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  • Thomas Girtin - View of the Louvre & Bridge of the Thuilleries taken from Pont-Neuf
  • Thomas Girtin - View of the Thuilleries and Bridge taken from the Quay d'Orsai
  • Thomas Girtin - View of the Village of Chaillot
  • Thomas Girtin - On the Banks of Marne below the Bridge at Charenton
  • Thomas Girtin - Alnwick Castle from Brizlee, Northumberland
  • Thomas Girtin - A Thatched Cottage among Trees
  • Thomas Girtin - An Overshot Mill
  • Thomas Girtin - Paris. Rue St Denis
  • Thomas Girtin - Hadrian's Villa, after R. Wilson
  • Thomas Girtin - Rievaulx Abbey
  • Thomas Girtin - View of Pont au Change, the City Theatre, Pont Neuf, Conciergerie Prison
  • Thomas Girtin - View of the Gate of St. Denis taken from the Suburbs
  • Thomas Girtin - Harewood House, Yorkshire, from the South­East
  • Thomas Girtin - The Water Mill above the Bridge at Charenton
  • Thomas Girtin - View of Pont St. Michel taken from Pont Neuf
  • Thomas Girtin - Glasgow. Looking along High Street towards the Cathedral
  • Thomas Girtin - St Nicholas Hospital, Richmond, Yorkshire
  • Thomas Girtin - Glasgow High Street, Looking towards the Cathedral
  • Thomas Girtin - Phineas Borret's Farm near Saffron Walden
  • Thomas Girtin - The Ruins of the Emperor Julian's Baths, Hôtel de Cluny, Paris
  • Thomas Girtin - View of the Pont Neuf, part of the Louvre, Notre Dame & the College of Four Nations
  • Thomas Girtin - Village Street and Church Spire
  • Thomas Girtin - A Boatyard at the Mouth of an Estuary
  • Thomas Girtin - Part of the Ruins of Walsingham Priory
  • Thomas Girtin - Pegwell Bay near Ramsgate
  • Thomas Girtin - Village by River with Mountains
  • Thomas Girtin - A Gateway with Two Round Towers
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Thomas Girtin (18 February 1775 – 9 November 1802) was an English painter and etcher. A friend and rival of J. M. W. Turner, Girtin played a key role in establishing watercolour as a reputable art form.

Thomas Girtin was born in Southwark, London, the son of a well-to-do brushmaker of Huguenot descent. His father died while Thomas was a child, and the widow married a Mr.Vaughan, a pattern-draughtsman. Girtin learnt drawing as a boy (attending classes with Thomas Malton), and was apprenticed to Edward Dayes (1763–1804), a topographical watercolourist. He is believed to have served out his seven year term, although there are unconfirmed reports of clashes between master and apprentice, and even that Dayes had Girtin imprisoned as a refractory apprentice. Certainly Dayes did not fully appreciate his pupil's talent, and he was to write dismissively of Girtin after his death.

While still a youth, Girtin became friends with J. M. W. Turner and the two teenagers were employed to colour prints with watercolour. Girtin exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1794. His architectural and topographical sketches and drawings soon established his reputation, his use of watercolour for landscapes being such as to give him the credit of having created Romantic watercolour painting. He went on several sketching tours, visiting the north of England, North Wales and the West Country. By 1799, he had acquired influential patrons such as Lady Sutherland, and the art collector Sir George Beaumont. He was the dominant member of the Brothers, a sketching society of professional artists and talented amateurs.

In 1800, Girtin married Mary Ann Borrett, the sixteen year old daughter of a well-to-do City goldsmith, and set up home in St George's Row, Hyde Park, next door to the painter Paul Sandby. By 1801, he was a welcome houseguest at his patrons' country houses such as Harewood House and Mulgrave Castle, and was able to charge 20 guineas for a painting, but his health was deteriorating. In late 1801 to early 1802, he spent five and a half months in Paris, where he painted watercolours and made a series the pencil sketches which he engraved on his return to London. They were published as Twenty Views in Paris and its Environs after his death. In the spring and summer of 1802, Girtin produced a panorama of London, the "Eidometropolis", 18 feet high and 108 feet in circumference which was exhibited with success that year. It was notable for its naturalistic treatment of urban light and atmosphere. That November, Girtin died in his painting room; the cause was variously reported as asthma or "ossification of the heart."

Girtin's early landscapes are akin to 18th-century topographical sketches, but in later years he developed a bolder, more spacious, Romantic style, which had a lasting influence on English painting. The scenery of the North encouraged him to create a new watercolour palette of warm browns, slate greys, indigo and purple. He abandoned the practice of undershadowing in grey wash and then adding pastel patches of colour, in favour of broad washes of strong colour, and experimented with the use of pen, brown ink and varnish to add richer tones. Girtin's early death reportedly caused Turner to remark, "Had Tom Girtin lived I should have starved".

