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Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky (July 24 O.S. 1757 - April 6 O.S. 1825) was a Ukrainian-born painter who dominated Russian portraiture at the turn of the 19th century.

Vladimir Borovikovsky was born in Myrhorod (now Ukraine) on July 24, 1757. His father, Luka Borovyk was a Ukrainian Cossack and an amateur icon painter. According to the family tradition, all four of Borovyk's sons served in Myrhorod regiment, but Volodymyr retired early at the rank of poruchik and devoted his life to art - mostly icon painting for local churches.

Borovikovsky may have lived the remainder his life as an amateur painter in a provincial town if not for an unexpected event. His friend Vasyl Kapnist was preparing an accommodation for Empress Catherine II in Kremenchuk during her travel to newly conquered Crimea. Kapnist asked Borovikovsky to paint two allegoric paintings (Peter I of Russia and Catherine II as peasants sowing seeds and Catherine II as a Minerva) for her rooms. The paintings so pleased the Empress that she requested that the painter move to Saint Petersburg.

After September 1788 Borovikovsky lived in Saint Petersburg where he changed his surname from the Cossack "Borovyk" to the more aristocratic-sounding "Borovikovsky". For his first ten years in Saint Petersburg, he lived in the house of the poet, architect, musician and art theorist, Prince Nikolay Lvov, whose ideas strongly influenced Borovikovsky's art. At 30-years-old, he was too old to attend Imperial Academy of Arts, so he took private lessons from Dmitry Levitzky and later from Austrian painter Johann Baptist Lampi.

In 1795 he was appointed an academician. He became a popular portrait painter and created about 500 portraits during his lifetime, 400 of which survived to the 21st century. He had his own studio, and often relied on assistants to paint the less important parts of a portrait. His sitters included members of the imperial family, courtiers, generals, many aristocrats, and figures from the Russian artistic and literary worlds. Most of his portraits are intimate in style.

Borovikovsky never taught in the Imperial Academy of Art but pupils lived in his home. Among them were Alexey Venetsianov and Bugaevsky-Blagodarny (who painted the only survived portrait of Vladimir Borovikovsky).

After 1819 Borovikovsky became a Freemason, member of a lodge Dying Sphinx. At that time he mostly painted icons, including Iconostasis of the Smolensky Cemetery church and some icons for Kazan Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg.

On April 6, 1825 he died suddenly of a heart attack and was interned in the Lazarus Cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in Saint Petersburg.
[Biography - Vladimir Borovikovsky - 4Ko]
Vladimir Loukitch Borovikovsky (Juillet 24 OS 1757 - 6 avril 1825 OS) est un peintre né en Ukraine, qui a dominé le portrait russe au tournant du 19e siècle. Vladimir Borovikovsky est né en Myrhorod (aujourd'hui en Ukraine) le 24 Juillet, 1757. Son père, Luka Borovyk était un Ukrainien cosaques et un peintre d'icônes amateur. Selon la tradition fam...
[Biography - Vladimir Borovikovsky - 5Ko]
Wladimir Lukitsch Borowikowski (24. Juli OS 1757 - 6. April OS 1825) war ein ukrainisch-russischer Maler, geboren Porträts an der Wende des 19. Jahrhunderts dominiert. Vladimir Borowikowski wurde Myrhorod (heute Ukraine) am 24. Juli 1757 geboren. Sein Vater war Luka Borovyk ein ukrainischer Kosaken und ein Amateur Ikonenmaler. Nach der Familientrad...
[Biography - Vladimir Borovikovsky - 4Ko]
Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky (24 luglio OS 1757 - 6 aprile OS 1825) è stato un pittore ucraino di nascita che ha dominato la ritrattistica russa a cavallo del 19 ° secolo. Vladimir Borovikovsky è nato a Myrhorod (oggi Ucraina) il 24 luglio 1757. Suo padre, Luka Borovyk era un cosacco ucraino e un pittore di icone dilettante. Secondo la tradizio...
[Biography - Vladimir Borovikovsky - 4Ko]
Vladimir Lukich Borovikovski (24 de julio OS 1757 - 06 de abril OS 1825) fue un pintor nacido en Ucrania que dominó el retrato de Rusia a comienzos del siglo 19. Vladimir Borovikovski nació en Myrhorod (actualmente Ucrania) el 24 de julio 1757. Su padre, Luka Borovyk fue un cosaco ucraniano y un pintor de iconos de aficionados. De acuerdo con la tr...
[Biography - Vladimir Borovikovsky - 4Ko]