Academy of Design in 1913. He enjoyed plein air, or outdoor, painting, which is reflected in many of the landscapes he painted. Steele went through a notable change in style after his return from Munich in 1885. Steele's work, which in the Munich time period sported drab colors and high contrasts, shifted towards a brighter, more vivid color palette after his return to Indiana. Upon T.C. Steele's return, his family lived in the Talbot House, or Tinker Mansion, which is at what is now 16th and Pennsylvania Streets in Indianapolis. In 1898, Steele and J. Ottis Adams bought a home in Brookville, Indiana, which they called "The Hermitage." Steele sold his interest in the home to Adams after the death of his first wife.

He received an honorary master's degree from Wabash College in 1900 and an honorary doctorate from Indiana University in 1916.

Steele's "House of the Singing Winds," built on 2,000 acres (8.1 km2) in Brown County, Indiana, is today a property of the Indiana State Museum and an official historic site of the state of Indiana. Steele built the home for his second wife, Selma, and their move to Brown County in 1907 is considered the beginning of the noted Brown County Art Colony.
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Theodore Clement Steele (11 Septembre 1847-Juillet 24, 1926) était un peintre impressionniste américain connu pour ses paysages Indiana. Peintures Theodore Steele sont dans de nombreuses collections publiques, y compris ceux de l'Indianapolis Museum of Art, le Los Angeles County Museum of Art, et de l'Indiana University Art Museum à Bloomington, In...
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Theodore Clement Steele (11. September 1847-24 Juli 1926) war ein amerikanischer impressionistischer Maler für seine Indiana Landschaften bekannt. Theodore Steele Bilder sind in zahlreichen öffentlichen Sammlungen, ua denen des Indianapolis Museum of Art, das Los Angeles County Museum of Art und der Indiana University Art Museum in Bloomington, Ind...
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Theodore Clemente Steele (11 settembre 1847-24 luglio 1926) è stato un pittore impressionista americano noto per i suoi paesaggi Indiana. Theodore Steele I dipinti sono presenti in numerose collezioni pubbliche, comprese quelle del Museum of Art di Indianapolis, il Los Angeles County Museum of Art, e la Indiana University Art Museum di Bloomington,...
[Biography - Theodore Clement Steele - 3Ko]
Teodoro Clemente Steele (11 septiembre 1847 a 24 julio 1926) fue un pintor impresionista conocido por sus paisajes de Indiana. Theodore Steele pinturas se encuentran en numerosas colecciones públicas, incluyendo las del Museo de Arte de Indianápolis, el Los Angeles County Museum of Art, y la Indiana University Art Museum, en Bloomington, Indiana. S...
[Biography - Theodore Clement Steele - 3Ko]
Theodore Clement Steele (11 setembro de 1847, 24 de julho de 1926) foi um pintor impressionista americana conhecida por suas paisagens de Indiana. Pinturas Theodore Steele estão em muitas coleções públicas, incluindo as do Museu de Arte de Indianápolis, o Los Angeles County Museum of Art, eo Indiana University Art Museum, em Bloomington, Indiana. S...
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Теодор Климент Стил (11 сентября 1847 24 июля 1926) американский художник-импрессионист известен своими ландшафтами Индиана. Картины Теодора Стил находятся во многих государственных коллекциях, в том числе Indianapolis художественный музей, округа Лос-Анджелес Музей искусства и Университета Индианы художественный музей в г. Блумингтон, штат Индиана...
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西奥多克莱门特斯蒂尔(9月11日,1847年,1926年7月24日)是美国的印象派画家,他在印第安纳州的景观而闻名。西奥多斯蒂尔的作品在许多公共集合,包括印第安纳波利斯艺术博物馆,洛杉矶县艺术博物馆,布卢明顿的印第安纳大学美术馆,印第安纳。 斯蒂尔出生在印第安纳州欧文县,后来搬到印第安纳波利斯后在辛辛那提,芝加哥和慕尼黑的研究。他被认为是最重要的画家和他的工作是广泛收集博物馆和个人的印第安纳州集团。斯蒂尔赢得了他的生活主要是作为肖像画家,他的肖像,包括一个显着印第安纳州诗人詹姆斯Whitcomb赖利和几个印第安纳州州长的官方画像。斯蒂尔展出,并在1904年的路易斯安那购买博览会的艺术选择,并于1913年被选为国家设计学院。他喜欢plein空气,或户外,绘画,这是他画的山水反映。斯蒂尔去后,他...
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セオドアクレメントスティール(1847年9月11日 - 1926年7月24日)は彼のインディアナ州の風景で知られるアメリカの印象派の画家。セオドアスティールの絵画は、ブルーミントン、インディアナ州の美術館のインディアナポリス美術館、ロサンゼルスカウンティ美術館、およびインディアナ大学美術館のものを含む多くの公共のコレクション内にあります。 スティールはオーウェン郡、インディアナ州で生まれ、後にシンシナティ、シカゴやミュンヘンで勉強した後にインディアナポリスに移された。彼は画家のインディアナ州民のグループの中で最も重要と見なされ、彼の作品は広く美術館や個人によって収集されます。スティールは、主に肖像画家として生計を獲得し、彼の肖像画が注目に値するインディアナ州民詩人ジェームスウィットコムライリ...
[Biography - Theodore Clement Steele - 2Ko]