The British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum have collections of his work.

In July 2002 Tate Britain organised an exhibition, Thomas Girtin: The Art of Watercolour with the aim to "reveal his technical genius".
[Biography - Thomas Girtin - 4Ko]
Thomas Girtin (18 Février 1775 au 9 Novembre 1802) était un peintre et graveur anglais. Un ami et rival de JMW Turner, Girtin joué un rôle clé dans l'établissement de l'aquarelle comme une forme d'art de renom. Thomas Girtin est né à Southwark, à Londres, le fils d'un bien-to-do brushmaker de descendance huguenote. Son père est mort alors que Thoma...
[Biography - Thomas Girtin - 6Ko]
Thomas Girtin (18. Februar 1775 - 9. November 1802) war ein englischer Maler und Radierer. Ein Freund und Rivale von JMW Turner, gespielt Girtin eine Schlüsselrolle bei der Schaffung Aquarell als eine seriöse Kunstform. Thomas Girtin wurde in Southwark, London, der Sohn geboren well-to-do Bürstenmachers der hugenottischen Herkunft. Sein Vater starb...
[Biography - Thomas Girtin - 5Ko]
Thomas Girtin (18 febbraio 1775 - 9 novembre 1802) è stato un pittore e incisore inglese. Un amico e rivale di JMW Turner, Girtin giocato un ruolo chiave nella creazione di acquerello come una forma d'arte rispettabile. Thomas Girtin è nato a Southwark, Londra, figlio di un ben-to-do brushmaker di origine ugonotta. Suo padre morì quando Tommaso era...
[Biography - Thomas Girtin - 5Ko]
Thomas Girtin (febrero 18vo, 1775-noviembre 09, 1802) fue un pintor y grabador Inglés. Un amigo y rival de Joseph Mallord William Turner, Girtin desempeñado un papel clave en el establecimiento de la acuarela como una forma de arte de renombre. Thomas Girtin nació en Southwark, Londres, el hijo de un pozo-a-brushmaker de origen hugonote. Su padre m...
[Biography - Thomas Girtin - 5Ko]
Томас Girtin (18 февраля 1775 - 9 ноября 1802) был английский живописец и гравер. Друг и соперник Дж. М. У. Тернера, Girtin сыграл ключевую роль в установлении акварель как авторитетный вид искусства. Томас Girtin родился в Southwark, Лондон, сын хорошо обеспеченных brushmaker спуска гугенотов. Его отец умер, в то время как Томас был ребенком, и вд...
[Biography - Thomas Girtin - 4Ko]
托马斯Girtin(1775年2月18日 - 1802年9年11月)是英国画家和蚀刻。一位朋友和对手特纳,Girtin起到关键作用,在建立作为一个有信誉的的艺术形式的水彩画。 托马斯Girtin是南华,伦敦,儿子出生在一个富裕的brushmaker胡格诺派后裔。他的父亲死了,而托马斯是一个孩子,和寡妇嫁给了一个Mr.Vaughan,一个模式草拟专员。 Girtin据悉绘图作为一个男孩(出席与托马斯马尔顿班),并当了学徒Dayes爱德华(1763至1804年),地形水彩画。他相信有担任他的7年任期,虽然也有未经证实的报告师徒之间的冲突,甚至认为Dayes了Girtin耐火学徒监禁。当然Dayes没有完全理解他的学生的才华,他淡淡地写在他死后Girtin。 虽然仍然是一个年轻人,Girtin成为...
[Biography - Thomas Girtin - 2Ko]
Thomas Girtin (18 de fevereiro de 1775 - 9 de novembro 1802) foi um pintor Inglês e etcher. Um amigo e rival de JMW Turner, Girtin desempenhou um papel chave no estabelecimento de aquarela como uma forma de arte de boa reputação. Thomas Girtin nasceu em Southwark, Londres, filho de um bem-fazer brushmaker de origem huguenote. Seu pai morreu quando ...
[Biography - Thomas Girtin - 5Ko]
トーマスガーティンは(1775年2月18日 - 1802年11月9日)英国人画家とエッチングでした。 JMWターナーの友人やライバル、ガーティンは評判の芸術形式としての水彩画を確立する上で重要な役割を果たしました。 トーマスガーティンはサザーク、ロンドン、でユグノー系の裕福なbrushmakerの息子として生まれた。トーマスは子供の頃ながら、彼の父親が死亡、と未亡人はMr.Vaughan、パターン製図工と結婚した。ガーティンは男の子(トーマスマルトンで授業を受ける)として図面を学んだ、とエドワードデーズ(1763〜1804)、地形watercolouristに弟子入りした。彼は、マスターと弟子の間の衝突の未確認の報告があるが、彼の7年の期間を提供していると考えられている、とさえデーズは、難治...
[Biography - Thomas Girtin - 3Ko]