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Artworks Categories

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Artworks Categories Artworks Categories
Artworks Categories
Artworks Categories Artworks Categories Artworks Categories
  Artworks Categories

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed that one particular detail , that one accent that really makes the room come together, looking elegant and expensively decorated? This is what a hand painted oil painting can do for any decor, and this is probably the reason why paintings are so expensive.  However, when you buy a painting, in most cases you buy from local artist, whom no one knows anything about.  On the other hand, if you buy less expensive Art reproduction from one of the great Art masters of the world, most people will recognize it, stand and gaze at it, and be attracted to it.

Our art categories are extensive and categorized under several headings.  The reason for this is that not everyone is familiar with all the great Art masters.  You may simply be looking for the gift for that great fisherman, a mother, a member of the clergy, a romance lover, a hunter, a person involved in entertainment, so we have categorized artwork according to interests.  This way when you want a special gift or have a special interest, you can look for art work painted by the great masters that emphasizes this interest.

We of course, offer many categories. All images are those made by famous masters, but reproduced by modern expert artists.  We have only categorized them under easier to understand headings. After all, not everyone remembers what the work of Degas, el Greco, or Salvador Dali looks like.  This way, if you don't recognize or know of a famous Art masters name, you can find his work under the type of objects he painted.

Artwork is also categorized under the style of each master.  These categories are abstract, Art Deco, baroque, classical, Cubism, Dutch Golden, Expressionism, fauvism, figurative, Gothic, a Renaissance, a pointillism, post Impressionism, surrealism, a romanticism, of rococo, symbolism or Art Nouveau.

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